Over and Over

BY : Demonized
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"Gimme the key, Felipe," Vaas orders with a snap of his fingers, taking his gaze off of Grant and Jason for only a second.

That's all it takes and Grant launches across the small space towards Jason without any warning. Jason tries to kick out at him but there isn't any room to maneuver and Grant manages to get his hands around Jason's throat. He starts to squeeze, and Jason's first instinct to claw at Grants hands but as he starts to do so his brain finally kicks in and he tries to push Grant away instead.

Vaas is yelling at them, at Grant, from outside of the cage, but Jason can't make out what he's saying. He's too focused on trying to get Grant off, to get him to stop, which he just barely manages by getting his knees up between them and kicking at Grant's stomach. Grant goes sprawling backwards right as a loud crack fills the air and then everything resets.

At first Jason is in disbelief as he takes in Vaas crouching down by him on the outside of the cage, and by the expression on his face, Vaas is in disbelief too. Then the anger kicks in and he glares at Vaas, if only because Vaas had pulled the fucking trigger instead of waiting to let Jason deal with his brother, and then he glares at Grant. Grant, who has no fucking clue as to what has just transpired. He's getting really, really fucking tired of this shit.

Vaas sighs heavily, causing Jason to snap his gaze back to him, and he withdraws his arm from the cage, this time Jason's phone still clutched in it. "Fucking-Snow, you're coming with me, now," he all but snarls out, not too happy with the reset himself. "Gimme the fucking key, Felipe."

Felipe jumps to attention at Vaas' order, looking a little perplexed, and hands over the key to the cage. He quickly scuttles back to his post once the key is in Vaas' possession, and briefly gives Vaas a confused look. It's not really any of his business what Vaas does, so he wisely turns his attention elsewhere.

"You fucking try anything and I will fucking end you," Vaas warns Grant as he moves to unlock the cage.

Jason watches Grant like a hawk, waiting for him to so much as twitch the wrong way, while Vaas puts the key in the lock and turns it. It's so quiet now that Jason can hear the click of the lock as it opens, and thankfully Grant keeps still this time.

"C'mon, Snow," Vaas says as he pulls the cage door open and beckons for Jason to get out.

Jason doesn't take his eyes off of Grant as he snaps the bindings off of his wrists and removes the tape covering his mouth before he crawls out. He maintains watch over his brother as he stands up and backs away from the cage a good few feet, leaving Vaas to lock the cage back up.

"Vaas! Stop terrorizing the product!" Hoyt appears in the doorway, his gaze landing on Jason almost immediately. "What is the meaning of this?" He demands sharply as he stares at Jason, taking in his lack of bindings.

"I thought it would be a good idea to separate these two so we don't have any problems," Vaas says truthfully without even moving to stand up and look in Hoyt's direction. "This pendejo here has military experience, isn't that right, Jason?"

"Yes," Jason answers softly as he forces himself to look away from Hoyt. "He was planning on trying to break out once it was just the one guard watching over us," he adds rather vindictively, and he watches from his peripheral as Grant stiffens. "I didn't want to go along with it…"

"I see," Hoyt says a bit flatly, then sighs. "Take care of this and then go take care of the rejects, Vaas."

"Got it, boss," Vaas responds with a smug grin at Jason over his shoulder as Hoyt takes his leave. He stands up, giving the cage a slight shake as he does so, then turns to Jason. "Something wrong, Snow?" He asks as he takes in the frown that Jason's sporting.

"Hoyt took that way to well," Jason explains with a glance towards the doorway. Part of him expects Hoyt to reappear and maybe kill the both of them, or at least just him.

"We'll be fine," Vaas says with such certainty that Jason wishes he can believe him. "Now let's get going," he adds and motions for Jason to follow after him as he heads out of the hut.

"So where will I be staying?" Jason asks as he follows Vaas without so much as a backwards glance at Grant.

"I already told you, Snow, you're staying with me until we can figure this shit out," Vaas answers a bit exasperatedly and though Jason can't see his face, he's almost sure that Vaas even rolled his eyes.

"I know that, Vaas. What I meant is are you going to lock me away somewhere else or something like that?" Jason does his best to keep his own tone as neutral as possible. He's not trying to agitate Vaas, not on purposes anyways, and he really only wants to know what Vaas has in store for him.

Vaas comes to an abrupt halt and turns to looks at Jason, his expression hard to make out in the darkness. "Hermano, you are not leaving my side until this shit is over, got it?"

"Yeah." Jason knows that he shouldn't feel relieved at Vaas' answer, but he is because Vaas is the only person he can trust right now. And, boy, does he hate admitting that to himself.

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