Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Triss was laying on her back with her hands above her head. Ciri was on top of her with her hands wrapped around Triss’ neck. They were kissing deeply. It ended with Ciri biting Triss’ lower lip and pulling it for a second or two.

“now is your chance to gain my gentle touch,” Ciri said, staring into Triss’ eyes, “If you show restraint, I’ll reward you, but if you fuck up, I’ll take your ass raw.”

Triss was stressed; she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. Ciri kissed Triss’ neck, then moved to her breasts. Ciri started kissing Triss’ breasts all over, except the nipples. Triss was growling; she wanted to feel Ciri’s lips on her nipples. Now, she completely understood what Ciri meant.

Triss was clenching her fists, trying to keep them above her head. She was panting heavily trying to keep it together; she was on the verge of giving up.

Ciri rose up and sat on Triss’ thighs, “What’s the matter, Triss? Why so sweaty and frustrated? Maybe, you want something?” She was holding Triss’ breasts in both hands; she made sure that she was pushing them just hard enough to drive Triss insane.

“Nip-” Triss barely made out the word, “Nipples.”

“Want me to do something to your nipples?” Ciri said while licking her lips.

Triss gathered all the breath she had left in her chest and screamed, “Play with my nipples.” Her scream sounded more like begging and pleading than demanding.

“Nah,” Ciri said, “If you beg properly, I may bite them.” Ciri started rubbing the sides of Triss’ breasts with her thumbs as she clawed at them with the rest of her fingers.

“Plea-” Triss’ voice turned into a moan before she could finish.

“Can’t hear you, bitch.” Ciri said with a disinterested tone.

“Please!” Triss screamed, “Pleas bite my nipples!”

Ciri lowered her head; her nose and lips were right on top of Triss’ left nipple. Triss could feel Ciri’s breath hitting her nipple. Ciri opened her mouth and left her saliva fall on Triss’ nipple. Triss let out a scream of pleasure; she loved the sensation, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her.

“I can’t take it,” Triss sounded genuinely in pain, “Please.”

“What do you want?” Ciri asked yet again.

“Bite my nipples.” Triss moan in pain.

“I can’t hear you, whore!” Ciri screamed, “What do you want?!”

“Bite my fucking nipples!” Triss screamed in anger.

Ciri bit down on Triss’ left nipple as hard as she could. Triss screamed in pleasure and pain; she felt so close. Just a bit more, and she would squirt her juices all over the bed, but Ciri stopped; she slapped Triss’ tits a few times then said, “You must feel like shit, being that close, yet being unfulfilled.”

Triss was grinding her teeth and gripping the sheets as hard as she could to keep herself together. She was on the edge of an orgasm; she could practically feel it, but it slowly started to fade away since she wasn’t being stimulated anymore.

“Let’s change the rules a little bit,” Ciri said, “From now on, not only you keep your hands above your head, but also you tell me when you’re close to climaxing, and orgasm only if I let you.”

Ciri looked at Triss’ pussy; it was wet and ready. It was clear that Triss was enjoying herself. Ciri reached for Triss’ pussy, but she suddenly stopped. She stared Triss in the eyes for a moment then moved in for a deep kiss. She was practically sucking on Triss’ tongue.

“You’ve been a good girl so far,” Ciri said as she pulled her head away, “Keep it up, and you’ll get a reward that you’ll never forget.”

Ciri put her head between Triss’ legs, “Remember the rules.”

Ciri slowly licked Triss’ wet cunt, which cause Triss to let out a moan of pleasure. Ciri slowly pushed her right index finger inside Triss and started licking her clit. Triss bit down her lower lip and moan. Ciri kept rubbing Triss’ clit with her tongue. It didn’t take long for her to find Triss’ G spot; when she did, she started rubbing it at a rather fast pace with the tip of her index finger. Every time Ciri’s finger hit the spot, it forced Triss to let out a moan of ecstasy.

Ciri was hoping that Triss would be able to hold herself together; she often had wondered what it feels like to take Triss without raping her.

“I’m close.” Triss moaned.

Ciri stopped, but her finger was still inside, “Can you hold it?”

“Only a little bit.”

“Tell me when you’re absolutely on the edge and can’t hold it any longer.”

Ciri changed her strategy; she was now rubbing Triss’ G spot slowly and gently. She had also bitten down on Triss’ clit gently and was holding it between her teeth. She wanted Triss to feel a mixture pain and pleasure at the same time.

When Triss’ moans got louder, Ciri let go of her clit and said, “I knew it would break you.” The thing is that Triss enjoyed a deep, gentle, and slow fuck, unlike Yennefer who was a fan of hard and fast pounding.

 “Stop!” Triss raised her voice, “STOP!”

Ciri immediately pulled her finger out.

Triss looked like she was going to orgasm; her legs were shaking, her eyes were shut close, her teeth were grinding on each other, and her feasts were clenching as hard as she could.

“Don’t fuck it up now.” Ciri’s voice was demanding and serious.

After a few deep breathes, Triss managed to control herself and prevent her orgasm.

“Impressive.” There was surprise in Ciri’s voice; she wasn’t expecting Triss to be able to hold it.

Ciri started rubbing Triss’ clit slowly with her middle and index finger. Triss was building up again, but this time, she reached her limit way sooner.

Only a minute or two had passed when Triss said, “Stop. I’m close.”

Ciri pushed her fingers inside Triss’ wet cunt, started playing with her G spot, and said, “Good. You can move you hands now. I want my face to drip in your juices.” Ciri lowered her head and started licking Triss’ clit again.

Triss grabbed Ciri’s hair with both hands and wrapped her legs around Ciri’s neck. Triss’ eyes turned to the back of her head, her legs were shaking, and she was pushing herself against Ciri’s face while pushing Ciri’s head between her legs as hard as she could. She squirted so hard that her juices pushed Ciri’s fingers out. Triss raised herself half way as she screamed and finished her orgasm. She fell on her back and took a deep breath, letting her body calm down. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain between her legs; Ciri was furiously fingering Triss’ cunt. Triss started screaming in pain. Ciri raised herself on top of Triss; while her right hand was busy ravaging Triss, her left hand had grabbed Triss by the neck and was holding her down.

Triss was forced into another orgasm. It was so intense that Triss couldn’t say anything. Her eyes were shut close, her entire body was numb, her breathing was completely cut off, and her mouth was wide open. She was trying to scream or say something, but the sensation was so intense that no sounds came out of her mouth. As Triss orgasmed, her body made some violent jerk. She just laid there, breathing softly, trying to take in air.

Ciri laid beside Triss and held her in an embrace until she was calm.

“You looked amazing. I love how your breath was cut off,” Ciri’s voice was lustful, “I must say, you didn’t disappoint at all. I know it’s hard to talk at the moment.” Ciri kissed Triss’ forehead, “Try to relax your body.”

Ciri got out of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. She picked the bottle on the table before the mirror and took a few shots.

Ciri then turned to Triss who was laying in bed and said, “Have a minute to yourself, then we get to your reward.”

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