Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Ciri knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she heard Yennefer.

Ciri opened the door and went inside. The moment she laid eyes on Yen, she grinded her teeth as hard as she could trying to hold herself back.

Yen was wearing a black sports bra with black feathers attached to the top part of it. It was one of those strapless ones; just a little bit of push, and it would come off. Yen wasn’t wearing pants, instead she had a pair of tight black shorts on; they were so tight that Ciri could make out Yen’s ass crack. The fact that Yen was bare feet didn’t help.

Ciri was still grinding her teeth, taking deep breaths, trying to hide her excitement.  Yen sat in front of the mirror and started combing her hair.

I can bend her over on that very table and rip her cunt apart. Ciri thought to herself, she wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about; even if she uses magic, I’m still superior. She would scream in agony as I push my cock inside her. Gods, just the thought of it drives me insane.

“Ciri?” Ciri realised that Yen was staring at her.

“Yen,” Ciri’s voice was trembling out of not fear but pure joy, “we need to talk.”

Yen went back to combing her hair, “Go on.”

She would see herself in the mirror. Ciri spaced out again. She would stare herself in the eyes, see the tears of pain running down her cheeks, and realise she can’t do anything but allowing me to take her.

“Ciri!” Yennefer’s tone was serious no, “Are you alright?”

“A while ago, I went to a mage, and asked her to do something to me. Since then-”

“What did she do to you?” Yennefer interrupted, “Did she hu-”

“Let me finish,” Ciri’s tone was more serious now, “the mage did something to me. I willingly asked her to do it, and since then, I’ve had these strange feelings.”

Yennefer, now completely facing Ciri, looked puzzled, she was not sure what to make of Ciri’s words.

Ciri stared at the floor for a few moments, “I asked her to give me a cock.”

Yennefer looked even more confused now, “Like, a man’s cock?”

“No, she performed a ritual. Now, I have a cock between my legs.” Yennefer looked surprised, why would she do it? Is it a fetish of hers? She thought to herself.

“Tell me about these strange feelings.” Yennefer wanted to make sense of this decision.

Ciri realised that she couldn’t just tell Yen about her real feelings, so she acted ashamed. “Well, since I’ve got this cock, I’ve been attracted to you, to an extreme degree. I can barely control it.”

“You mean sexually?” Yennefer’s sound had an undertone of concern.

“Yes,” Ciri, “I go to brothels and try to get the girl whose appearance is closest to yours, then I spend a few nights with them, yet I never feel fully fulfilled, and that’s not all the problem.”

“There’s more?” Yennefer sounded sarcastic.

“Yes,” Ciri’s voice was quiet, “my fantasies usually involve a lot of scenarios where I treat you harshly.”

Yennefer tilted her head a little, “Let me see it.”

Ciri tried to act ashamed in order to fool Yen. She got up, paused for a moment, looked at the ground for a few seconds, then pulled her pants down a little bit. Yennefer got up and walked to Ciri; she fully pulled Ciri’s pants down.

“My, you’re bigger than I expected,” Yen’s tone was seductive, “If it’s bothering you that much, I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand.”

Ciri was overtaken by joy, but she hid her excitement. “I’m not sure you’ll like the things I want to do to you.” She said with a shameful tone.

“I’m sure none of the things you’re thinking about are as bad as you think.” Yennefer would come to regret those words by the end of the night.

“If you think so,” Ciri said as she put her hands on Yen’s shoulders and pushed her down on her knees.

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