What happens to Chun Li when she loses

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Street Fighter, or its characters. I make no money on this story. Also, this will eventually go down into forced sex type situation. If you don't like to read stuff like that don't read it.

Balrog continued looking at Chun-Li’s sexy body lustfully. She had nothing but bra panties and a panty hose on. He started to run his hand through her sexy body and molesting her more. He started with her breasts. At first caressing them gently through the thin material of her bra. But soon he started mauling them fully. He moved his other hand down to her panties and started rubbing through the panty and panty hose.  Balrog then eyed the guys holding her and realized he wanted a more personal fuck. He ordered them to leave. The guys asked him if that was wise and he barked that he wouldn't repeat again. The guys holding her down left promptly. They decided to enjoy silently from the balcony that they just came down from. Balrog winked at the camera man in the balcony to say that he should continue shooting.


Balrog looked lustfully at Chun-Li as if she was now his personal prize. His and his alone. He laid his hands on her slender shoulders and forced her to sit up. She tried to protest but the man's hands were too strong. He just man handled her and lifted her up on her butt. Balrog then held her with one hand and with the other hand unhooked her bra. Chun-Li felt a sudden feeling of embarrassment and tried to cover her boobs. Her reaction made Balrog even more excited. She felt totally humiliated being the strongest woman on earth and being forced to show her boobs like this in an alley. Chun-Li tried to scream for help but Balrog covered her mouth and barked "You scream you die bitch. So, think carefully. If you let me do what I want with you tonight, I will let you go. Other guys won't even touch you. But if you try to scream or try to fight me, I will give you to them once I am done and you will be fucked by half of the Bourbon Street by end of tonight." She felt she had no choice but to stop fighting and give herself up. She had heard of such group rape cases and she just foolishly hoped that Balrog would keep his word. She nodded to suggest that she will stop resisting. Balrog let go and she didn't scream. With that Balrog took off her lacy pink bra fully and then tied both her hands behind her back with it. Balrog smiled and said, "Poor thing, you probably never imagined that your own clothes will be used against you like this." More tears freely flowed from Chun-Li's eyes.


He then laid her down on her back and started caressing her round butt that was pointing out so prominently. Her butt cheeks were big, round and firm. He liked pinching and feeling them for few moments. Soon not happy with the position he lifted her up to her feet. He then kneeled with one foot out as if he was lunging and then he lowered here ass facing up. She still had her underwear and panties on and he didn't like the indirect contact. He pulled off her panty in one strong pull. Instead of throwing it away though, he stuffed it inside of Chun-Li's mouth. He then started caressing her butt. The butt still had a thin sheer panty hose on. Balrog remarked "Chun-Li with a booty like yours, you don't need a panty hose to firm it up. It's super sexy without it. Not wearing it might even distract your opponent and win you a future fight." Saying that he started ripping her panty hose covering her butt. Both her ass cheeks were now fully exposed soon.


The palm print that Balrog gave her earlier was fully gone. Balrog was disappointed and said, "You know I always mark my bitches in the butt, and I see your mark is fully gone now. I am going to fix that." Chun-Li cried more and tried to beg him not to stop, but could just get out hmmpph cause of the panties in her mouth. She tried to resist by flailing her legs a bit which turned him on more, but he reminded her of the deal. He said "Remember as long as you let me have you as I want to, I will let you go. This is a gentleman's promise. But if you resist, your fate will be far worse." Chun-Li foolishly believed him and stopped trying to resist so much. She had no idea that the whole ordeal was being recorded.


Balrog then laid his hand on open exposed left butt cheek. He held all of it in his large palm. He squeezed it hard making Chun-Li let out a moan umphh. Balrog liked the reaction and he squeezed harder. Chun-Li arched her back more letting out a stronger moan. Balrog was surprised at her flexibility and decided to make use of it later. He let go of her butt and ordered "Get ready for some spanking bitch ". Chun-Li felt awful for allowing him to do whatever he wanted with her body, but she thought better one than a hundred guys.


Balrog lifted his right hand and swung it hard at her left ass cheek. The palm covered almost all of her butt and made a loud noise on impact. Chun-Li arched her back and winced in pain. Balrog loved the reaction and swung again harder. Chun-Li arched more this time. Balrog continued the assault on the left butt cheek unabated. Eventually her left ass reddened due to the continuous onslaught. Balrog liked the result and repeated the process on her right butt. Chun-Li kept on wincing and arching her back. Balrog loved the reactions and was aroused by it. With both her butt cheeks reddened and marked, there wasn't much more for Balrog to do with her butt. He roughly squeezed her ass one last time and then threw her down on the ground. He did so as if she was his fuck toy, without any regard for her at all. Chun-Li cried ouch and the underwear flew out of her mouth. However, she decided to not scream. Balrog noticed and squeezed her butt once more saying "Good girl, keep it up and you will be free in no time.”


Chun-Li is fully marked now. What will Balrog do next? Will Chun-Li’s ordeal get continue or will she be able to muster enough courage to fight back? To be continued ...

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