Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 22 – Reya (60XP 48DX, 54/44 spent) – Who Watches the Watchmen? *SMUT*


Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways, emerges like a nightmare given flesh from the Gateway Tree. Reya shifts her grip on her weapons and drops into a fighting pose, standing alone between the Demon and Creation.


Mnemon Nanals, stigmata still staining her hands and cheeks, bows deeply and addresses the demon in Old Realm, “Lady Sondok, a pleasure. May I introduce my grand-daughter Mnemon Alinos Danireya.


Sondok pauses in her predatory advance, she nods at Nanals and gives a short bow to Reya, “Verily, mine own nameth be Sondok. Tis a pleasure ter meeteth thee. I am a cousin of thy grand-moth'r. I has't some business to attend, but shan’t trouble thy hospitality beyond the new moon.” When Reya shows no sign of standing aside, Sondok gives a cluck of irritation and continues in High Realm, “I am passingly conversant in your Earth-tongue. Stand aside... please.”


Reya grits her teeth, “I speak Old Realm. And I know who you are. You are an enemy of Creation, and you shall not pass!


“Danireya!” Nanals admonishes as she advances on her daughter, “Be reasonable. I have summoned Sondok here, and I vouch for her conduct. As is my right as a registered sorcerer. She is here to help us with our Anathema problem. Pity that the Deathknight you brought here escaped us.”


“Pity indeed.” Sondok echos, blessedly she does not smile.


“You have a duty to these lands, Danireya. To your family. To your husband.” Nanals puts undue stress on the word husband, let Sondok about her business and lets you and I talk.”


Even though Danireya feels Nanals is using her powers irresponsibly, she knows she cannot stand up to her and Sondok alone, she steps aside and Sondok glides past her without a second look. Biryu growls menacingly as it passes, but follows closely at its mistress’s heels.


“Where is Ganan? And how does letting that demon walk free fulfill any sort of duty I have towards him?”


Nanals breathes a sigh of relief and lays a hand on the Gateway Tree, now fully transformed from a hollow, rotted thing to an alien thing of living brass, “Tell me, how much do you know about the ‘Principle of Equivalent Exchange’?”


“It’s a Devonian theorem. Popular in Valkhawsen. It states that you… oh shit.”


“The magics of this glade are powerful. But not so powerful as to allow a Demon of the Second Circle to pass through to Creation without a sacrifice.”


“Sacrifice?” Reya grips her weapon again and advances on Nanals.


“Don’t be dramatic, girl.” Nanals holds up an empty palm, “Your husband is fine. At least he’d better be. She gestures at the Gateway Tree, “Equivalent exchange. Champion of Hell in Creation. A Champion of Creation...”

“In Hell. You sent Ganan to Malfeas? You unleashed a greater demon and robbed us of our greatest warrior in one fell swoop?”


Nanals drops her arms to her sides, “Tell me true. Do you really believe the others have killed the Anathema? That we are not, horrendously and obviously out-classed by the forces arrayed against us? Dovak burns. You’ve been to Urza Arcus, you’ve seen what force is arrayed against us. We have survived this far because Mishra has allowed us to survive. Sondok was not my plan. Ragara Haseti planned to use her to eliminate us and take care of the bearfolk long before we arrived. He was the one who set these events into motion. I had hoped that she would be unnecessary, which is why I allowed the new moon to pass us by. You gave me that hope. But tonight I saw what needed to be done, and I did it. You cannot judge me for that.”


“Melody and the others,” Reya spits, barely controlling her anger, “Are killing the Anathema right now. Bring Ganan back!”


Nanals shakes her head, “They will fail. And Ganan cannot return until the new moon.”


Reya sighs, and slings her axe. She walks to the tree and lays a hand upon it. “Fine. Send me to Malfeas.”


Nanals approaches her grand-daughter and lays her hand on her shoulder, “Equivalent exchange. Even if I could send you, there’s no telling what demon would be unleashed. Haseti plotted for months to bring forth Sondok. It is fortunate for us that Sondok and I have… history. But it still took days of negotiation and careful planning for me to summon her forth.”

Reya pushes Nanals away and takes a couple of steps back, but says nothing.


Nanals continues, “Cynis Ganan has the gate-key. In three days time he will use it, and begin his trek across the Endless Desert. In eight days he will be back with us and Sondok will be returned to Malfeas. Sondok will slay Mishra, in this Haseti chose wisely. Hopefully she will deal with The Gift as well, but demons are unpredictable.”


Unpredictable,” Reya echos ruefully, “And Haseti wanted to use her to murder us?”


“Fortunate that we murdered him first.”


“The bear-folk murdered him, daimother.”


“The bear-folk I allowed into the city wounded him. But you drove your knife into his neck when he reached to you in friendship. I watched you, and I was very proud. I intended to let him live, but you saw what needed to be done, and you did it. Without hesitation. We murdered Ragara Haseti.”


“So you unleashed the assassin he courted to murder us!”


“You gave me hope that we would not need to resort to summoning Sondok. You defended the kingdom and in-so-doing, defended the Realm. You put the royals in our pocket more completely in a single night than my idiot daughter managed in years. Smashed apart Haseti’s alliance of inauspicious freaks. Ingratiated yourself with the gods. Turned aside the Anathema. You even found the bear-folk city. But you hesitated. You didn’t do what needed to be done. The Anathema escaped. Drew stronger. Smashed aside our defenses, and now the Anathema have burned the city: your failure forced my hand. Sondok won’t turn on us. Not yet. And in eight days-”

“We shall have a reckoning, daimother. One way or another.”

In eight days the Anathema will be dead. Your husband will be by your side once more. The rest of the house will withdraw and you will be Satrap, with all of Urza Arcus to plunder. You could set your daughter to the libraries. Keep the Tepet boy for your son. A Cynis advisor and a Tepet Commander, who in the Deliberative could gain-say you? A gateway to other realms on your doorstep. The mystical bloodline of a god at your beck-and-call. The perfect place to raise a child. Nurture one’s own Dynasty.”


“You had better hope that you are as brilliant as you think you are, Lame Louve.”


Nanals laughs, “The only thing that can go wrong, is if your husband gets himself killed in the next three days. Our enemies cannot summon a force to match Sondok, and she will not rest until Mishra is dead. Victory is assured. Our victory.”


“Who is my grand-father?”


The unexpected question hits Nanals like a hammer blow, for a moment her perfect composure is replaced with a look of panic, then she recovers and smoothly speaks, “I believe I was married to my second husband when I fell pregnant with your mother – Desai Dwei Jenagog. Rook is too embattled to send us aid, if that was your thought, and I have no friends in Gulmohar since Jen’s death.”


“That’s not what I asked, daimother. Not a drop of Desai blood flows in my veins. Jen might have been Bekara’s father. Who was Alinos’s?”


“Mnemon Alinos is my daughter, and that’s all that matters.”


“To you. To the Dynasty. It matters to me. And are you sure it doesn’t matter to Sondok?”


“NO! He wouldn’t… he couldn’t…” Nanals sits in the dirt, and wipes the blood from her face, and laughs bitterly “Of course he would. The hubris of that man. How did you find out?”


“Ragara Haseti. We share a blood-tie – his father, my mother’s father.”


“I never told him, Bhagwei, about your mother. It was an unnecessary complication...” She trails off as she looks up to see the look of horror on Danireya’s face, then she chuckles ruefully and shakes her head again, “You didn’t know. Well played.” She nods and looks up at the unnaturally moonless sky, “Well played.”


Reya drops to the dirt as well, and stares into Perdurant Vault’s reflective depths, “Why would Sondok care about that?”


Nanals takes deep breath, “Mishra is a thief. She stole an item from the forge of Ligier. A brass torc commissioned by one of the Deceivers. Sondok lives to protect the Green Sun’s treasures, and will stop at nothing to recover the torc and punish the thief. Haseti promised to turn his spies to hunting another thief, one of the Wretched in the South, if Sondok restrained herself to killing the Lunar and ourselves.”


“And with Haseti dead, you have unleashed her to recover the stolen torc, and promised to fulfill Haseti’s promise if she doesn’t kill us. But you’re worried that Bhagwei, who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself, might have stolen one of Ligier’s treasures giving Sondok a reason to forget the promise of a Solar tomorrow to take her revenge on us today?”


“It’s… unlikely.” Nanals pulls herself off the ground, “I thought you knew. That Bhagwei had entrusted you with something you shouldn’t have. I didn’t realize you were bluffing.” She extends a hand to help Reya up, and the two exchange a knowing look as Reya rises without her help. “We’re probably fine.”


“Assuming Mishra hasn’t already killed the others.” Reya sets her Voice on the Wind, “Mother, how goes the battle.”


Mnemon Alinos’s voice floats back, “The bear-folk are in full retreat. Regroup at the Wall.”


Nanals whips up a Stormwind Rider and they ride back to the Wall.


The bear-folk have deserted the ruins of Dovak, and as dawn breaks, the bravest of the huddled survivors make their way from the safety of the temple to pick through the wreckage. The sight of the Dragons flying on the wind itself cows them.


Looters will face the wrath of the Dragons!” Reya shouts sternly as they rush past.


Reya notes Melody in the stable with Clapper, but Nanals takes them past and straight to the Wall.


House Alinos has assembled once more in the Satrap’s chambers, only Melody and Ganan are missing. Reya makes a mental note to ask after Tinkara.


Bekara greets them tersely, “Is Cynis Ganan not with you?”


Reya gives Nanals a chance to answer, but she seems to be thoroughly disinterested, so she speaks, “Nanals has sent Ganan on his own task to deal with the Anathema problem. He will return with the new moon. Mother said the bear-folk were in retreat, did we slay the Anathema?”


Alinos shakes her head, “Mnemon Melody fought valiantly and grievously wounded the Ogre, but she escaped.”


“And the bear-folk lost their nerve and ran for the trees.” Johon adds.


“The trees?” Reya repeats, “That made sense when they were trying to hide their mountain city from us. But why would they run away from their home now we know where it is? Unless…”

“Unless they weren’t. Tinkara told us about the tunnel you used to escape Dovak.” Ferad leans back, nursing an ugly looking wound in his side.


“There’s a difference between a tunnel out of a city and a tunnel through a mountain large enough to move an army through. It’d have to be dozens of miles long, and miles deep. Practically impossible to aerate, let alone light.”


“Yes.” Ferad continues, “You’d have to be some kind of engineering genius capable of building a mandala city of impossibly perfect towers to even attempt such a feat.”


“The bear-folk did seem unfamiliar with the mountain path back to Dovak.” Reya states, “We need to find these tunnels and push our advantage before the Anathema has a chance to heal.”


The assembled Dragon-Blooded look at her dourly, Reya casts an eye around the room: she’s the only one who looks uninjured, even Nanals looks beaten and bloody.


“Or,” Suggests Nanals, “We find these tunnels and barricade them whilst we heal ourselves. Then when Ganan returns, we can strike at the bear-folk in strength.”


Reya catches Nanals’ eye and holds her gaze, “You’re right. We should use this opportunity to recover. What of the mortals? Our forces? The princess?”


Bekara speaks, “The princess is fine. We sent her ahead on your demon whilst we burned the bodies. Our forces are blessedly untouched – by keeping them behind the Wall, we saved them from the worst of the dead and the beast-folk. The small folk… we haven’t checked the mines, but the city is devastated. Tribute will have to be reduced, it will take a generation to recover.” She turns to Alinos, “Daimother will not be pleased.”


“Mnemon will understand.” Alinos reassures the assembled Dragons, “The Jiara campaign goes well.”


“Well that’s something.” Reya concedes, as she gives an involuntary yawn.


“It’s been a long night. All of you, get some rest. Cover each other, the Lunar is still at large. I will stay up to co-ordinate the rebuilding efforts. Danireya can relieve me at mid-day.” And with that, the Satrap dismisses the Dragon-Blooded, who wearily head for bed.


Without Ganan to watch over her, Reya heads for the Tower. The Mnemon guards let her past without question, something Reya resolves to take up with them in the morning, with the Lunar still at large. She lets herself into Tinkara’s quarters, and locks the door behind her.


The princess is asleep, wounded in a dozen places as if pierced and ripped by thorns and scorched by flames. Blessedly, Reya notes that she does not have bear ears and she crawls into bed with her, and holds her from behind, quickly falling into a deep sleep.


As morning proper breaks, the remaining citizens come out from the Wall and the temple. More bodies are found in the wreckage, most of them blessedly inanimate, and Bekara co-ordinates the rebuilding effort, and the burning of the dead.




“Morning stranger.” Tinkara leans in to kiss Reya as the Dragon’s eyes flutter open.


Reya kisses her back like she’s a lifeline thrown to a drowning woman.


Tinkara smiles, “Gently.”


Reya is about to quip, but takes stock of her mortal lover’s wounds, she smiles apologetically, “Sorry.” Gently she runs her hands over Tinkara’s body, caressing her. Never before had Reya really considered Tinkara’s mortal frailty, she always seemed so tough. Even though the fight with the Gift had left Tinkara more injured, that was in battle with an Anathema and to be expected. These wounds were from her allies – simple exposure to the anima of the Dragon-Blooded. Just being near Reya could kill Tinkara.


Sensing her lover’s thoughts, Tinkara takes Reya’s hands and pins them back to the bed, “You don’t have to be that gentle. You’re not going to break me.”


Reya struggles playfully, “Is that a challenge?”


“NO!” Tinkara giggles, and she lets go of Reya’s arms to tickle her, “You do have to be a little gentle, you crétin!”


“I’m the cretin?” Reya asks with mock astonishment, carefully rolling on top of the princess and kissing her softly on the mouth and running her fingers through her hair.


Tinkara puts her hands on Reya’s head and pushes her down. Reya lets herself be pushed, trailing kisses down her lovers body, taking in her scent, feeling her pulse with life and want beneath her. Softly she nuzzles and kisses between Tinkara’s thighs, deliberately avoiding her most sensitive parts and causing her to buck and writhe under her.


Reya feels her heart race as she licks, long and slow over Tinkara’s sex. The princess draws a deep sucking breath as Reya works her tongue, getting her wetter, and wetter. Reya works her fingers inside Tinkara, and moves her tongue to her clit, licking round and round the sensitive nub, bringing her to a swift and shuddering orgasm.


Reya tries to come up to kiss Tinkara, but the god-blood keeps her hands on her head, pushing her down. Reya grins, evilly to herself, and works her tongue lower.


Tinkara’s eyes pop as Reya’s tongue finds her tightly puckered hole. She makes a strangled sounds that almost sounds like a “no”, whilst thrusting her hips hard up into Reya, silently begging her not to stop. Reya works her fingers inside her lover as she licks, driving Tinkara crazy.


It doesn’t take long for her to take her hands of Reya to touch herself, stroking her clit as Reya licks, bringing herself off. In the wake of her orgasm Reya takes the opportunity to rises up and kiss Tinkara deeply sharing the earthy taste on her lips.


“Your turn Déesse.” Tinkara breathlessly sighs.


Reya gives a groan of regret, “Bekara has been up all night coordinating the rebuilding effort. I need to get down there and take over.”


Tinkara pouts as Reya reluctantly drags herself out of bed and starts to dress. It takes Tinkara a moment to realize that Reya is being serious, before she shakes her head in disbelief and gets out of bed herself.


“I don’t mind you know.” Tinkara queries as she straps into her buff jacket. Reya doesn’t seem to acknowledge her, “I don’t have any hang-ups about periods. I mean, you can only have just started-”

Reya gives Tinkara a withering look, and Tinkara throws her hands up in surrender, “I’m sorry Déesse. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. Let’s go see la vieille harpie de la mort. Mon dieu, I cannot even imagine how cranky she’s going to be without any sleep.”


They make their way through the gardens and the courtyard, and Reya uses her Charms to ask Bekara where she is. They walk through the burned out city, Mnemon soldiers are on the streets trying to keep order, as public servants, including Tinkara’s personal hand-maidens, direct the civilians in rebuilding efforts. Tinkara is visibly shaken by the extent of the damage.


Reya puts a protective arm around her, “Don’t worry. The Realm will help you rebuild. My aunt has already agreed to ease the tribute, and House Mnemon is famed for our architecture and civil engineering.”


Tinkara bites her tongue as she sees Bekara striding through the smoke towards them. The Satrap raises an eyebrow at Reya’s arm around the princess, but blessedly does not comment. “The mines did not fair as well this time. My scouts report heavy damage, cave ins. Fires. I’d wager it was the dead who attacked, and that there will be corpses roaming the mines still. In the darkness of the collapsed tunnels, there will no doubt be hungry ghosts. I’ve set the Dovaki regulars to rebuilding the outer fortifications: if the bear-folk find their nerve for a counter-attack, we’re done for. Can you recall Ganan from his mission? He would be of great help clearing the mines.” Again, her eyes wander to the arm around Tinkara.


“Ganan is committed until the new moon. He cannot be recalled. I’ll put together a detail to clear the mines. Maybe my father-”


“He and Melody are tracing the bear-folk tunnels. Take Nanals. Age has its privileges, but so does rank – and both carry responsibilities.”


Reya nods, “Get some rest auntie. You’ve set everything in motion here, Tinkara can continue your efforts whilst I clear the mines.”

Bekara looks at Tinkara with unmasked disdain, “I would prefer a Prince of the Earth to oversee this delicate task. But the princess can’t very well fight ghosts, and I suppose we must make the best use of what we have. I will rest until evening.” And with that she dismisses herself.


Tinkara waits until she is out of earshot, “Rey, where’s Ganan? Did he stop Wolf’s Blade in time? Is he- is he dead?”


“He’s not dead!” Reya hisses, I hope remaining unvoiced, “And no, we did not stop Wolf’s Blade in time. Sondok is free. Ganan is… he’s going to send Sondok back to hell, but he can’t do it until the new moon. The Gift escaped. Took one look at Sondok and ran.”


“That makes sense,” Tinkara nods earnestly, “Demons are tied to the moon, and midnight and Calibration. And if Sondok is as terrible as you say she is… I can see why you don’t want to call him back. But Rey, we need those mines. My people need homes,” She gestures around her, “But all of this is nothing compared to those mines. We will starve and die and be overrun by Dogs. Please. Do everything you can.”


Reya nods an affirmative, and turns to go back to the Wall.


Tinkara calls out, “We got Shriek! In case anyone didn’t tell you. She was still bound. Your brother was going to cut her loose, but I stopped him. And your mother… she’s scary when she wants to be. She took care of it. So… we got Shriek.”


Reya nods again, “Good.”

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