Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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I just got my first review!!! It was by SAILORNEMESIS. They said I should be more descriptive. This chapter was written before that review, but you can expect some great details in the following chapters.


The sight of Yen on her knees made Ciri instantly hard. Seeing Yen on her knees, looking up, directly into Ciri’s eyes with a half open mouth made Ciri’s legs numb. She had to take a moment to compose herself.

Yen looked at Ciri’s cock with shock, “You’re even bigger than Geralt.”

Yen was very impressed with what she was looking at. It was at least 14-inch-long. It was also very thick; Yen wondered if she could actually take it. It was bright all the way to the top, except the tip. The tip was bright pink. The veins on it were swollen and pulsating. Its hole was completely open. The only shame was that the foreskin was removed.

Yen’s attention moved to the balls. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Ciri’s balls were swollen to the point where they were as big as her fists. There were no wrinkles on them. Their skin was pulled tight.

Yen realised what a ticking bomb is in front of her and that she needed to treat it carefully. When Ciri had said that she is so into Yennefer, that she cannot control herself, Yennefer had taken it as a young girl being horny and nothing more, but now, she realised that Ciri is far beyond a mere horny girl.

Maybe I should make up an excuse. Yennefer thought to herself.

“I understand,” Ciri said, “It’s really big. Take your time.”

“Yeah, I’ve never had one this big.” Yennefer put on a fake smile.

I doubt she would accept “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t feel like it.” If she’s gunna do it anyways, might as well make it less painful by allowing it to happen willingly. Yennefer thought.

Having no choice, she decided to start with the balls. She slowly caressed them with her right hand. Immediately, Ciri let out a loud groan. Her muscles got tense, and her body started shaking. She shut her eyes tight and bit her lower lips. She was so tense that her muscles were completely visible. Her cock started pulsating. Before Yen could react, a big shot of semen hit her face. Poor little Yen thought that was the end of it, but Ciri kept painting her face for at least five seconds.

When it was finally over, Ciri could barely make out Yen’s face. Her forehead was dripping with semen. A shot had hit her eyebrows and had dripped over on her eyes, so she couldn’t open them. Another shot had hit her right cheek and was running down. The worst one was the one that had gone into her mouth. Yen wasn’t expecting Ciri’s semen to be so thick and slimy. She couldn’t swallow it, but Ciri had put her hand on Yen’s mouth, so she had no choice but to swallow. She felt it running down her tongue and going down her throat. She had to try a few times before it finally went down.

Ciri cleaned the semen that was on Yen’s forehead with just one finger and pushed it into Yen’s mouth, “Suck on it.” Yen did so.

“I’m gunna clean your eyes now, but don’t open them.”

Yen was still struggling to swallow, so she just nodded. Ciri cleaned Yen’s eyes with one finger and put the finger on Yen’s lips.

Yen didn’t open her mouth. Ciri grabbed her by the hair of the back of her head and forced her finger in. The semen was so thick and so much that it had closed up Yen’s throat; she ended up throwing up. She was heavily coughing afterwards.

Yen was sitting on her right ass cheek with her hands on the ground and her legs stretched to the side. Ciri put her bare right foot on Yen’s left cheek and pushed her face on the ground, “What a weak whore. No wonder Geralt goes to brothels.” Yen felt humiliated. She originally had said that she would be able to handle Ciri, but now, she had realised that she could never take Ciri’s cock.

Yen thought this was it; this was the limit of her body, but she had no idea how far Ciri would push her. When she finally opened her eyes, she was horrified.

She was laying on the ground. The right side of her head was on the floor, and the left side was being pushed down by Ciri’s foot.

Yen turned her eyes to the left as much as she could to see Ciri’s towering figure over her. What she saw sent a chill down her spine as she realised that she won’t be walking any time soon after this night.

Ciri’s cock was hard as a rock, as if nothing had happened. Her balls were even more swollen than before.

“Well, accidents do happen,” Ciri said with an almost demonic grin on her face, “Ready for the real thing?”

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