Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

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Ciri pulled Yen back on her knees, “Do you have vodka?” she asked.

“Yes,” Yen’s voice was still cracked because of all the coughing, “Two bottles. There.”

Ciri grabbed the bottles and threw them on the bed. She then grabbed her new toy by the hair and pulled her to the side of the bed. Ciri pulled Yen’s hair up; Yen got the message and stood up. Ciri pushed her onto the bed. She was laying on her back and her head was on the other side of the bed while her cunt was right in front of Ciri. All Ciri had to do was tear those shorts off, but she didn’t.

Ciri moved to the other side of the bed, grabbed Yen by the shoulders and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. Now, Yen was laying on her back, and her head was hanging from the edge of the bed.

Ciri opened the bottle and held it above Yen’s head, “Open your mouth.”

“I can’t my throat hu-” Before Yen could finish, Ciri smacked her across the face, “I wasn’t asking.”

Yen, in fear of getting smacked again, opened up her mouth. Ciri took in the view. Yen’s half open mouth, along side her long black hair, and those purple eyes were driving her insane. She couldn’t wait to have her way with Yen’s throat.

“Unfortunately for you,” Ciri began, “there won’t be any accidents this time.” Ciri slowly turned the bottle and poured the vodka into Yen’s mouth. After taking a little bit, Yen waved her hand to show that she had had enough, yet Ciri didn’t stop. Ultimately, Yen closed her mouth.

“Who said you can close it, whore?!” Ciri looked so furious that Yen considered getting off the bed and trying to run, but before she could do anything, Ciri dropped the bottle, grabbed the sides of her jaw and forcefully opened it. She then thrusted her cock all the way inside Yen’s throat. Ciri’s movement was so fast that when she shoved her cock in, her balls slapped against Yen’s forehead. After Ciri made sure that the entirety of her cock was inside Yen’s throat, she put her hands on both of Yen’s shoulders to secure her in place.

Yen wasn’t used to deepthroating; she preferred a normal blow job, so the experience was beyond agonising for her. Her throat felt like it was on fire. She could barely breathe. The fact that she couldn’t see anything except the veins on Ciri’s sack didn’t help her situation at all. She kept clawing at Ciri’s thighs and pushing them back, but Ciri was easily overpowering her.

Unlike Yennefer, Ciri was enjoying the experience. Yen’s tight throat was wrapped around her cock, which made her moan like she had never before. Her balls rubbing against Yen’s face was a fantastic sensation.

No whore can make me feel like this, Ciri thought to herself, Only Yen’s beautiful face can make me wild.

The fact that Yen was clawing at her thighs and trying to break free did not feel bad at all. The idea of overpowering Yen and showing her, as clearly as possible, that she has no choice but to submit was greatly arousing for Ciri.

Yen got ready for the worst when she saw Ciri pulling her hips back; she knew what was coming. Ciri pulled her cock out half way then shoved it back in with all the force in her hips. Yen’s throat made a gurgling sound and she began to cough. Her saliva was running out of the sides of her mouth. She thought about biting, but her jaw was so numb that she couldn’t.

“You know,” Ciri said, “most people don’t know the trick.” She pulled out again and pushed back in. Yen vomited, but Ciri did not pull out, so some of it was left in her mouth, and some of it slipped out from the small opening between her lips and Ciri’s cock.

“If you start pounding your whore’s mouth,” Ciri began again, her voice was heavy and glutaral, “she gets used to the rhythm, and she would start enjoying it. But if you give her face one good thrust every now and then and keep the cock deep inside her throat, she would never enjoy it because she never knows when the next thrust is coming. She’s always in fear of vomiting and chocking.”

Never in her wildest dreams, had Yen imagined that Ciri could be this sadistic. She’s right. Yen thought to herself. The realisation made her even more terrified.

Cir pulled out completely and let go of Yen’s shoulders. Yen didn’t dare to get off of her back or move. The only thing she dared to try was spitting out the vomit, but Ciri put her right hand on Yen’s mouth and pushed hard, “Swallow.” Yen hesitated for a moment.

Swallow!” Ciri’s voice was terrifying. Yen closed her eyes and swallowed.

Ciri picked up the second bottle of vodka, “You, dumb whore. I thought you had realised that I hate hesitation. No worries, I’ll put you in your place.” Ciri opened the bottle. This time she didn’t need to ask; Yen opened her mouth without hesitation. Ciri got onto the bed and sat on Yen’s chest. Ciri pushed her index finger into the bottle. She turned it upside down and as she pulled her finger out, she pushed it down Yen’s throat. Ciri kept pushing until the whole neck of the bottle was down Yen’s throat and the shoulders of the bottle hit her teeth.

As the vodka was pouring down directly into Yen’s throat, she made gurgling noises so loud that the people who were partying down stairs could hear it. Yen’s body was shaking violently underneath Ciri. She reached out to pull out the bottle, but Ciri grabbed Yen’s right hand and twisted her middle finger. The pain forced Yen to draw back.

All Yen could feel was the vodka pouring down her throat and burning everything on the way down. Her vision was blurry, her ears were ringing and her chest was about to burst.

When the bottle was empty, Ciri finally pulled it out, which made Yen feel a comfortable relief; however, it was short-lived because Ciri moved up and placed her legs on either side of Yen’s head, she then pushed her cock down Yen’s mouth.

Ciri kept her cock in until Yen’s eyes turned to the back of her head and she looked like she was going to pass out. Only then, did Ciri pull her cock out.

She got off of Yen completely to give her some breathing room.

“Wow,” there was a sense of excitement in Ciri’s voice, “Have a few minutes to yourself. I need to grab a few things from my room, then we can continue. I wasn’t expecting you to be this durable.”

As Ciri was opening the door to leave, she stopped and said, “You should be proud. Triss passed out on the first minute; not that it stopped me from finishing my job.”

All Yennefer could do was throw herself off of the bed and repeatedly vomit into the bucket next to the bed.

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