Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Dragon prints: 2114
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Session 29 – Ganan (70XP 56X, Spent 66XP, 46DX; 18GP 11SP) – Better to Reign in Creation


Ganan heads out into the Malfean streets (3B). Tonight he starts his trek across the Endless Desert. It’s not one he’s likely to survive unless he can secure supplies. The constant light and noise of the demon realm is grating on him, and he will be glad to be rid of Malfeas.


He accosts the first demon within striking distance, a Neomah, and asks where he might find mortal food and drink. She has no idea, but points him towards the nearest market.


The market is easy enough to find. Blood Apes sell blood melons from carts: the raw, oozing meat not exactly suitable for Ganan’s needs. Anuhles sell malice-nuts. Tomescu sell bone rice. Very little of anything looks like it’d be edible, even if prepared correctly.


A Gethin, however, is selling something Ganan does recognize: candied locusts. Not exactly the most appetizing food, but not the worst thing Ganan has ever eaten either.


I’ll need a dozen.” Ganan barks at the lizard like demon.


The Gethin seems shocked for a moment, then responds, “Three black bugs.


Reasoning this is likely to be a cost, not a random exclamation, Ganan shakes his head, “I have silver.


Enjoy thy silver. Ye shall not enjoy my treats.


Ganan grinds his teeth, “Where can I get black bugs?” The demon looks nonplussed, “You want paying, I want goods. You can tell me where I can make some money or I can rob you.


Skull this then.” The Gethin points at a disreputable looking establishment across the street, the Black Mare, and holds out a squirming black beetle with the number 1 engraved on its back in gold, “Say-as ye wants to fight f’tha title and tell ‘em that little Magreave sent you.” The Gethin smiles a toothy smile.


Ganan takes the wriggling beetle, pinching it between thumb and forefinger and makes a beeline for the Black Mare. As he enters, he sees a large, rocky demon beating a hapless Blood Ape to death. The bar’s various patrons don’t seem to be paying the fight any attention as they down their drinks, but the bartender watches with rapt interest, barely looking up at Ganan as the rocky demon finishes off the blood ape. “New challenger?” He calls offhandedly as Ganan approaches.


The bartender looks basically human… but toothier. Sharp, black pointed teeth and nails suggest to Ganan that he’s likely demon-blooded.


Ganan hands over the beetle, “Magreave sent me.


The barkeep takes the beetle, “I’ll give ye three-to-one.” He calls over to the rocky demon which is now devouring the blood ape’s corpse, “Rakham, ready to go again?


Rakham looks up from its bloody feast and roars an affirmative, tossing the half-eaten corpse aside.


Rules is simple,” The barkeep explains, “There are no rules. You against Rakham there. You win, you get your beetles. Rakham wins, he gets desert.


Rakham draws itself up to full height, standing some seven foot tall and almost half as wide in a roughly humanoid shape. The demon seems to be made almost entirely of rock: glittering black gemstones for eyes, and a maw of sharpened flints. It’s not a breed of demon Ganan recognizes, but it is clearly formidable.


You’re big. Fought bigger.” Ganan brags as he steps into the ring.


Rakham and Ganan charge towards each other, coming together in a Clash of blows. Rakham smashes forward with its rocky fist (14d+1), Ganan responds with his own punch (14+5d, 0/25m; Force of the Mountain), bronze fist clashing against rock. Ganan’s blow sends the rock monster reeling (5 vs 10), but the beast’s rocky hide is all but immune to damage (Soak 16 vs 21 damage). (15i/6i)


Ganan (0/22m) and Rakham circle each other before smashing against each other once more. Once again bronze overcomes stone, Ganan’s fist taking a chunk off the demon’s jaw, battering it back. (27i/0i)


Looking to end the fight, Ganan delivers a punishing gut blow (0/22m, 4WP). Ganan’s bronze fist would drop any normal man, but clearly this demon is made of stronger stuff (3i, 12B(-1)).


Rakham strikes at Ganan with a powerful upper-cut counter. The blow from what Ganan thought would be a fallen opponent nearly takes him by surprise, but he rolls with the blow performing the kata’s of Earth Dragon Form as his anima starts to glow (0/13m, 1a). The rock demon smashes into Ganan, who becomes as the Unmoving Mountain, anima blazing around him (0/7m, 2a). (1i/1i)


The bar’s demonic patrons look up from their drinks to watch the fight with interest as Ganan and Rakham clash again. Ganan’s anima flares totemic (0/7m), his signature sand-man mimicking his blow against the rock demon, driving the beast back. (8i/-5i)


The sandstorm of Ganan’s anima knocks Rakham prone (6i; 12B1L(-1)), and Ganan delivers a powerful kick to the prone enemy. (10i/-8i)


Rakham doesn’t try to rise, instead reaching out a powerful hand to try and trip Ganan. The Dynast becomes the hammer, kicking the groping rock-hand aside (0/8m).


I don’t know what it is.” Ganan says, grabbing Rakham by the crag of his collar (8i), “Maybe you’re tired from fighting that blood ape.” Ganan delivers a punishing punch directly into the demon’s face. (0/5m; 15i/-12i; 3 rounds of control)


Rakham roars an inhuman roar and slams a rocky fist into Ganan’s gut. (-9i/13i)


Or maybe...” He punches again, “You’re just.” Another blow. “Not.” Punch. “That.” Punch. “Cool.” (0/7m; 19i/-15i)


Rakham breaks out of Ganan’s grasp and struggles to a standing position. The demon swings wildly at Ganan, who blocks with his forearm. (3i/19i)


Sand whipping about him in a great column, Ganan smashes the demon back to the ground with the force of the mountain (0/9m; 3i/3i; 19B1L(-2)).


Rocky body cracking apart, revealing lines of red-hot lava, Rakham surges back to upright and barrels into Ganan with a body-blow that sends the Dragon-Blooded reeling. (9i/0i)


Ganan’s anima tears at Rakham as the demon presses the advantage (8i). With preternatural skill, Ganan blocks the demon’s follow-up attack (0/10m) and counters with his own body-blow (0/5m), rocking the demon (5i/3i).


Ganan’s anima sends chairs flying, but the demon is unperturbed (3i). Dragon and demon clash together, Ganan jabbing at the demon’s shoulder and kicking out its legs (0/2m; 11i/-1i).


Straddling the demon, Ganan takes a hold of its neck and twists. There’s a sickening noise of scrapping rocks as the beast’s neck snaps, and Ganan tosses the body aside and summons a javelin to take collapse his anima back to the burning level.


Ganan approaches the barkeep, who hands over a black beetle with a golden “four” engraved in its back. “Thou fights pretty well.” The barkeep remarks, “Ever made it into the Conventicle?


Ganan pockets the money wordlessly.


Lot of fuss in the Conventicle. Someone – some sandy, bronze, one – settled a score with Flamebough. Thou wouldn’t happen to know anything about that?


She a friend of yours?” Ganan asks, tapping the javelin on the bar for emphasis.


The barkeep smiles, “Oh no. She got what she had coming.


Ganan nods, “I have places to be.” He leaves the bar and returns to Magreave, handing over the beetle. Magreave joyfully crushes the beast’s shell, and four smaller beetles marked with golden “ones” crawl from the shattered carapace. The Gethin then hands over a dozen candied locusts to Ganan – their business concluded.


Ganan crunches on the rainbow treats and feels much better. He briefly feels strangely indebted to the barkeep at the Black Mare, a feeling which he quickly crushes (3WP).


He starts to make his way Sand-ward. As acid rain starts to fall from the sky, Ganan spies the sewer entrance he and Whim entered this level from. He ducks underground, hoping the rain will pass without flooding out the sewer. Anima still burning, Ganan navigates the dark tunnel as his anima starts to dim. The rain water starts to wash through the tunnels, and Ganan watches his step, careful not to splash into the deadly acid. Eventually he manages to reach the other side, and climb down from into the sky of the shell below: shimming down the basalt pillar, descending the tower of iron and clambering down the hill.


He walks the streets back to Whim’s tent, which he searches. He finds clothes and art objects, but little of use. He takes the time to steal Whim’s food (a little more of the jerky Whim had offered him) and water, reasoning his friend won’t need it anymore. There are no books or weapons, or anything which is obviously currency (though in Malfeas, who can tell). Nor are there any maps.


Ganan sets the green sun to his back and heads towards the Endless Desert. As Demon City gives way to sand, Ganan checks his hell-watch and waits for the scream of the Tomescu. As evening falls, he summons his tetsubo and holding it out in from of him.


Omphalos!” He cries, the green gemstone in his tetsubo turning a ruddy-brown… and he steps out into the desert.




Ganan buys Uneating Earth Meditation (8XP).

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