Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Chapter 3 – Preamble


The Story Thus Far


In Real Life, Covid-19 has hit my gaming group like a Grand Goremaul with a Full Excellency. The following Chapters are our best efforts at gaming during a global pandemic. There are only Ganan and Reya Chapters, mostly Reya. And they’re all flashbacks. If you’re here for smut, enjoy. If you wanted a bit more backstory, then I’ve got you covered. But nothing here really advances the main plot. We might loop back to some of these elements at a later date. [See Chapter XX.]


In Realm Year 768, Cynis Ganan and Mnemon Alinos Danireya are happily married, and [adventuring in/oppressing] the Threshold with their adult children. But it was not always so. These flashback chapters tell a little of the story of how they met, and the lives they led before marriage. Realm Year 725 to Calibration of 742.


Rules Errors and Continuity


Errors on Errors: Repair Projects only grant 1 Craft Point per objective. Ganan therefore has 6SP and 6GP too many. His CP is therefore reduced from 18GP 13SP to 12GP 10SP.


Inert Initiative: Withering Magnitude damage on battle-groups does not grant Initiative. Whoops. No effort has been made to correct this, but Cynis Ganan has performed significantly better than he should have against anyone who brought a battle-group with them (such as Eletha).


Minor2: Remember, a year in Creation is longer than a year on Earth. A character who is 16 in Creation’s years is 18 (nearly 19) in terms of Earth years/biological development. There’s one explicit Minor2 chapter here (Session 31), but I’ve not made specific mention of the characters ages. Also, go back and read the trigger warnings.


Discrimination: The Realm’s subtle (and not so subtle) discrimination against the “other” is a central theme. This is an adult game. This is what we’re exploring. This story has characters who are not nice people: they enslave and murder others, they conquer nations and they use slurs. So, again, go back and read the trigger warnings at the start of the story: if this isn’t the kind of story you want to read, then don’t read it.


NB: Due to social distancing measures, game updates will be altered to suit player availability. Expect shorter, smuttier chapters (and no Melody Chapters).

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