Over and Over

BY : Demonized
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Jason is just fine with staying right where he is, at least until he can figure out just what the fuck is going on with him and Vaas. Grant, however, has no such inclinations and is wholly unaffected by whatever mind fuckery that has afflicted Jason and Vaas, so he breaks out of his binds just like before. It's weirdly script-like in how he does it before creeping over towards Jason to free him as well.

"We need to stay put," Jason harshly whispers to Grant once the duct tape is off of his mouth.

"No, we need to get out of here and rescue our brother and our friends," Grant grits out in response, and then he gives Jason a strange look. "Who's Snow White, J?"

"That's not important right now." Jason glances past Grant to check on the guard, who is none the wiser, then slouches down in his corner of the cage.

"Well, I think it's pretty fucking important when the psycho holding us prisoner is acting pretty fucking familiar with one of us, and he sure as hell wasn't looking at me, J, so spill! What the hell is going on and why did he call you Snow White?" Grant leans in close, actually getting in Jason's face, but thankfully he has the presence of mind to keep his voice low.

"I don't know what's going on, Grant! I'm trying to figure that out myself, and I'd like to do it without getting killed again, so it doesn't matter why Vaas is calling me Snow White," Jason all but snaps, not realizing his verbal slips until it's too late and Grant is giving him another strange look.

"Hey! What the fuck are you two doing?!" Their guard finally takes notice of them—thankfully diverting Grant's attention off of Jason and on to their new problem—and he isn't happy. He pulls out his gun and aims at them, which is definitely not a good thing considering how trigger happy a vast majority of the pirates are, as he strides closer to the cage they're in.

"I'm not feeling too good," Jason quickly says, hoping that the guard will buy the lie and back off. It at least makes him hesitate just a tiny bit, his gun lowering a little, but he stays where he is and tightens his grip on his weapon.

"I don't fucking care! Move away from him or I'll shoot both of you!" the guard barks out and motions for Grant to move to the other side of the cage with his gun.

"Okay," Grant agrees and raises his hands into the air as he slowly crab-walks back over to his side of the cage while he keeps his gaze on the guard from over his shoulder.

"Any chance you can radio Vaas and tell him that Snow White says to hurry the fuck up?" Jason asks with a bit of a bite to his voice, and he doesn't even blink when the guard aims at him. From the corner of his eye, he can see that Grant's looking at him again, his expression dark.

"You! Shut the fuck up!" The guard takes a step closer, almost within arms reach of the cage, and shakes his gun at Jason threateningly. "Don't say another fucking word!"

Jason stares the guard down for a solid minute, his expression largely impassive, then slowly arches a brow, as if to say 'Well?' He doesn't really expect anything further from the guard, who only proves him right when he takes a step back and lowers his gun. He doesn't reach for his radio, but now he's actively watching them. It's a damn sight better than before, and it will hopefully deter Grant from trying to escape.

A large part of Vaas doesn't believe that Jason will take his instruction for him to stay put to heart, but he is pleasantly surprised to find Jason, and even Grant, right where he had left him. Even Felipe is still alive, though that's not as important as the fact that Snow White has actually listened to him. It's almost a goddamn miracle, what with their terrible track record.

"I see you've managed to get out of your bindings, Jason," Vaas notes in a rather amicable tone as he moves closer to the cage, dismissing Felipe with a brusque wave of his hand.

"Only 'cause Grant was all gung-ho on trying to escape again," Jason responds in a clipped voice. His upper lip even starts to pull back, almost baring his teeth in a way that is purely animalistic, but Jason quickly reigns his expression in and settles on glaring at his brother.

"What the fuck, J?!" Grant hisses out like he's trying to not be heard by Vaas. Well, the joke's on him if that's the case because Vaas has spectacular hearing.

"And that would have ended poorly for him, wouldn't it Jason? Just like it will end poorly for him if he tries anything right now." Vaas gives Grant a cursory glance, noting the way he recoils at the implication, then puts his full attention on Jason.

"Yeah," Jason agrees darkly as he shifts his gaze to meet Vaas'. "So, Vaas, what the hell are we going to do now?

Right to it, huh? And in front of Grant no less. Well, Grant really isn't an issue, and won't be if the way that Jason has been hostile towards him is any indication. He can imagine the lengths that Jason will go to to ensure that they don't end up right back at the start of whatever the hell this thing is, and Vaas is certainly of the same mind.

"Well, Snow," Vaas starts out with a show of his teeth. "You're gonna be staying with me till we can figure this shit out and then maybe I won't kill you, and you, hermano, go on your merry fucking way without killing me. Sounds good, yeah?"

Jason stares at him for a long moment, his mouth drawing into a frown while his irises go one shade darker, and then he dips his head in a nod. "Sounds good to me."

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