Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Witcher," nor any of the characters. I make no profits off of this story. It is written only for the sake of entertainment.

Now, it was dark. Ciri was laying the tub; the warm water was helping her relax. Her feet were resting on the edges of the tub. In front of her, Triss was sitting on the bed, on her knees. She was facing Ciri.

Triss was furiously fingering herself since she was ordered to do so, but she wasn’t allowed to cum. Ciri was sipping her wine while Triss was in agony because she had edged herself to the point where the sense of pleasure had completely left and had given its place to pure pain. After edging herself for only a short time, Triss reached her limit. She stopped and pulled her fingers out.

“I didn’t allow you to stop.” Ciri’s voice had an undertone of anger.

“I’m at my limit, mistress,” Triss tried to plea, “If I keep going, I’ll orgasm.”

Ciri let out a sigh of disappointment, “You’re weak and boring.” Ciri lazily took a sip of her wine. Triss hung her head low.

“Fine,” Ciri said, “Go on. Orgasm for me. Try to make it interesting.”

“Can I do anything to make it interesting?” Triss, unlike Yennefer, was not very daring, so her heart was pounding hard. She hoped that her plan would work and actually impressed Ciri.

Ciri was bored by Triss’ performance, so she said, “Fine, you can do as you wish.”

Triss grabbed a goblet that was on the table next to her, and put it beside her on the bed, then she went back to fingering herself. She stared right into Ciri’s eyes as she licked her lips. Triss’ muscles tensed up and her body started shaking as she came; she held the goblet in front of her pussy and squirted into it. Right after orgasming, without a moment’s hesitation, she chugged the whole thing.

Triss then dropped the goblet on the ground, walked up to Ciri, grabbed her head and kissed her deeply. Ciri easily tasted Triss’ juices; the sweet taste put a smile on her lips.

“Will you fuck me like a princess now?” Triss was tearing up; her emotions were pouring out without restraint, “Am I good enough now, or are you still gunna bend me over and pound me like a cheap harlot?” Triss was sobbing now.

Ciri got up in the tub, “Do you know why I rape and use you instead of making love to you?” Ciri asked, “It’s because you don’t deserve it. You must earn my gentle touch. What you did was a step towards the love you crave, so here’s your reward.” Ciri put her right hand on Triss’ left cheek gently and pulled her head in. She then kissed Triss passionately; she sloppily pushed her lips against Triss’. After making out for a while Ciri bit down on Triss’ lower lip and pulled it.

Ciri then pulled away and slapped Triss across the face, “Don’t forget; this doesn’t mean I’m gunna treat you differently from now on. You haven’t earned it yet. You’re gunna get small rewards for now.”

“well,” Triss said with a seductive tone, “then I’ll earn it.” She took off her hair clips and let it fall on her shoulders. Then, she made two pigtails with her hair and clipped them. She got on her knees, grabbed Ciri’s hands, and put her pigtails in Ciri’s hands. She then opened her mouth wide and just sat there staring into Ciri’s eyes.

A smile of approval grew on Ciri’s face. She pushed her cock inside Triss’ mouth. Since Triss had given up her mouth willingly, Ciri decided to be gentler with her. Ciri pushed her tip in, “suck on it.”

Triss started sucking as if her life depended on it. She had decided to get Ciri’s approval. Ciri pulled the pigtails a little bit gently, which made more of her cock go inside Triss’ mouth. Triss tasted Ciri’s pre-cum, which was delightful to her.

Ciri grabbed the top of Triss’ head and pushed half of her cock inside; Triss was doing her best to take it, but it was too long and thick for her.

What surprised Triss was that Ciri pulled her cock out, “No need to try; you can’t take it.” Ciri sounded disappointed. Ciri stepped out of the tub, grabbed Triss by the armpits, and threw her onto the bed.

Ciri crawled onto the bed, grabbed Triss’ arms and put them above Triss’ head.

“Don’t bring them down.” Ciri whispered in Triss’ ear “If you do, I’ll bust your cunt harder than the last time.”

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