Swallowing Lilac and Gooseberries

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No guys, this is not the end. We're just going to move on to the person mentioned at the end of the story, then we'll go back to Ciri.

The room was quiet; the only sound that could be heard was Ciri’s deep glutaral moans. Yennefer was laying down on her belly with her panties stuffed in her mouth. Her arms were resting on her sides, and her legs were completely stretched out.

Ciri was on top of Yen, with her hands resting on Yen’s shoulders. Her eyes were wide open and filled with lust. The sounds she was making were more animalistic than human. She was pulling her cock out and ramming it back in with all the force in her waist and hips.

The surprising fact was that Yen was enjoying the experience. She loved how Ciri’s cock was stretching her and scratching her insides. With every thrust, Yen felt Ciri’s weight get lifted up and then dropped back down on her. The entire bed was shaking.

Yen’s legs began to shake. Soon, her entire body was shaking. Now, her moans could be easily heard through the panties. Before Yen could climax, Ciri pulled her cock out. Yen started squealing like a child begging for a toy.

Ciri moved Yen’s hair out of the way so that her ear was out in the open, “I don’t remember giving you permission for an orgasm,” Ciri slapped Yen’s ass as hard as she could then continued, “I thought you had learned, but it seems that you don’t deserve my cock yet. Get up.” Ciri grabbed Yen by her hair and pulled her out of the bed. Yen was now standing up next to the bed; Ciri pushed Yen’s ankle. Yen spread her legs open.

Ciri grabbed her sword, and unsheathed it; she then dropped the sword, but kept the sheath in hand. She walked up to Yen, and rubbed her clit a little bit, “Good, it’s out.” There was a sense of sadism in Ciri’s voice. Ciri flogged Yen’s wet, sensitive cunt with the sheath as hard as she could. Since Yen’s clit was out and it had been stimulated, which made it more sensitive than usual, the pain was far beyond bearable. Yen felt a sharp pain burn through her pussy; she felt like she was going to pass out. Her legs grew numb as she let out a loud screech and fell on her knees.

Ciri grabbed Yen by the hair and pulled her back to her feet, “How many of those do you think you can take?” Now, Ciri was no longer trying to hide the fact that she was enjoying this.

“If go softer,” Yen’s voice was barely hearable, “maybe five.”

“Then, we’ll go for ten,” Ciri said, “It won’t count if you don’t count out loud.”

As soon as Yen nodded, the sheath landed on her cunt again; this time, it was harder. Yen fell down again as she screamed “One.” Ciri grabbed Yen by the hair and pulled her back on her feet again and landed another hit. By the third hit, Yen’s legs had given up completely; she was hanging from her hair since Ciri hadn’t let go. A fourth hit made Yen’s eyes turn to the back of her head.

“I’m not gunna count anyone these hits if I don’t hear you, whore.” Ciri’s voice was as cold as the sheath hitting Yen.

By the sixth hit, Ciri realised that Yen was far and beyond her limit. Even though Ciri didn’t mind ravaging an unconscious Yen, she stopped because she wanted to hear Yen’s screams.

Ciri kept her tight grip over Yen’s hair and dragged her to the table; she then grabbed Yen by the armpits and bent her over it. That was when Yen broke down crying, “Please, give me a moment; I can’t take it.” Yen’s nose was running, and her tears were falling on the table, “I swear I’ll make it up to you if you give me a short break.”

Ciri bent over and laid herself on top of Yen with her cock rubbing up on Yen’s now-purple pussy, “I have all of you for myself. I can do whatever I want with you. What can you possibly offer me?”

“I have one thing that you haven’t thought about yet. Give me a break and I’ll tell you.”

Ciri was intrigued by the idea, “You have two minutes to rest.”

Yennefer dropped on the ground and took a deep breath. Ciri sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I have a question.” Yen began after a few moments of silence.

“Go on.” Ciri replied.

“Do you actually have feelings for me, or is it purely sexual?”

“Purely sexual.”

“How far are you planning to take it?”

“As far as I need to feel satisfied.”

“What’s the most extreme thing you want to do to me?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Ciri go off the bed and walked up to Yen, “Enough talk, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, you come visit us in Toussaint a lot. The next time you’re there, I’ll send Geralt after something, so you and I can have a unicorn ride.” Yennefer was hoping that her answer would satisfy Ciri.

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Ciri’s face lit up, “Looks like it was worth letting you rest, but we need to go back to pounding.”

Ciri reached out to grab Yen’s hair, but Yen got up on her own and bent over the table; she then grabbed her butt-cheeks and spread them open for Ciri.

“Consider it a token of my appreciation for showing mercy.” Yennefer’s voice was tender and seductive.

Ciri went back to the bed and grabbed the lotion that she had left there; she lubed her cock thoroughly. Then, she ran her tip on Yen’s pussy and slowly pushed it. She grabbed Yen’s arms and started pounding. As Ciri started picking up the pace, Yen’s moans grew louder. She grabbed Ciri’s hands and pulled them towards her head; she shoved Ciri’s right middle and ring finger into the right side of her mouth and her left middle and ring finger into the left side of her mouth. Ciri used her fingers to stretch Yen’s mouth open, “Stick your tongue out.” Yen obliged.

Yen could feel Ciri’s balls hit her with each thrust. Now that Ciri’s cock was well-lubed, she was thrusting way faster than before. Ciri’s thick cock was hitting all the right spots inside Yen.

Yen softly bit on Ciri’s fingers. Ciri let out a moan of pain, “Oh, you’re gunna regret that one!”

Ciri slowed down; her thrust became more heavy and hard rather than fast.

Ciri’s moans were growing louder; Yen realised soon Ciri would finish up. She couldn’t believe that she was dying to feel Ciri’s warm slimy juice inside her, but that didn’t happen. Ciri pulled her cock out last second and unloaded on Yen’s back.

“Come on!” Yen sounded disappointed.

Ciri leaned on Yen, and said, “Come now, it’s too early to breed you.” Yen couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

You mean, she can actually impregnate me? Yen thought to herself.

Ciri kissed Yen on the cheek and said, “Don’t forget; I’ll come visit you at Toussaint, pretty soon.”

Ciri put on her clothes and before leaving said, “I have to go early this time, but next time, I’ll be more thorough.”

With that, Ciri left the tavern and headed for Kovir; it had been a while since the last time she had visited her read-headed friend.

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