Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Witcher," nor any of the characters. I make no profits off of this story. It is written only for the sake of entertainment.

Few days had passed since Ciri and Yennefer’s little adventure.

Triss was walking back home. It was getting dark. She was wearing a pair of tight leather pants alongside a pair of brown boots. She had a bright yellow shirt on; her upper buttons were left open. She felt a sense of comfort walking around without having to worry about the witch hunters.

When she turned into an alley, she saw Ciri standing there; there were some barrels in the alley as well. Ciri grabbed Triss by the neck and bent her over on one of the alleys; she practically slammed Triss on the barrel.

“I won’t resist! I won’t resist!” Triss repeated as fast as she could, “I beg you; please, be gentle!” There was legitimate horror in Triss’ voice.

Ciri was holding Triss’ head down with one hand and pulled her pants down with the other. Triss’ bare ass was firm and round.

Ciri licked her index finger and put it on Triss’ asshole, “Tell me, you haven’t tried anything, have you?”

“No! Not at all,” Triss sounded nervous; her voice was shaky, “Nothing has been inside my asshole; I’m still a virgin.”

“Good.” Ciri said. She pulled her cock out and pushed it against Triss’ pussy.

“No, please!” Triss started begging, “I’m begging you; don’t do it! I can’t take it raw! Please! I’m not ready for it!”

Triss’ pleas fell to deaf ears as Ciri pushed her cock in. Triss broke down and started crying. Even though she knew Ciri wouldn’t listen, Triss kept begging during the whole thing.

Ciri’s thrusts were hard and deep. With each thrust, Triss’ moans of pain grew louder. Triss was begging for it to end. It took only some minutes for Ciri to creampie her, but for Triss, it felt like an eternity.

Triss’ thighs were hitting against the cold wood of the barrel, which added to her sense of discomfort. The hornier Ciri got, the harder she pushed Triss’ head against the barrel; Triss thought her skull was gunna crack. What was an amazing day moments ago had now turned into a scarring experience that was engraved into Triss’ memory.

“Are you a whore?” Ciri asked, “It’s the second time that I’ve raped you, and you’ve taken it like a good obedient prostitute. Do you secretly enjoy this? Or are you simply so nerveless that you don’t dare to try to stop me? And you wonder why Geralt left you for Yennefer. You’re just a spineless little whore who wonders around waiting for someone to use her for their own pleasures.”

Triss felt humiliated. Ciri was right; Triss didn’t have the spine to stand up to her.

Soon, Ciri’s moans turned into animalistic grunts, which terrified Triss to the point where didn’t dare to try to escape; she just kept begging like a helpless little prey only moments before getting gutted and eated.

When Ciri finished, she quickly pulled Triss’ pants back up causing her semen making her pants wet and leaving stains on it. Now, Triss had to walk back home with sore legs, broken pride, a sense of deep discomfort, and stinky pants.

“Wait for me in your bed,” Ciri whispered in Triss’ ear, “I have to buy a few things. I’ll join you later tonight.”

The thought of Ciri abusing her all night long made Triss so horrified that she almost vomited. She walked back home, leaning against the walls because of her sore legs. She tried to block out people’s laughs as they noticed her pants.

She went back home, threw away the food she had prepared earlier that day for dinner, took off her clothes, and laid in her bed waiting for her owner to use her in any way that she wants.

Now, Triss had lost interest in everything; all she could think about was the long and painful night ahead of her.

Her nervousness reached its pique when she heard the door to her house open. She heard Ciri’s footsteps as she walked up the stairs.

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