Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
Category: +A through F > Exalted RPG
Dragon prints: 2113
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Reya lies slumped over the desk she was writing at, asleep half-way through a sentence in her diary. She’s woken, for once not by the snoring of her husband, but be screaming. Grabbing her axe, she walks out into the corridor outside her room, leaving Ganan snoring in bed. She makes her way through empty corridors in the direction where she heard the noise. Somewhat perturbed by the lack of guards, Reya walks swiftly through the cold stone halls, axe in hand. She rounds a corner and finds Ragara Haseti, pulling his sword from the chest of a barbarian bearfolk warrior, surround by dead enemies.


“You!” Haseti points his sword at Reya menacingly, “House Mnemon arrives when we’ve never been weaker, and when all my guards are asleep at their posts, you are walking round axe in hand as we’re attacked by Dovak’s greatest enemy!”


“Calm down, Garrison Commander. I heard screams. I didn’t see any guards. I followed the noise. If anything is suspicious here, it’s you – aren’t your quarters on the opposite side of the Wall?”


Haseti snorts, “So that’s your game. Sneak our enemies into the Tower, relying on me being out of the way. Sorry but it won’t be that easy!”


Haseti drives on Reya, striking out with his sword, battering Reya back on the defensive. Reya strikes back with her axe, but Haseti is a practiced warrior, every exchange forces Reya further back. Sounds of combat begin to filter in from further away as the guards wake and confront the bearfolk. Reya speakth the Burning Name, sending sorcerous flame at Haseti, who ducks behind Perdurant Vault. In two steps, Haseti is through the flames, and he drives his sword forward, turning her axe aside and drives his shield bodily into Reya. Reya feels ribs break and her mouth fill with blood as she staggers back.


Haseti’s face inches from hers is contorted into hate, “You have no idea what you’ve done, girl. There are forces at work which you cannot comprehend! I will not let you undo everything I have done here – you will die and I-”


A bear, clad in crude barding barrels into the room and grabs Haseti from behind, pulling him into a crushing bear hug. Haseti squirms, and the bear bites down hard on the Dragon-Blooded’s neck, tearing a chunk from his shoulder.


Reya doesn’t hesitate to speak the Burning Name again, sending flames shooting over the bear. The wild animal panics, now on the defensive, dropping Haseti as it ambles away.


Haseti clutches at his wound, and Reya stands over him. She meets his eye:

“I did not let these bearfolk in. My house will fight them and repel them. We will defend Dovak. I believe that you have defended these people to the best of your ability, and you are a capable warrior.”


Haseti wordlessly nods, and holds out a hand of friendship. Reya takes Haseti’s hand and pulls him in close.


“But,” Reya adds, “You’re no good to me.” She drives her concealed knife into the wound caused by the bear and twists it, killing Haseti.


As the Ragara warrior falls into the pile of slain bearfolk, Reya scoops up Perdurant Vault. The artifact has long been entwined with the hated Ragara, but as she forces her Essence into the magic shield she feels an instant connection. Deeper than words, the shield feels a part of her, its magic becoming one with her legend… as if she…


“No. I’m am Mnemon Danireya...” Reya looks at her reflection in the polished surface of the shield. In the white jade, she seems to be wearing white and gold. She shakes her head to clear it. The bearfolk are attacking, and already are they one Dragon-Blooded down.


Reya chases after the bear, heading up for the top of the Wall. That beast needs to be stopped, and Reya needs to see how bad the attack is...

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