What happens to Chun Li when she loses

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She walked out of the pub and walked around the building into the alley on the other side. She looked around and saw that there were a few balconies still overlooking the alley. The alley itself was wide enough for a fight. It had a few white street lights on and had decent light. It was also pretty deserted though, ensuring that they can get a nice clean and uninterrupted fight. A perfect spot she thought of teaching this douchebag a lesson.


Balrog had lied about needing to go the bathroom, he wanted to use the extra five minutes to ensure that he would win the fight. He was essentially going to cheat by creating a distraction to help him. He quickly moved out of the bar and found a few of his buddies that were also there with him on Bourbon Street. He went up to them and whispered something in their ear. There were three guys in total and they all looked at each other and then agreed.


Balrog realized that her anger and the distraction might just be enough to get the best of her today. He walked around the other street into the alley behind the bar. He walked slowly to make sure that he gave enough time for his buddies.


Seeing Balrog coming in slowly Chun-li laughed "Ha! What happened dude, did cat get your legs. I am giving your last final chance now, apologize and walk away otherwise I am going to send you to the emergency ward today." Balrog couldn't believe the cockiness from this woman. She was a trained police officer and all. But she was small five feet six inches tall at the maximum. With that slender body of her, she couldn't be more than a hundred and twenty pounds. He was taller, stronger and about twice her weight. He was also a trained boxer; how can she be so cocky. He didn't care though, he realized that her cockiness also gave him an advantage.


Balrog just decided to keep walking slowly. Balrog was waiting for his friends to show up in order to make sure that his advantage is solidified. He knew that in street fights the person with the first hit is much more likely to be the winner. With a slender fighter like Chun-Li, he knew that a few strong punches from him would devastate her. He just needed to make sure that he can land them though. He knew that her speed and strong kicks could easily punish him severely for trying to attack. To be hundred percent certain of his victory, he needed to get those first few hits first. Luckily, he had a plan that hopefully might just work.


Chun-Li had no idea what was in store for her and was just getting impatient seeing Balrog trudging along. She cried "Let's go already". Balrog then saw his friends silently creeping into the balcony closest to Chun-li. One of the friends also setup his camera to record the fight. Balrog seeing this increased his speed now knowing that the plan was fully in place. Chun-li didn't notice his friends coming in since they were ducked from her view and her eyes were fixated on Balrog.


Soon Balrog was standing ten feet from Chun-Li. Chun-Li got into a fighting pose and said, "Last chance boy apologize and leave on feet or you will leave on a stretcher." Balrog closed his eyes and smiled. He replied, "We will see about that."


Balrog got into a fighting stance. He didn't have his boxing gloves on today, but he still posed the general boxing defensive stance. Chun-Li was in a karate style fighting stance. Balrog slowly started to make his way forward. His friends were watching from the balcony watching for the right moment.


He got to about five feet close and stopped. Chun-Li over pouring with confidence said "What happened too afraid to come smack my ass? Huh.". Right that moment Chun-Li's head was struck with a bead necklace. Chun-Li took her eyes off Balrog for a second to look up where that had come from. She then heard shouts from the balcony like "Let's go bitch!" and "Show me your tities". She realized the reference to the Bourbon street tradition but couldn’t understand what they were doing here. She saw some movement in her peripheral vision and soon realized that Balrog was making a move and these guys simply were distracting her from the fight.


It was too late though Balrog had used his athletic prowess to shorten the distance already. Balrog thumped his right foot on top of Chun-Li's right ankle hard. This essentially locked her right leg in place since his leg was holding it in place. She tried to lift her leg up, but the weight and strength of Balrog's leg on top of it was too much for her to break free from. She looked up at Balrog in panic realizing that her kicks won't be effective at this close range. He had a look of lust in her eyes that struck fear in her heart. He smiled devilishly looking at her. Balrog was a professional boxer and was now ready for some hits. He expertly swung at her ribs first trying to knock the air out of her. He swung fast and hard right, left, right, left in four punch combo that knocked the air out of Chun-Li. None of the hits were blocked and truly broke Chun-Li's cockiness completely.


Chun-Li's foot was still stuck in place by Balrog as he started eyeing her head. She tried her best now to try and defend her by trying to position her arms between her body and head. However, she wasn't used to the speed and strength of someone like Balrog's punches. She was also hurt badly in the ribs now. She even had some trouble breathing and her chest was aching. Chun-Li tried to kick him with her left leg. The kick connected to Balrog's body but the damage was minimal and she was still locked. Balrog seeing an opening now struck for her head with a right hook, left hook and upper cut. Each punch landed undefended and almost knocked Chun-Li off the ground, if not for Balrog’s foot holding her. She had never faced the strength of such punches and was truly unprepared for this. She had a concussion from such force of his punches and got dizzy for a few seconds.


Chun-Li's foot was still stuck and she realized how dire her situation was. She was literally locked in place and any offense was giving her opponent a huge opening. Balrog realized this too and decided to further humiliate her. His reach was longer given his height advantage so he reached out for her chest and pinched her boobs roughly. Chun-Li tried to kick him to punish him but it was ineffective again. Balrog just twisted harder, making her squirm in pain "Aaagh.". She grabbed his hand trying to get them to pry free, but he was very strong. She couldn't get him off at first. After a few seconds she instead focused on his pinkies and managed to pry them off. Twisting them fully she gave a minor pay back that surprised Balrog. His attention was divided now as he focused on the hands. This finally gave Chun-Li the chance to slip her foot out of his hold. Balrog was disappointed his play time just let her get away. He pulled his hands towards him and got them off of her hold.



Chun-Li was finally free but was badly damaged. She was angrier at him though for having the courage twist her boobs. Her private body parts were repeatedly molested by this man. She felt she needed to punish him for this. She got back into the fighting stance this time trying to keep calm. Balrog smirked looking at her and said "Bitch, I will let you go without a beating if you get down and suck my cock like a nice kitty.".


Chun-Li lost her composure again and decided to just beat him to death. She started by going "AAAA Kiko-Ken." With the words she moved her ankle and hips up straight and brought her body down at a ninety-degree angle from her legs. The chi-ball materialized at her hands and went at full speed towards Balrog. He had not known that she was capable of such moves and was not ready at all. The ball connected and gave him a jolt of pain and heat. Balrog almost lost his balance and realized the fight was far from over. Chun-Li then heard the guys in the balcony laughing and shouting "Look at that palm print on her ass. He's marked you bitch." She realized Balrog's first spank in the bar must have left a mark on her butt. She was already angry but for now she decided to keep at the fight.


She worked her speed and kicks to keep him at a distance and continued to deliver a set of strong kicks. Many connected and many were blocked. Balrog was unable to get in close to deliver strong punches and so fought defensively mostly. Her kicks were stinging him now in many places and he knew he would have to do something about her kicks.


Chun-Li then decided to pull her super move called Spinning Bird Kick and flipped upside down and started rotating like a helicopter. These were fast set of kicks that connected on Balrog's head and almost made him fall. It knocked him good, but he had to keep strong appearances. Chun-Li jumped out of the move and looked at Balrog. He smiled and mocked again "is that the best strongest woman in the world could do. I slapped your ass multiple times, pinched your ass, hugged you forcefully and twisted them boobies, punched you in the gut and head. I practically used your body. All you have done so far is show me your panties and that fantastic figure. No strength no damage baby. Still the chance is open suck my cock like a nice bitch and I will let you go without a beating."


Chun-Li also knew that despite her best efforts the hunk was still standing strong. She had connected a few times, but the damage seemed minimal. She knew she must get a few good clean hits for her to bring him down. The problem was that his body was like a piece of iron. She thought she must go for his head if she is to have any real chance. She chose not to reply to his taunt for now and have her kicks do the talking.


Balrog calmed himself and tried to predict her next move now. Another good hit to the head could knock him out for good. Chun-Li started to walk towards him. He noticed how she took small step to keep her left foot forward. He realized instinctively a strong right kick was in order and this time he was ready. Chun-Li cried "Round house kick" and swung her right leg out with full force aiming for Balrog's head. Balrog had predicted this though and he swung back. Chun-Li missed the high kick and had to swing to complete the kick. This left her off balance a bit and open for attack. Balrog wanted to attack her heart this time and really break her fighting spirit. He took one step in and hit with a flurry of punches directly at Chun-Li's chest. His punches connected making her breasts wobble with waves. Balrog twisted his punches on impact though, thus twisting her breasts and the fabric of her qipao. Her qipao was made of very thin silk material that could not take the twisting force of Balrog's punches and tore open. Balrog grabbed the fabric and tore the fabric further. Chun-Li moved back but front part of her qipao covering her breasts was torn fully now.


Balrog looked at Chun-Li lustfully. He could see the lacy bra Chun-Li wore underneath. He could also fully see the size of her breasts. They were nice and large for a petite woman of her size. Balrog's friends had moved down into the alley by now to get a better view. Only one of them who was secretly shooting the fight stayed up at the balcony. They all started shouting profanities at Chun-Li. They were excited by the ripping action. They started throwing beads at her shouting "Let's see them tities!" Chun-Li's fighting spirit was diminished. She couldn't believe the strongest woman in the world was getting a beating in a dark Louisiana alley.


Balrog raised his hand to calm the crowd a bit. He then made lude gesture at her and demanded "Get down on your knees and suck my cock now bitch, or I will get inside you and impregnate you tonight.". Tears welled down in Chun-Li's eyes, but she held them back and cried back, "I will kill you now asshole!"


Chun-Li decided to move forward with another super move of Spinning Bird kick. This time Balrog defended against the kicks. When she was about to finish her move and jump out, Balrog grabbed her and lifted her clean off the ground. Balrog didn't know much about wrestling but he just bashed her roughly on the concrete floor giving her another concussion. Her hair helped soften the blow a bit, but she was still out for a few seconds. Balrog sensing this perfect opportunity turned her backside up and ripped the silky material of her qipao fully. The fabric gave in easily and after few additional tugs her entire outfit was in Balrog's hands. Chun-Li tried to resist but had no strength and was still dizzy from the bash.


Chun-Li got up after a few seconds and realized her qipao was in Balrog's hands. She was horrified and scared now. She only had a pink lacy bra, a pink panty, a panty hose and white boots on. She was fully molested by this guy and now she was almost naked in front of him and all his friends and they were all looking at her lustfully. She was truly humiliated like never before in her entire life. She realized her best option was to just run and shout for some help. Balrog started eyeing her voluptuous body, the slender back, oversized boobs, nice and firm round ass cheeks, beautiful face and long legs. The woman was grade A sexy and was a sight to behold. If he had to give her points he would give her a ten out of ten. It would be so much fun to fuck her Balrog thought.


There were more beads and profanities coming from the bystanders as they too thought the same as Balrog. Chun-Li was fully scared and her fighting spirit was all gone. She tried to turn around and start running towards an alley exit, but she soon realized Balrog's friends had blocked one exit and Balrog had blocked the other one. She thought she would at least have some chance of going through his friends since Balrog had just literally kicked her ass.


Chun-Li started running full speed away from Balrog and towards the few friends on the other side. As she started to run her boobs and sexy ass jiggled fully and that sight aroused all the men staring at her. She realized this too but kept on running. One of the guys tackled her midway though and brought her to the ground. The others soon joined in pinning her down and especially trying to hold down her legs. She tried to cry for help, but her mouth was soon covered shut by one of the guys. She tried to struggle the best she could, but she couldn't break free since a total of five guys were now holding her down. She realized a rape was the most likely scenario here. She did not want to have unprotected sex since she suspected she was ovulating. Tears now started to run down her eyes as she realized what was in store for her tonight.


Balrog soon got there and started to look lustfully at her. "You scream you die bitch. You understand" spat Balrog. Chun-Li's blinked slowly to signify she understood. Balrog ordered "Good, let her speak then." One of the guys lifted his hand covering Chun-Li's mouth. Balrog now smiling fully started mocking her again. He asked "So who is the strongest woman in the world?". More tears were running down Chun-Li's eyes as she replied "I am." Balrog continued "I didn't hear that clearly, say loud and clear, who is the strongest woman in the world?". She cried some more and said "I am". Balrog continued "That's better. And who just now kicked her ass". Chun-Li complied "You did". Balrog then asserted "That's right bitch. And who owns your ass now." Chun-Li cried "You do". Balrog started laughing "Ha ha ha, strongest woman in the world beaten, humiliated, molested, stripped to her lingerie and crying for mercy in front of me." Chun-Li politely asked "Can I please take the blow job deal please." Balrog laughed some more and said "No bitch, now I will just have your pussy raw no more deals." Chun-Li's heart sank as there was no doubt left in her mind now about her fate. She really regretted cockily challenging the big strong black dude.


The fight is officially over and Balrog connivingly kicked Chun-Li’s ass. Balrog has won decisively, and today we find the answer to the question, what happens to Chun-Li if she loses a street fight. Stay tuned to find out the answer in detail. To be continued …

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