Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Disclaimer: I do not own "The Witcher," nor any of the characters. I make no profits off of this story. It is written only for the sake of entertainment.

First off, I want to thank Sailornemesis and Anon - Edrin.

Well, I've got bad news, Sailor. We're not gunna have intercourse and abuse until next chapter. This chapter is pretty weak to be honest.

Anon, I am interested in writing a story where Yen is the one with a throbbing cock, but that will be a separate story.

Ciri came back to the room with a dark brown satchel in her hands. Yennefer was laying in the bed and sobbing slowly. Ciri opened the satchel and pulled out two things that looked like clips, with screws on them.

Ciri walked up to the bed, put the clips on the table next to the bed, and climbed into the bed. She sat on Yen’s belly, lowered herself, and kissed her; it started as a small kiss on the lips, but soon, Ciri was sucking on Yen’s tongue. After a little bit of sucking, she bit the tip of Yen’s tongue and pulled it hard. Yen, who was getting used to the nice sensation, was caught off guard and let out a grunt of pain.

Ciri smiled as she let go and raised her head. She grabbed Yen’s bra and tore it open.

“From now on,” Ciri began, “if you fight back, I’ll break your fingers then move on to your toes. I want your three holes and tits. I can use the rest of you to force you into submission.”

“Ciri,” Yen’s voice was filled with confidence, “If you want to have all of me for yourself, then you have to prove that you’re strong enough to own someone like me. So far, I’m not convinced.”

Ciri grabbed Yen’s face, “You moronic twat, you have no idea what you’ve just done.”

Ciri took the clips off of the table and put them around Yen’s nipples; she started turning the screws. As she did so, the clips began to tighten around Yen’s nipples. At first, Yen didn’t feel anything, but it slowly began to hurt. It reached a point where Yen was screaming in pain.

“Who’s your owner, whore?” Ciri’s voice was calm yet demanding.

“Not you, bitch.” Yen tried to sound defying, but she was clearly in pain.

Ciri turned the screws as far as it was possible. Yen’s nipples had turned purple now. Even though Ciri wasn’t holding Yennefer’s arms down, she made no attempt at trying to take the nippleclamps off.

 “Who’s your owner?” Ciri asked again.

“Not you, bi-” Before Yen could finish, Ciri slapped her across the face.

“Have it your way.” Cir got off the bed and took off her clothes. She got back into the bed then turned Yen on her belly and tore off her shorts.

“Look at you,” Ciri said as she smacked Yen’s ass a few times. Yen let out low groans, but she was quiet now.

“Getting used to those clamps, are we?” Ciri said.

Yen looked back at Ciri who was on top of her; she noticed a small vial in Ciri’s hand. She put the vial in front of Yen’s face on the pillow, “I was going to rub that on my cock to make it easier for you, but since you’re such a stubborn little cunt, I’ll go dry.” With that, Ciri grabbed her cock, put its tip on Yen’s entrance, and pushed it all in, in one go.

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