Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 12 - Reya (35XP 26DX, 28/26 spent) – And Twice the Burden

On the morning of day six in Dovak 6, Reya wakes in Muli’s room. She’s been kept to her cot whilst Gracious Peeling Melody has watched over her, helping Muli dress her wounds and singing ballads on Dovak’s history to her in Riverspeak -- covering from apocraphyal tales of the Realm Before to just before the birth of King Darios over the better part of the day.


Muli states that she’s healing nicely and that Melody will be here shortly to finish her treatment. Reya dresses, greets her sister, and insists they go see Ganan – Muli objects but is overruled. Melody and Reya call in on Ganan, Melody redresses his wounds, and continues her ballad. The ballad covers from the birth of Darios to the self-imposed exile of his eldest son, seventeen years ago.


Yochanan Davok refused to see the wisdom of the Immaculate Philosophy and left the kingdom in disgrace seventeen years ago, forfeiting his claim to the throne. Like his sister, Yochanan clearly carried the blessings of Tomonas in his blood and was a renowned warrior and states-man from a young age. The two hour ballad ends with tears shed for Yochanan, and a reminder that even mighty princes can be led astray from the true spiritual path. Melody unbinds Reya’s wounds, which are healed. Reya hugs her sister and bids her well.


Ganan hands over Haseti’s coded diary, and Reya makes short work of the encryption. Ganan tells Reya what he has uncovered on Haseti’s ancestry, Reya only remarks that it seems to have played out in their favor – given the amount of intermarriage between the houses, she wonders if there’s some wider meaning to be had about all being family in the end. Ganan laughs at this and makes a cutting comment about a brotherhood of all mankind.


The diary makes only sideways references to how to summon Shriek, but it is obvious that even Haseti had doubts about the loyalty of the dead. Reya changes into clothes of her house’s colors and resolves to interrogate Eletha with this new information – the safety of the Satrapy lies with neutralizing Shriek’s apprentice.


Ganan lets Reya know about his encounter with the Satrap, and Reya reluctantly agrees to share what they know with her aunt. Bekara is in the Tower of Air, consulting with Darios and Tinkara on how best to raise tribute. Tinkara’s wounds appear to be healed, but she’s clearly grimacing – pained by the Satrap’s plans to extract yet more wealth from her people. Reya gives an impassioned speech, praising her aunt for her devotion to the Realm, and promising to lend her full support to her plans… after a Wyld Hunt has brought the Deathknight attacking Dovak to heel.


“We have a duty which we must discharge to this kingdom, before they can discharge their duty to us.” Reya implores.


Neither the Dovaki Royals nor Satrap have any idea who the Deathknight may be, or where they may be found. Dovaki culture was hostile to the dead, seen as unclean, before the coming of the Immaculates. Immaculate monks taught that mortals should not seek to interact with spirits, and thus the traditional burning hatred gave way to indifference – questing against the dead was no longer a sacred duty for all citizens, but trouble for the monks to take care of. This, inadvertently, caused a softening of attitude and a foothold for customs like ancestor worship to take root – something neither the Realm nor the Royals are pleased with. Through gritted teeth, Bekara agrees that Reya has a point about defending the kingdom, and suggests that she would value her input as to how best manage the Dovaki economy. Reya admits that she has a lot to learn, and would be honored if her aunt could spare the time to share the benefit of her experience and Bekara courteously agrees.


Reya then asks permission to interrogate the fey, Tinkara and Bekara insist on coming along. Reya, Ganan, Tinkara and Bekara proceed to the dungeon, Ganan senses the presence of nearby spirits and moments later they hear the sounds of combat.


Johon and Ferad are battling with animated suits of armor, Ferad’s anima setting the hallway awash with flame, causing Tinkara to hang back. Johon hoists a full suit of plate into the air one-handed and bellows that a ghost has gone after the fey. Bekara, Ganan and Reya barrel into Eletha’s holding cell where a Mortwright is taking material form, ready to murder the raksha.


Clearly outnumbered, the Mortwright casts the room into darkness and flees as the Dragon-Blooded outside batter the war-ghosts from their armored frames. The heroes interrogate the fey, who is disinclined to trust them. Reya attempts to instill an Intimacy of respect by releasing Eletha from its iron bonds, and promising that they will line its cell with salt to keep out the dead. Eletha reveals the identity of its apprentice as "The Gift of Merciful Silence".


The Gift is a young man, given to Eletha to train whilst he was still only a boy. Skin as pale as the moon, hair black as night, yet tinged with streaks of red-fire, eyes as deep and merciless as the sea. Though only barely past the cusp of manhood, Gift is a skilled necromancer and took quickly to the sorcerer’s arts. The Gift seemed to have an unmatched burning hatred for the bear-folk, but as his tutelage progressed, it seemed that the Gift simply hated all mortals – that made him a very fine apprentice in the fey’s eyes.


Eletha was deep in consultation with Shriek the night of the bear-folk attack – Shriek was concerned that Haseti’s plan would fail, House Mnemon would turn against them and the bear-folk would reign over the ashes. The Gift, however, was not with them – having spent the last couple of weeks working upon a grand spell of some kind.


Ganan asks how they can contact Shriek, and Eletha reveals that its woodland demense has a shadowland: at the heart of it is a once hale tree (now rotten from the inside and hollow), through which whispered prayers find their way to the ears of the Nephwrack and from which the dead may pass into the land of the living. Reya asks why the fey and the dead are so concerned with the bear-folk.


“You really know nothing? I’d always assumed Haseti knew more than he was letting on, but perhaps he was as ignorant as he appeared. Alas, no magic can tear those secrets from my lips – my mouth is sealed by might greater than that of Dragons.”


Reya arranges to have the fey’s cell lined with salt, and after a terse conversation with the Satrap they agree that they should release the fey to march on the shadowland – once they have raised a suitable force. Bekara goes to consult with Alinos on the best course of action.


Reya, Ganan and Tinkara go to speak with each of the Mnemon to inform them of the likelihood of a Deathknight being behind their misfortunes and to ready them for war. Melody and Muli agree to heal up Ganan, and the others agree that if there is a Deathknight, they need to march on the shadowland in force.


Mnemon Alinos officially sanctions the Wyld Hunt, dispatches Infallible Messengers to Jiara and Lookshy informing them of the Anathema threat and hands command of the mission to Tepet Agoram


Agoram assures the assembled Dragon-Blooded that he can have their troops readied for morning – best not to begin an assault on a shadowland by night. Reya and Tinkara return to Eletha, its cell now warded, and ask it to turn against the dead – to bring to justice the apprentice who betrayed it and to lay to rest the ghosts which tried to murder it. Eletha agrees, but points out that its wounds still haven’t healed, and that it expects the Dragon-Blooded to honor Haseti’s peace accord with the fey… at least until the bear-folk are defeated.


Reya shapes an elemental warrior, in the fashion of the Greenmaw she met on the road to Tomonas’s Court which she names “Crown of Laurels” for the coming battle.

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