Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 35 – Ganan (85XP 68X, 75XP, 60DX spent; 21GP 3SP) – The Lost Manse *Smut*


Ganan and the other Seekers work well into the night, cross referencing notes and sharing theories until they pinpoint a likely location for the lost manse. The others happily retire, leaving Ganan and Shavok alone.


“Thank you for trusting me with this senpai.” Ganan says, feeling the reassuring presence of his kin elsewhere in the Fourth Ring of the city.


Shavok bristles, “Ganan-kun, we are not in school. I am the master of the Seekers of the Eternal Truth, and you will address me as such.”


“Uh, yes, Amilar-sama?” Ganan tries, obviously unsure of the Lookshyan etiquette.


Shavok shakes his head at Ganan’s ignorance, “You’re not a mortal in service to my Gens, Ganan-kun. We are Princes of the Earth, both.”


“Sorry, Shavok-sama?” Ganan tries falteringly.


Shavok nods, “Better. Though of course, the Seekers are a secret society: in school you must address me-”

“No kimi!” Ganan interrupts, a teasing smile on his face.


“You’re doing this on purpose now.” Shavok says, exasperated, “How do you ever navigate the Realm’s social mores you great lumbering ox!”


Ganan shrugs, and wraps his arms around Shavok, “Walk around with Invulnerable Skin, mutter things in Old Realm under your breath. People tend to leave you alone.”


Shavok leans in to Ganan to growl in his ear, “I can’t imagine that could possibly dissuade too many suitors.”




Ganan goes to kiss Shavok, who firmly pushes down on Ganan’s shoulders. Ganan drops to his knees in front of Shavok, as the Lookshyan unties his belt sash, wriggling down his trousers as Ganan takes off his own shirt.


Shavok slaps his hardening member across Ganan’s cheek, dragging it across his face as Ganan chases it with his tongue. Shavok smiles down at him as Ganan takes him into his mouth.


“You don’t have to go back, you know.” Shavok offers, as Ganan draws out a moan with his oral skills, “You can stay in the Scavenger Lands, with me. Finding lost relics of the Shogunate. Growing in power and acclaim together.”


Ganan draws Shavok deep into his throat as Shavok’s fingers claw into his skull, unable to find purchase in his closely cropped hair. Shavok’s offers of power and acclaim dissolve into animal grunts of passion. His cock burns with fierce fire essence, smothered only by grounding effects of earth.


Shavok’s climax grows, and at the last moment he pulls his cock free, blasting his load over Ganan’s face and chest. Hungrily, Ganan opens his mouth, leaning in to catch the second spurt on his tongue, taking Shavok back in his mouth for the last spasms of his orgasm. Ganan pulls Shavok deep into his throat. The wet warmth seems to bank Shavok’s fires.


Showing no sign of being sated, Shavok pulls his cock free and helps Ganan off his knees, only to bend him over the cartographer’s desk to their side. Roughly he pulls as Ganan’s trousers as his cum starts to cool on Ganan’s face and body.


Shavok produces a small bottle of olive oil, and adds it to Ganan’s saliva.


“Shavok, I’m not sure about-” Ganan starts.


Shavok shushes him, “I told you, it’s Shavok-sama.” Shavok pushes his cock into Ganan’s tight, earthen hole.

Ganan bites off a scream, clenching his jaw and balling up his hands into fists. The feeling is new, not precisely pain but overwhelming fullness. Stretching. Stimulating. He tells himself that if this is what Shavok wants, then he will give it to him.


Shavok continues making a shushing noise as he works his way slowly into Ganan. He rests inside him as Ganan catches his breath, then starts to pump his way back and forth.


Ganan rocks back into the motion, the feeling overwhelming. The taste of Shavok on his tongue. The feeling of him inside. Ganan feels strange, a building climax unlike any other he’s experienced.


Shavok lays a hand on Ganan’s back and starts to slow his pace, “Always in a rush, beloved.” He teases.


Ganan’s body doesn’t seem to want to respond. He wants to move, to push back into Shavok but the sensation in his arse is overwhelming. With intense effort he unballs a fist and reaches for his cock.


Shavok slaps Ganan’s hand away from his cock, seizing him by the wrist and twisting his arm back behind his back, “I’m not ready yet,” he breathes, “It’ll be better together. You’ll wait for me.”


It’s not a request, Shavok works at his own pace, Ganan’s member bouncing up-and-down as Shavok uses his ass. After what feels like an eternity at the edge, Shavok starts to pound harder. Ganan tugs at his arm, but Shavok keeps his arm pinned. The sensation of impending orgasm builds as Ganan feels an unbearable need to stroke his cock.


“Please!” He gasps breathlessly.


The requests pushes Shavok over the edge. He keeps hold of Ganan’s wrist, but as his orgasm floods Ganan’s bowels the stimulation causes Ganan to spurt as well.

The pair collapse into a sticky heap on the floor. As Shavok pulls out, he wraps an arm around Ganan and kisses his neck. “So?”


“So, what, no kimi?” Ganan asks in his post-orgasmic haze.


Shavok clears his throat, clearly frustrated.


“I’m not sucking you again!” Ganan chuckles, turning to face Shavok.


“My offer.” Shavok says, exasperated, “Don’t go back. Stay with me. Ganan and Shavok, the Scavenger Lords!”


Ganan pulls a face.


“Don’t look at me like that.” Shavok runs his thumb over his cum across Ganan’s face and offers it to Ganan’s mouth.


Ganan eagerly sucks his thumb clean, “Shavok. You know I can’t stay. You are brilliant, and beautiful, and the only person I’ve ever… I mean… you know what I mean. But all this,” He gestures around the room, “It’s temporary. I have to go home. I’ll come back. My mother has a manse in Greyfalls, quite outside of official Realm channels. And people do… you know… keep Kinships across the sea.”


Shavok’s eyes narrow, “I see.” He says coolly, rising to get dressed, “It’s late. We’d better get back.”


Ganan opens his mouth, closes it, rethinks and speaks anyway, “You understand, don’t you?”


“Of course, Ganan-kun. Like me, you are a scholar first. You are here to learn the ways of the Shogunate from the Seventh Legion. Our… distraction is delightful but ultimately, you’ll have some arranged marriage to some Mnemon girl with a nice library who’ll fund your research and provide you architecture contracts.”


“Exactly!” Ganan says eagerly, his smile starting to fade for reasons he doesn’t quite understand on hearing Shavok outlay his life-plans so succinctly. He knits his brow.


Shavok studies Ganan incredulously and tosses him his clothes.




Over the next week the Seekers plan their secret expedition as Ganan attends a barrage of useless classes. One night Shavok takes him aside and insists they all spend the night in the hide-out, so they can set out before first light. Shavok does not spend the night with them, but meets them just before dawn. He tosses Ganan his pack, expecting the Dynast to carry it for him. It’s heavy, but Ganan shoulders it without complaint.


He leads them to a passage leading to a hidden sally port, and the Seekers make their way down to the river. Kinsh points out their boat, and they begin their journey.


They sail up the Yanaze without incident, making land near the Valley of Death after three days of travel. They unload the boat and head north on foot, trekking through the day and making camp at night. After two days they draw near the expected location of the manse and set camp.


“I don’t see a seven-story ziggurat.” Kinsh Crashes the Waves complains, straining her eyes on the horizon.


“It’s there,” Ganan says, not bothering to look as he heaps a pile of wood into a fire. Shavok lights it with a spark of essence and Ganan continues, “Trust me.”


Kinsh snorts, “Bet your life?”


“I would.” Ganan says with a quiet confidence looking into the fire.


“I trust Ganan-san,” Nerigus Saman says plainly, “If he says it’s there. Then it’s there. There’s a reason no-one has discovered this manse before us.”

Kinsh kicks at the dirt with her foot and looks about to protest when Shavok cuts her off, “It’s there.”


Shavok gazes into the fire, and Ganan shuffles closer to him, warmed by his confidence.


Shavok stands abruptly and addresses the group, “Would you die for me?”


The Seekers look away, disquieted by the question. Only Saman answers without hesitation, “I would.” They say softly.


Ganan says nothing.


Shavok looks to Kinsh, “You won’t swear with us. Will you die for me?”


Kinsh spits on the ground, “I’ve killed for you. I’m here on your fool quest. I’ve lost everything but my life, Lorja has too. Ask who you mean to ask.”


Ganan grits his teeth but says nothing.


Shavok looks at him across the fire, burning with a brighter intensity. Expecting an answer. But Ganan says nothing.


Lorja stands behind Ganan and lays a hand on his shoulder, “Give Ganan-san a break. I’m not blind Shavok-san. I see the way you treat him. You might be our leader, but we wouldn’t be here without Ganan-san. Lay off.” He draws his blade.


In a flash Saman has their bow drawn and pointed at Lorja, Shavok girds himself into a battle stance.


Ganan stands abruptly and spreads his arms, gesturing for calm. Kinsh looks on bemused.


“My kin,” Ganan begins, “We stand at the eve of victory. Tempers are frayed, our Essence burns high. You’ve all… lost much. But this will work. Glory will be ours.”


Lorja and Saman visibly relax and put their weapons away.


Shavok repeats his question, “Will you die for me?”


“No.” Ganan shakes his head, “I’ll risk my life for our Kinship. I’ll brave the dangers of a First Age manse by your side. I’ll fight to protect you. I’ll risk my life for your theories – if that’s what you’re really asking. But your theories are correct. This will work. I won’t be dying for you.”


“Give me my pack.” Shavok says simply.


Ganan fetches the pack. Despite five days travel, it’s no lighter than when Shavok gave it to him.


Shavok reaches into the back and produces the five blocks of jade that serve as the keys to the manse and hand them out to the seekers. As he slips Ganan his white jade tablet, Ganan catches sight of more jade (a lot more, red jade) in Shavok’s pack.


That’s why it was so heavy. Ganan thinks, saying nothing.


The next day they leave the camp and head down to where the manse should be. Shavok carries his own pack, filled with jade.


The manse is nowhere to be seen. Ganan walks precisely to the point where the manse should sit, and starts examining the nearby landmarks, gauging the distance crudely with his thumb.


Lorja turns to Kinsh and Saman, “So, are we in the right place? You’re the map readers.”


Kinsh spits on the ground, “We’re where Ganan-san said we should go. But we’re not in the right place.”


Saman strains their eyes, scanning the horizon. Lorja kicks at the dirt in frustration.


Shavok comes to stand by Ganan.


“It’s here.” Ganan says quietly but firmly.


Shavok looks up at the sky. Ganan drops to one knee and lays a hand on the ground beneath their feet.


“What’s our elevation?” Ganan asks quietly.


“What?” Kinsh replies, the only one who seems to hear him.


“Our altitude. How high are we?” Ganan repeats, louder now.


Kinsh pulls instruments from her pack and gives her report.


“We’re too high!” Ganan exclaims, “It’s beneath us!”


The Seekers dig. It’s not long before shovels hit hard stone blocks, the upmost of the ziggerat. By noon, the entrance to the manse is uncovered.




The Seekers descend into the Lost Manse. Bravely they overcome the obstacles and fight their way to the control center of the manse. The disaster that follows becomes known as the “Shavok Incident”.




The Lost Manse – Greater Earth Aspected Manse


Sidereal Records: Raised in the Third Epoch of the Shogunate in the year of the Iron Wolverine atop an Earth Aspected demesne, this seven story ziggurat is notable for being raised by [Redacted by Order of Heaven]. Its exact location was lost to the records of Heaven, certainly after the Great Contagion though some senior figures in the Bureau of Secrets suspect the record to have been redacted long before that. The original name of the manse is unknown.


The manse was raised under Sidereal supervision in an attempt to counter-act the increasing decline in the Shogunate’s ability to produce artifacts. Involvement of [Redacted by Order of Heaven] was deemed undesirable, but necessary in order to overcome [Redacted by Order of Heaven] […]


[Redacted by Order of Heaven] but ultimately, the project was considered a failure. In the 3rd Year of the Mercury Mospid, the manse was sealed with five jade keys, its control hearthstone secured within the manse’s deepest level.


The Manse has one entrance, at the upmost level of the ziggurat. Aspirants attempting Transubstantive Artifact Generation must enter through the top of the manse and work their way to the core, where the concentration of Earth Essence is strongest. The esoteric inclusion of [Redacted by Order of Heaven] in the manse’s construction, combined with the control key that serves as the manse’s hearthstone, in theory makes the process of drawing forth an artifact from the Essence of One’s Being possible.


Terrestrial Records follow.


Lookshy Records Begin: In the 10th Year of the Copper Carp, Amilar Shavok founds the (later proscribed terrorist group) The Seekers of Eternal Truth. Founding members are all apprentices at the Valkhawsen Academy of Sorcery, including Outcasts Mighty Hawk, Crashes the Surf, Nerigus Saman and Karal Senari. Senari is killed during proscribed rituals undertaken by the Seekers (in order to attempt to prove Shavok’s theories of Transubstantive Artifact Generation) in the Year of the Copper Serpent, and the group is officially disbanded: Lorja Mighty Hawk, Kinsh Crashes the Surf and Nerigus Saman are expelled from the Valkhawsen, though Amilar Shavok escapes censor thanks to the intervention of his uncle Chumyo Amilar Zochu. Shavok’s theories lead the Seekers on their quest to uncover the Lost Manse, and they piece together fragmentary Shogunate records alongside Seventh Legion field reports.


In the Year of the Copper Dolphin, Seventh Year exchange student Cynis Ganan transfers to the Valkhawsen from the Heptagram. Ganan is inducted into the Seekers of Eternal Truth, and goes on to locate the Lost Manse. The Seekers make their way to the manse, and fight their way through the trials.


In attempting Transubstantive Artifact Generation, the Seekers mostly die in various horrific ways. Kinsh Crashes the Surf collapses as raw molten orichalcum pours from her every orifice (the orichalcum is later recovered by the Seventh Legion). Lorja Mighty Hawk’s body is found impaled on fractured shards of blue jade: the shards are held in his hands, protruding from his chest, looking almost as if he stabbed himself in the chest. Nerigus Saman’s skin is found in a puddle: their bones transformed into a mess of tangled thorny brambles and pulled through a gaping hole in their chest, pulling their organs out as well – no traces of magical materials are found within the twisted combination of plant and Dragon-Blood. Of Amilar Shavok there is no sign. Cynis Ganan survives, his body wracked by sorcerous energy, leaving him unable to walk and grievously injured.


The Lost Manse implodes, a wounded Cynis Ganan drags his shattered body twenty miles where it is found by a Sijanese convoy – he is returned to the Realm after thorough interrogation. The manse’s keys are recovered by the Seventh Legion, but the manse’s hearthstone is missing. Amilar Shavok declared Anathema. Detailed accounts of the “Shavok Incident” are kept at the Valkhawsen, standing orders for a Wyld Hunt against Shavok remain in place (as of the 11th Year of the Bronze Mouse), and a redoubt is located at the site of the Lost Manse: the implosion damage and loss of the hearthstone renders the manse inoperable (and the General Staff have no intention of restoring the manse).


Realm Records Begin: In Realm Year 725, Cynis Ganan transfers to the Valkhawsen Academy of Sorcery. The renowned First Age Historian easily uncovers a lost Shogunate era manse, but is tragically wounded when betrayed by the disgraced Mad Sorcerer Amilar Shavok. After an unjustly lengthy interrogation by the Seventh Legion, Ganan is returned to the Realm wielding the white-and-blue jade tetsubo Thunder’s Crash.


Thunder’s Crash is a deceptively simplistic weapon that appears to be carved from a solid block of white jade, banded in pure blue jade and wrapped in a simple leather thonging with hearthstone slots in the hilt and pommel. By all tests conducted by the Heptagram, it appears to be a “normal” artifact which embodies destructive, smashing forces. Cynis Ganan claims that he was able to draw forth the weapon from his chest using “Transubstantive Artifact Generation” at the site of the Lost Manse. The process all-but-killed the Earth Aspect, who was renowned for his great physical strength and unparalleled constitution. It would take some 18 years for Ganan to recover from his injuries sufficiently to walk unaided, and as of Realm Year 768 he still has yet to recover his famed constitution, and he remains scarred by swirling mystic sigils that echo his aspect markings.


A detailed account is believed to be kept at the Heptagram.




Realm Year 742


“Did you look for him? Shavok?” Danireya asks quietly.


“He stole the jade. Murdered two officers to get it.” Ganan said simply, “I begged to be part of the Wyld Hunt to bring him down. But… my legs were worse then. And no-one trusted me to be part of the Hunt. They either thought I sympathized, or that I was too blinded with rage… or both.”


“I’m glad you told me.” Danireya says snuggling close and closing her eyes, “We have something in common, you know?”




“We both waited until our twenties to have sex with a man.” Reya jokes, she feels Ganan tense up, “Don’t worry, I’ve been with a lot of girls and that was… great. It was a great first time.” When Ganan doesn’t seem to relax, she pokes him, “What?”


“Amilar Shavok… wasn’t just my first boyfriend. He was my first lover… period.”


“You hadn’t been with anyone?” Reya asks incredulously.


Ganan squirms, “Obviously I have since… I was just…”


“Not even, you know, mortals and demons? A twenty-year-old virgin?”


“It’s hard-”

“I bet it was after twenty years!”


“To meet someone when you’re a twelve year old sorcerer.”


Reya stops teasing, suddenly serious, “You Initiated before you came to the Heptagram?”


“We have a long day ahead. Go to sleep.”

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