Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 10 - Reya (30XP 22DX, 20/22 spent) - Throne of Tomonas

The trio climb down into the pitch black of the caves. Every foothold is slick with water and lichens, but our heroes make down without incident.

Tinkara: "Follow me, stay close."

Tinkara lays one hand against the cave wall and probes the darkness with her warclub in the other.

Reya puts her hands on Tinkara's waist. Ganan brings up the rear with a hand on Reya's shoulder. The three squeeze through cracks and crags in the rock until they turn a corner to find two smokeless torches bathing the cave in light, each flanking a heavy oaken door.

Ganan: "Spirits. Lots of them."

Tinkara raps the door once with her warclub and the door opens.

It leads into a vast chamber, filled with spirits. Earth and Air Elementals are the most common, but Reya spots a Neomah, and Ganan shudders at the whispers of immaterial beings. The same smokeless torches crackle round the edges of the room, and enclaves, alcoves and antechambers line the walls. In the center of the room, on a high throne that seems to be made entirely of feathers, sits a large, proud Thunderbird.

Reya becomes aware of the rich carpet they've all just trekked cave mud over, and the fact that all the spirits are immaculately clean whilst they are covered in blood and ichor. Her white and purple clothes are mostly red and brown.

Tomonas, merrily, Riverspeak: "Blood of my blood! What brings you here daughter?"

Tinkara, formally, Old Realm: "Honored Ancestor and guardian of Dovak. I, Tinkara of Dovak, Warrior-Born, bring the Princes of the Earth seeking your wise counsel. The kingdom is assailed-"

Tomonas holds out a hand for silence, and the hall falls silent. He gives a look of recognition at Perdurant Vault.

Tomonas, formally, Old Realm: "Dragon-Blooded, welcome to my throne honored ones. I bid thee, approach."

Reya strides forward, limping slightly but head held high, looking directly into Tomonas's eyes. Ganan waits a respectful pace, then follows behind -- casting a weather eye around the room, fingers itching to perform the mudras to bring on his Invulnerable Skin.

Reya gives a short bow, maintaining eye contact as she inclines her head.

Reya, formally, Old Realm: "Mighty Tomonas, the honor is mine to stand in your throne room. I am Mnemon Alinos Danireya, advisor to the Satrap of Dovak."

Tomonas: "You have travelled a hard route to meet me Mnemon Alinos Danireya."

The name "Mnemon" carries a note of a question and he looks at Reya's shield then over to Tinkara, before settling his gaze on Ganan. He rises from his throne and walks down from the dias to stand level with the Princes, inclining his head slightly in a bow of acknowledgement to each of them.

Tomonas: "I would hear of your travails through the mountains. And of this assault on Dovak. I will uphold my duty as proprietary demands. But you are wounded, and whilst you are clearly not broken with weariness, you are at least travelled -- first I must see to my duties as host. You must bathe and be saited. My court will find you clothes and food, of the mortal fashion."

Ganan seems about to protest, but Reya cuts him off.

Reya: "Your reputation for pious proprietary is well deserved. We gratefully accept your gracious offer of hospitality."

Reya bows again, and Ganan gives the short bow of one unsure of his station.

Tomonas gestures at a woman with dark green, almost black, skin, wings attached to her arms and red hair so vivid that appears to be made of flames.

Tomonas: "Mallory, show our guests to the hot-springs and see that they are saited. Dragon-Blooded, I shall not detain you long, but I must impose: what is the nature of this 'assailment' on the kingdom?"

Ganan: "Four nights ago, a mystic sleeping curse was laid on the kingdom. Beastmen made it to the Wall -- they did serious damage. There may be a traitor in the kingdom, and it is certain that powerful magics were turned against us. We questioned Eletha, the Raksha, and now we call on you."

A micro-expression crosses the Thunderbird's features. Only Reya catches it, but it's obvious to her that this makes Tomonas deeply uncomfortable. Likewise Tomonas takes the measure of the Dragon-Blooded but Reya is giving nothing away.

Tomonas: "I see. Please, refresh yourselves. I will make enquiries around the court."


Mallory, with a curtesy: "This way mighty ones."


Mallory leads them to a side-room off the main chamber. Steam rises from a hot-spring pool. Mallory shrugs off her kimono and gets into the water. Vents open and the water warms further and starts to bubble. Tinkara and Ganan strip, and follow in as an Earth elemental picks up their clothes and whisks them away. Tinkara throws back her head and luxuriates in the warmth with her eyes closed. Ganan is all business scrubbing the dirt and blood from his body.


Mallory, High Realm: "Is there a problem mighty one?"


Tinkara: "The water is fine. The bubbles are heated air, not gas. It's perfectly safe." *She gestures at the flames of Mallory's hair*


Ganan, matter-of-fact: "She's shy. Also we bathed in Jiara."


Reya: "That was a month ago! I've bathed since!"


Ganan, surprised: "Oh. I haven't."


They cajole Reya into the water and bathe together. Fade to black.






Mallory rises from the water, her breasts glistening and wet. Tinkara opens one eye to subtly watch as Ganan openly stares on appreciatively. She walks up to Reya and starts undressing her. Tinkara turns in the water and slips a hand between her legs.


Mallory speaks in a low, husky voice, "Tomonas is a wise and fair leader. But he's a thunderbird and prone to rages. They get jealous you see. But it's unwise to insult them. He keeps me here to look after his guests -- I'm not part of his hareem. And I'm sure such a beautiful and powerful woman as yourself chooses her companions with great care. The princess's discretion is assured. And your man-servant..." She bites her lip and looks over her should at Ganan, "If you haven't been naked in front of him before, now would be the perfect time to reconsider that. He's not your brother is he?"


Tinkara gives a chuckle at that one.


"He's my husband," Reya corrects as she allows the flame duck to strip her.


"Lucky you!" Mallory coos in her ear. Seeing Reya's wounds, she takes her arm and leads her gently into the water. "Share?"


Mallory begins washing Reya's wounds, and caressing her and Tinkara sidles up to her and starts running her hands over Reya's back. Reya moans softly, enjoying the attention as the hot water soothes her battered body. She tells herself that she's too tired to resist, secretly feeling guilty but unable to deny what she wants.


Tinkara, inheriting a thunderbird's jealousy, pushes Mallory off her lover then runs her hands over Reya's buttocks and breasts, squeezing and groping. The princess wants what she wants. Her heart hammering: the battles on the road, the heat of the water, the nakedness of her lover, the danger of the husband looking on -- it's almost too much to bear. Reya pushes back into her, squirming in the water.


Mallory splashes over to Ganan and reaches under the water, grabbing his rock hard rod. "We should complete our business here Danireya. Dovak won't be saved by a pleasant bath."


Malloy climbs on top of Ganan as Tinkara works her fingers into Reya, eliciting a long, low gasp. "Master Dragon, you heard my master. You must be saited before he will conduct dealings with you. The old Master Ragara learned this lesson the hard way, though he always preferred the Neomah." Mallory rubs her breasts in Ganan's face and guides his stiff member into her burning cleft, "Surely, you wouldn't prefer a demon to this?" As the flame duck starts to rock back-and-forth, Ganan grabs her by the hips and holds her firm.


"I said 'no'."


Malloy does not dismount, but looks back at Reya as Tinkara works her body closer, and closer to climax. "Mistress?" She inquires, loathe to break their revery, "I assure you, I'm quite safe. Your husband's progenitive essence is not at risk."


"Gan," Reya gasps fighting for each word as Tinkara makes it desperately hard to think, "Don't disrespect our host." Reya closes her eyes and loses herself in blissful release, as Tinkara stares at Ganan with a look of triumph.


"Fine," Ganan grunts animalisticly, lifting Mallory high into the air and heaving over onto front.


"Quad est! That's my-", Ganan pins the flame duck to the side of the pool, facing away from his wife, and thrusts the length of his cock her tightly puckered arse. "Ok! Big! Ok!" Ganan pounds poor Mallory like an avalanche, and she screams from mingled pleasure and pain, "Aequo! Too! Too much! Too big!"


The water runs in rivulets from Ganan's well chiseled body, his muscular back and arms rippling as he reams in and out of the struggling elemental. Even Tinkara loses herself to the raw display of power, mouth agape as she moves her hand from Reya's clitoris to her own. Reya bites her lip as she watches Mallory get brutally sodomised, wishing for a moment that it were her.


Ganan loses himself to the pleasure. Nothing exists but the perfect burning fire enveloping his manhood. The flame duck shudders under him, her sphincter clenching harder as if she was trying to squeeze his cock right off, before going into a wild spasm which pushes Ganan over the edge, spurting gouts of cum into her bowels.


Ganan pulls out and rinses his dick, as Mallory gasps for breath, her fingers finding her desperately empty cunt. For the first time, Tinkara sees her rival's tool: it's as long and thick as her Heavenly Ecstasy Aide. Reya gives leans in and kisses her husband's freshly cleaned cock-head, "Get dressed love. We'll be along shortly." Ganan grunts in affirmation, leaving the pool as Mallory brings herself off again staring at his naked body. Reya turns in Tinkara's arms and kisses her deeply, nudging the princess's hand aside to work her cunt under the water. "I think poor Mallory is spent. Next time we're definitely flying here."


Tinkara grins widely as Reya brings her off with her fingers. Happy in the water, Tinkara splashes Mallory, "You still alive?" She teases, playfully.


"Deus meus! What a man. It's a good job he doesn't have any staying power! If he had more stamina, I'd never walk again."


"That's my beautiful brute." Reya smiles, "He's probably clawing the walls, we'd better get dressed."

The bath temporarily ameliorates the pain of their wounds, somewhat, and leaves them feeling revitalized.

Once the women are finished bathing, a Vaktri leads them to fresh clothing. Ganan, having finished bathing first, is dressed in the fine white silks of a human sacrifice.

Ganan: "I know. I know. They said they didn't have any priestly vestments -- this was all they have. The Vaktri assures me we have Tomonas's protection."

Reya, using Wind Carried Words: "Mother, we've reached Tomonas's lair. We're fine but were attacked on the road."
Reya, to the others: "Just in case."

Ganan performs his mudras and effortless slips into the Invulnerable Skin of Bronze.

Tinkara: "Tomonas would not betray us. The Philosophy teaches that spirits should not mix with mortals, it's not surprising that he is short on clothing."

The Vaktri bows deeply at the waist, its head crystals nearly touching the floor.

Vaktri: "We have tried to clean your clothing, but..."

The Vaktri gestures at a bundle of ruined rags and a badly battered breastplate, Reya's chain shirt is neatly laid out beside it.

Reya: "These clothes are fine. We gratefully receive them and thank your master for his hospitality."

Reya and Tinkara dress in the fine silken robes, and Mallory leads them to an audience chamber with Tomonas. The thunderbird gestures for them to recline on fine silk cushions and presents them with bowls of nuts and berries. Tinkara helps herself from Reya's bowl.

Tomonas: "Please, regale me with the tale of your conquest! The journey here must have been hard, but you mighty warriors were up to the challenge!"

Ganan sighs and takes a pose as he recounts the story, Tomonas claps his hands together with glee over the defeat of the Dogs of Unbroken Earth, but becomes visibly perturbed by the mention of the undead...

Tomonas: "You are sure? The dead, attacked you here?"

Reya: "We are sure."

Tinkara: "Very sure."

Tomonas shifts uncomfortably, Reya presses him.

Reya: "Why should that be unusual? The restless dead are no ally to the living. And I'm sure many have died on this unforgiving mountain."

Tomonas: "What, exactly, did Eletha and Ragara Haseti tell you?"

Ganan: "Haseti? He's dead. Died in the attack."

Reya: "Eletha mentioned something about a 'Mutual Friend' and an apprentice. It denied any role in the attack."

Tomonas: "Why would Eletha-. Haseti told you nothing before he died?" *He looks to Tinkara* "None of you?"

Reya: "He accused me of being a traitor, and leading the attack."

Tomonas: "Was he right?"

Reya: "I'm the reason he's dead. We were fighting, he was grabbed by a bear. But I had nothing to do with the attack, or the sleeping curse which preceded it."

Tomonas: "And what led you to Eletha?"

Reya, looking to Tinkara then back: "We explored the city, found evidence of a sleeping curse. Tinkara said the fey was gifted with such magics, so we rode out to apprehend it."

Tomonas is silent.

Ganan: "Is it not true that Eletha is an age old enemy of Dovak?"

Tomonas sighs wearily: "My loyal followers and I have fought against Eletha for longer than your Realm has endured. Many times have we come to blows. Many times did I almost defeat it. But..."

Reya: "But a mere moment ago you were incredulous that it would attack the city. Just as Eletha was outraged we attacked. So what happened?"

Tomonas: "Haseti. Ragara Haseti brokered a truce, between the kingdom and the fey. The bear-folk were too strong. Getting stronger every day. Without my blessings... Anyway, such was his right, as a Prince of the Earth, to broker such a truce. And caught between the pincers- Well if the bears were fighting the hobgoblins of the wood, so much the better."

Reya: "Pincers? The fey... and the dead?"

Tomonas, angered: "The walking dead are filthy abominations! Even the bearfolk know this, debased as they have become. They are an affront to the Perfected Hierarchy. But..."

Reya: "It was Haseti's right. As Prince of the Earth. I'm amazed he didn't unleash a horde of demons."

Tomonas, resigned: "He bound two demons here. And you're right, of course. Eletha was comfortable around the dead. The Keening Shriek of Mother's Love Lost, a most foul ghost. Haseti would call her 'Our Mutual Friend'! No friend of mine. Until four years ago, she kept the dead to the forests -- attacking the bear-folk."

Reya: "What happened four-"

Ganan: "Thorns."

Tomonas nods, gravely: "Thorns. The caravans stopped coming back. Then the news reached us. We were cut off from our greatest ally, and the dead -- predictably the dead stopped attacking the bear-folk. Yet they didn't attack us directly."

Reya: "And Eletha's apprentice?"

Tomonas: "Mortal. Ghost-blooded, anyway. A disciple of Shriek, and skilled in Sorcery. The fey was teaching him the arts as part of the pact against the bear-folk."

Reya: "And if the dead have broken the pact, then it was this apprentice who betrayed us."

Ganan: "Impossible. No Ghost-blood is more powerful at sorcery than your mother."

Reya, with a grimace: "Not a Ghost-blood. A Deathknight. Anathema."

Tinkara: "We need a name, mighty Tomonas."

Tomonas: "I know it not. Truly. 'Our Mutual Ally' is the ghost, Shriek. I saw the apprentice boy only once."

Reya: "The Keening Shriek of Mother's Love Lost then. How do we contact it?"

Tomonas, turning his palms to the sky: "I despise the dead. It was Ragara Haseti's ally, not mine. Perhaps Eletha might know, but I doubt it. If Haseti did not pass this knowledge to you, then I fear it lost. Perhaps it was the spirit that attacked you on the road? I know it can summon the darkness of the grave."

Reya: "Thank you for your aid. We must return to the palace."

Tomonas: "Of course. Haseti bound an Agata to fly any who share his blood to the palace or back here on command, but Agata are borne to be ridden -- it should not be hard for you to convince Yipyip to fly you down. If you were," *Looking at Ganan* "Slightly lighter."

Tomonas escorts them to the antechamber in the cliff-face that overlooks the palace. Yipyip allows the party to mount as Ganan sheds his Bronze Skin.

Yipyip, Old Realm: "Blood of Ragara and Blood of Cynis. You share both the bloodlines of Ragara Haseti and I am bound to fly you from here to the palace, and to return you on command."

Reya, Old Realm: "Good. Take us down."

[Day 4 - Late Night]

Reya buys Unblemished Petal Prana, Language Learning Ritual and Friend-To-All-Nations Attitude. She invests DX in training Resistance 2.


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