Over and Over

BY : Demonized
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One moment he's watching the Rook Islands shrink on the horizon while Daisy pilots their stolen boat towards the mainland, and the next he is back in that damnable cage, hands bound over his head and a piece of duct tape over his mouth. His phone is directly in front of his face, that oh so innocent video clip playing out their final moments of freedom.

Jason blinks once, twice, several times as he tries to comprehend what the fuck had just happened because he is so certain that this had been far behind him. Has he just hallucinated everything that is to come? His confused, and somewhat angry, gaze goes from the phone and follows from the hand holding it down the arm and to the definitely familiar form of Vaas. What. The. Fuck.

Dumbfounded beyond belief, because of the absolute certainty that he has gone through this before, he stares at Vaas who proceeds to go into the same monologue from before. It is word for word, the same exact speech he's given about them thinking they are crazy and so he tunes Vaas out. He instead tries to figure out what in the ever-loving fuck is going on and how he is back here.

Jason is drawn out of his thoughts at the sudden increase in the pitch of Vaas' voice, the point at which he had started yelling at Grant, and the twenty-five-year-old Californian is suddenly aware of his brother's presence. Grant is alive, if this isn't some weird dream he is having. He doesn't remember falling asleep, so maybe, just maybe all of what he had been through had been some sort of vision. He can change it all.

Jason shifts his gaze to Vaas who is still yapping away, only now his focus is on Jason himself and scrutinizes the pirate lord. Not a damn thing has changed from his hallucination or vision, and as expected Vaas is interrupted by Hoyt once again. As soon as they are left alone with the single guard, who is still stupid enough to stand with his back to them, Jason starts freeing himself. He is not going to waste his time waiting for Grant to get him free when he is more than capable of getting rid of his own bonds.

"Look at you, J," Grant comments in an appraising tone once he finally gets free of the rope and tape.

"I'll call the guard over. You kill him and take the keys to unlock the cage," Jason instructs in a whisper and poses in his corner of the cage. He doesn't miss the look of shock that flits over Grant's face at his blatant suggestion, but his older brother follows suit and pretends that he is still tied up as well. "Hey, you!"

The guard's reaction is unchanged from the last time, and he comes over to the cage spewing threats with an attitude. Grant makes short work of the guard and grabs the keys off of the guard. He gives Jason a concerned glance because to him he is certain his brother has never seen someone get killed in front of him.

Jason isn't thinking about that at all. He is focused on getting through the camp and keeping Grant alive. Taking down Vaas and Hoyt will certainly be a lot easier if both of them manage to escape. "We need to get out of here so we can rescue everyone else," he urges when Grant just sits there and stares at him.

"Yeah, you're right, J." Grant unlocks the padlock to the cage and they both crawl out.

Jason rolls the dead pirate over and ignores the look that his brother gives him as he starts removing the machete, gun, and ammo the pirate carried, along with the weapon holster. He quickly slides the holster on and sheathes the machete at his hip before he checks the clip and pockets the ammo.

"You been practicing much, J?" Grant doesn't recall his brother being so experienced with gear even though he's a natural with guns.

"Something like that," Jason answers almost flippantly because he can't simply say that he's gone through this before. He motions for Grant to follow him as he drops into a crouch and starts making his way through the camp. He knows that Grant will follow him.

The path they take is definitely the same, and when they reach the area with their gear Jason is the one that takes down the pirate without so much as a grimace. He can tell that Grant is increasingly concerned at this stark change, but he's too focused on getting them out to realize that he's suddenly changed in his brother's eyes.

He'd been in the throes of agonizing pain and fever, so naturally, he had thought this to be a dream of when he'd had Jason "Snow White" Brody in his goddamn clutches before he'd gotten away and started fucking everything up. He repeats everything for the hell of it, relishing the way Grant, who will die very soon, fights his bonds and glares at him venomously. Snow White just looks confused, much like he remembers, and doesn't move one damn bit. Hoyt interrupts the fun as per usual, demands that he take care of the rejects, and so he thinks that things will just play out the same. Well, he doesn't plan on letting Jason get away. This is his fucking dream and he can damn well do what he wants. It is much to his own surprise that as soon as Jason crawls out from under the platform that he is lurking on, the Californian stands up and spins around. Snow White has commandeered a goddamn gun and is pointing it at him. This, whatever this is, is not a fucking dream of a memory. He has enough time to realize that before a vicious smile, one that is out of place on that face, is directed at him and Jason opens fire.

He is still reeling from the shock of being shot when he realizes that he is, first of all, very much alive and, secondly, is crouched beside the cage that contains Snow White and his brother. Pain explodes in his right forearm and reverberates up to his elbow as Snow White kicks his arm that has still been extended into the cage. He drops the phone and pulls his arm out of the cage before Jason can kick it again.

Vaas bares his teeth at the captive Snow White, his rage dulling the edge of the pain, and draws his Colt M1911. "You little shit!" He backs away from the cage and aims at Jason, the American now frozen and staring at him, glaring at him. He squeezes the trigger, and the satisfaction of finally killing Jason is short-lived when he finds himself yet again crouched by the cage with Jason's phone in his hand.

Jason's expression is no longer one of confusion. Snow White looks positively shocked, and his own expression mirrors it perfectly. He drops the phone into the cage, not really on purpose, and withdraws his arm from between the bamboo bars. He's honestly at a loss as to what is going on, but whatever it is, Jason "Snow White" Brody is experiencing it too. Maybe. "Snow White?"

There is definitely a flicker of recognition in Jason's eyes at the moniker, and shit this is really happening. The SoCal American cocks his head to one side, his brows furrowing faintly while he starts to come to the very same realization that this is a shared experience. The look that he gives Vaas afterward is calculating, and if he knows Snow White as well as he thinks he does, then he's likely got some crazy plan.

Well, he's starting to get a crazy idea himself. "Don't fucking go anywhere, Snow White," he hisses at Jason, but it's still loud enough that Grant hears it, and it seems the oldest Brody brother seems to be a tad bit confused at Jason's moniker. Let him stay confused because he has to go placate Hoyt and take care of the rejects.

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