What happens to Chun Li when she loses

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Street Fighter, or its characters. I make no money on this story. Also, this will eventually go down into forced sex type situation. If you don't like to read stuff like that don't read it.

Chun li was shouting at the bartender for a beer in a bar on Bourbon street in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the only street in America that it is legal to drink alcohol openly in the street. To make things wilder, the place also has a long tradition of women flashing their boobs whenever men throw bead necklaces at them from balconies on this street. Not all but surprisingly, many women seemed to be still following this tradition. Thus, the street was full of all kinds of people. Some looking to hook up, some looking for tities, some looking to flash and have fun and some troublemakers looking to mug and rob like in any city. Chun li was not interested in flashing anyone, but she was intrigued by seeing some women do it. She had just come to the city for some sight-seeing, some partying and just a chill time.


For now, she was just interested in getting another beer, so that she could get a bit more intoxicated. She had only had two drinks today and didn't feel as relaxed and so was looking for some more. She did not know however that a brutal chance encounter was in place for her soon.


Chun li was wearing her traditional street fighter outfit today too. She had white boots on up to her shins. Moving up she had a sheer black pantyhose and a pink panty on top of it. Her torso was covered with a pink qipao. The qipao also covered her butt and front with its skirt hanging out. Her hair were done in two buns. She did not have her traditional spiked wrists since she didn't see any need for them today. Beyond the clothes though she had a phenomenal figure and it was out on full display with her tightly hugging outfit. She stood out with her unique outfit and figure, but her beauty made her almost irresistible. She was approached by a few men today already, offering her drinks and trying to make some small conversations. She was not interested in hooking up yet, but she knew it may change if she can keep drinking.


The music at the bar was loud but not too loud that you couldn't hear anything and Chun li liked it that way. The bartender heard her and nodded. He was somewhat busy though and it seemed like it will be a few moments before he could get her beer.


Right that moment a tall dark man entered the bar. He was wearing a generic black T-Shirt and matching black shorts. He was tall about six and a half feet. He was also very well built almost like a professional athlete. The rips on his arm suggested that he was a strong weight lifter. He should be weighing over two hundred and thirty to fifty pounds. The bar wasn't too crowded, so he was able to get a good view around. He first noticed the bartender and started walking down there. On the way he noticed the woman in pink qipao from behind. Getting closer he realized this was Chun-li, the police officer working against his organization. The dark man's name was Balrog. He was an ex-boxer working for the criminal organization Shadaloo now.


Balrog had only heard about this woman and saw her picture through their informant in the police. Seeing her in real life was different though. He was excited by seeing her nice and toned body. She shook her butt from left to right a bit while waiting for her beer. He decided to have some fun with her.


Balrog walked directly behind her and gently pulled up her qipao skirt from behind. He did it gently enough that she did not even notice it yet. With that out of the way, Balrog got a nice good look at her ass. She was wearing panties that barely covered her ass cheeks and thus their nice ample round shape and skin were both visible clearly. Balrog raised his right hand above and got ready. He swung and slapped her right ass cheek hard. He did not use full force yet, so as to avoid having everyone in the bar take notice. Still the hit was hard enough on Chun li and she felt her right ass vibrate. There was also a loud slapping noise. Chun li was not expecting such a strong slap and her eyes watered a bit from the pain.


The pain dissipated quickly, and her pain turned into anger. Her eyes reddened as she turned around in anger. Balrog pushed her a bit more towards the table while grinning with his white teeth showing. Chun li was extremely mad and she was looking right at him with disgust deciding what she wanted to do next. She considered kicking him in the balls but decided to slap him on the face instead. A slap for a slap she thought.


Chun-li swung her right hand at him. Unlike her though, Balrog was ready for this and simply moved back to dodge the hit. She had swung with enough force though that she couldn't stop in time and leaned a bit more to the left side. That exposed her a bit again. Balrog capitalized and slapped her right ass cheek again leaning across her back. Albeit this time a bit more lightly since he neither had the angle nor the space.


She was furious and somewhat embarrassed at getting hit twice. This time she protested "Hey What the fuck dude? Quit messing with me". Balrog smiled and said "Oh sorry baby, looking at a fine ass like yours, I just couldn't help myself. Name is Balrog and am a lover of fine booty like yours. If it makes you feel any better, you can slap mine as many times as you want". Chun li did not have the intelligence information about all the operatives of Shadaloo and she basically was unaware of who Balrog was.


Chun-li said "Fine, turn around". Balrog was surprised and soon realized that she didn’t actually recognize him as a Shadaloo operative. Balrog complied promptly and Chun-li soon started slapping his ass. Her hand and body strength were nowhere close though and the slapping barely made much of a difference to Balrog. He was far more muscular and was also wearing thicker clothing covering his butt than Chun Li's sheer pantyhose. Chun Li kept on counting "Eight, Nine, Ten!".


Balrog turned around and mocked Chun Li purposefully now "Ha! Those barely made any difference to me, but your puny ass wobbled gleefully for me baby". Chun li also knew that her strikes were not that strong given the smaller amount of noise she generated and the fact that his shorts were so dammed thick. He was wearing a baggy thick short Jeans and the material absorbed majority of the hit. Chun li spat back soon "I was not ready when you hit me. If I was ready you would never be able to hit me. You may have the strength, but I have the speed. Remember, you are talking to the strongest woman in the world."


Balrog realized that she had taken the bait so easily. He pushed on the mocking saying "Yeah yeah, the strongest woman in the world started crying after a single butt slap. Needed ten to try and get even and even then, couldn't get one good slap. Strongest woman my ass.". Chun Li knew for a matter of fact her hits weren't strong, but she was now furious at this black dude. How dare he mock me like that. She also had two drinks today and that too clouded her judgement a bit. She replied "Fine maybe you have won this round but meet me any day on the street and I will show you real fight. I will kick your guts out".


This was the chance Balrog was basically waiting for. He wanted to challenge her to a fight to see how big of a threat she was and to see her in action. His smile broadened, and he put his strong big arm around Chun Li's slender waist. He pulled her closer. Both her boobs were now mashed up against his body as she was struggling to get off his grip. He whispered in her ear "Why not try it now". She stopped to think for a second.


Balrog knew she might need a bit more motivation, so his hand worked down to her butt and squeezed her left butt cheek long and hard. Chun li was furious this Balrog nobody had harassed her three times in a row now. She was going to break his nose and teach him a lesson for sure now. She reacted immediately "Enough, meet me in the back alley, I will send you to a hospital today".


Balrog knew that she would be a difficult enemy to beat. He had heard about her speed, agility and powerful kicks. He knew that this was not a sure win and needed all the advantage he can get. Thus, he slapped her left ass cheek once more to get her more riled up. Then he let her go. He said then "Fine, see you in the back alley behind this pub in five minutes". Chun li realized that he might just get away in five minutes and thus replied cockily "You have five minutes to save face and run away still if you want to, I will be waiting back there." Balrog complained "I just need to take a leak sexy lady, I will be there don't worry."


The fight will ensue soon, to be continued …

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