Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Dragon prints: 2114
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Trigger Warning: This is a summary of an X-rated play which deals with mature themes that some may find distressing. Violence, sex, and discrimination are central themes: if you think you might be distressed by this story then I urge you to read no further.


The Story Thus Far

An Age ago in the long forgotten past, the Five Elemental Dragons bestowed a tiny fraction of their infinite elemental power upon Humanity: Exalting their favored champions and creating the race of Dragon-Blooded.


It is the 768th year of the Scarlet Empire. No-one has seen the Scarlet Empress for five years. Her eldest daughter, Mnemon, prepares to take the throne but finds claim thwarted by demonic Anathema who have stolen the Threshold Kingdom of Jiara from her. As Mnemon makes war to retake Jiara, she has dispatched her granddaughter, Mnemon Alinos, to fortify the neighboring kingdom of Dovak.


The Alinos family arrived in Dovak to find it beset on all sides. Bear-folk warriors launched devastating raids from the forests, the undead menaced trade routes, fae creatures struck out at the unwary to devour their souls, wild animals of Dovak hunger for human flesh… to say nothing of the wild gods with similar appetites. On the first evening of their arrival in Dovak, a great sleeping curse was levied against the city, only the actions of our heroes, Cynis Ganan and Mnemon Alinos Danireya stopped the city falling to the bearfolk on the very night of their arrival.


During the bearfolk attack, Ragara Haseti, the Satrap’s Garrison Commander was killed. But not before he spoke of a traitor in the groups midst.


The Alinos have subsequently destroyed the fae, and driven the undead back to the underworld. The bear-folk remain a strong threat, but when the Danireya and Ganan unveiled the existence of an Unclean Deathknight – a powerful necromancer with the destruction of all life as his goal – the bear-folk agreed to a reluctant truce.


A month has past since the truce was agreed, and the living now make preparations against the coming of the dead, but the alliance is an uneasy one. All parties know there is more going on here than meets the eye, and the true enemy is yet to be revealed...


Dramatis Personae
House Mnemon Alinos
Cynis Ganan – A hero
A powerful martial artist, and a blunt instrument unsuited for polite society. Cynis Ganan has few allies within the Dynasty, alienating his own children with his stubborn insistence on tradition and structure. Dovak has not been kind to him, for though he has won some acclaim as the Breaker of Eletha, he has not managed to land the death-blow on any of the hated Anathema that dog the Realm, and his wife has started an affair with the kingdom’s princess.


Cynis Ganan
Earth Aspect
Righteous Warrior
(35XP 28DX, Spent 34XP, 28DX)

Strength 5
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2 (4DX)

Charisma 1
Manipulation 1
Appearance 5

Perception 2 (4DX)
Intelligence 5
Wits 3

Earth Aspect Abilities (and Specialties) (6 BP)

Awareness 5 (Join Battle)
Craft: Architecture 3 (Masonry)
Integrity 4
Resistance 3
War 0

Favored Abilities (9 BP)

Athletics 5 (Rushes)
Brawl 1
Earth Dragon Style 5 (Tetsubo)
Lore: Heptagram education 5 (The Shogunate)
Occult 5
Performance 3

Other Abilities

Linguistics 1
Melee 3

Merits (Native Language: High Realm) (3BP)

Artifact 3 (Thunder’s Crash Tetsubo (Fist of Titans))
Martial Artist 4
Pain Tolerance 4
Well Bred 2
(3 BP) Manse 3 (Stone of the Ram's Horn)
(Dynastic Freebie) Resources 3
(Dynastic Freebie) Language (Riverspeak)
(Dynastic Freebie) Language (Old Realm)



Free. Athletics: Effortlessly Rising Flame
Free. Awareness: Precision Awareness Method
Free. Brawl/Martial Arts: Become the Hammer
1. Melee: Elemental Sheath
2. Melee: Dragon Graced Weapon
3. Earth Dragon Style: Stone Dragon Skin
4. Earth Dragon Style: Force of the Mountain
5. Earth Dragon Style: Stillness of Stone Artemi
6. Earth Dragon Style: Unmoving Mountain Stance
7. Earth Dragon Style: Earth Dragon Form
8DX: Earth Dragon Style: Ghost Grounding Blow

Free. Integrity: Granite Curtain of Serenity

8XP: Integrity: Heart-Hardening Meditation

10XP: Linguistics: Voices On The Wind

8. Occult: Spirit Detecting Mirror
9. Occult: Spirit Grounding Shout
10. Occult: Secret Wind Revelation
11. Occult: Fivefold Resonance Stance
12. Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
--. Control Spell: Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
--. Shaping Ritual: Sevenfold Art Invocation

Free. Performance: Audience Enthusing Display
13. Resistance: Ox-body Technique
8XP. Resistance: Ox-body Technique x2

8XP. Resistance: Ox-body Technique x3


Free. Fist of Titans: Chambered Fist Charge
14. Fist of Titans: Mammoth Slam Quake
15. Fist of Titans: Unstoppable Hammering Blow
12DX. Fist of Titans: Bone Crushing Strike

Defining Principle: The Dragon-Blooded are born to rule.
Major Principle: The Immaculate Philosophy (Devout Belief)
Major Principle: I am the mountain, strong and stable – I do not flee and I am unmoved by tears

Major Principle: The children are the foundation of the future
Minor Principle: Duty before pleasure
Minor Principle: “I like creating and repairing things.”
Defining Tie: Anathema (Loathing)
Major Tie: Mnemon Alinos Danireya (Love)
Major Tie: My Wife's House (Loyalty)
Minor Tie: My children (Familial love)
Minor Tie: Ragara Bhagwei (Respect)
Minor Tie: House Cynis (Familial duty)
Minor Tie: Amilar Shavok ("I want to be sure he is dead")

Evasion 3
Parry 6 (+3, 6m)(With tetsubo or Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, else 5; +2, 4m)

Soak 10 Hardness 8 (Invulnerable Skin of Bronze)
(+5/0, Earth Dragon Form)
(+3/+1, 5m/turn or Bonfire)

Mobility Penalty -0
Resist Poison: 5 dice

Fist of Titans Smash Attacks (Earth Dragon Form): Accuracy 16 (14 Decisive)(+3, re-roll 6s on damage, 3m), Damage 19 (+1/scene, 3m on summon; +5, 3m) (Overwhelming 5, 6 for 2m), Bashing, Smashing (-1i, no Defense penalty), Reaching, Two handed

Javelin: Accuracy 9/8/7 (5 Decisive), Damage 14 (OVR 1), Lethal, Melee (Parry 5), Thrown (Medium)

Join Battle 9 (+3 to result)(+3 successes, 6m)
Rush 11 (+3 successes, 10s explode, 6m)
Disengage 5

Overwhelming Performance: 8 dice, +1 success and ignore multiple character penalty for 2m

Resolve 4 (+2, ignore -1 from wounds, deprivation or poison, 4m)
Guile 1

Willpower 5
Essence 2

Personal motes 13
Peripheral motes 31 (26, 5 committed)

Health Track (3m/tick, ignore one point of penalties)
-0 x1
-1 x2
-1 x8
-3 x1



Mnemon Alinos Danireya – A hero
Reya is the eldest daughter of Mnemon Alinos and her heir apparent, also being groomed by Mnemon Bekara to take the position of Satrap. Reya has taken the Princess of Dovak as her lover, and moves from strength to strength in Dovak – moving from an advisor to the future Satrap, favored by the king and the local god, building a network of alliances within her own household and negotiating a truce with Dovak’s most powerful rivals. A powerful sorceress and burgeoning politico, she has also claimed a powerful artifact since her arrival in this strange land.


Yet for all her success, she still aspires for more…


Mnemon Alinos Danireya

Air Aspect


Aspiring Matriarch

(45XP 36DX, 36/34 spent)


Strength 2

Dexterity 3

Stamina 2


Charisma 2

Manipulation 4

Appearance 5


Perception 3

Intelligence 3

Wits 3


Air Aspect Abilities (and Specialties) (6 BP)

Linguistics 5

Lore: Heptagram education 5 (Mathematics)

Occult 5 (The Burning Name)

Stealth 0

Thrown 0

Favored Abilities (7BP)

Craft: Weapons 2 (Axes) (1DX)

Integrity 5

Performance 3 (Singing)

Presence 5

Socialize 5 (High Society)

Other Abilities

Awareness 2 (2DX)

Bureaucracy 2 (5DX)

Dodge 2 (2DX)

Melee 3
Resistance 2 (2DX)

War 2 (2DX)

Merits (Native Language: High Realm) (5 BP)

Allies 1 (Tinkara Dovak, Godblooded princess)

Allies 3 (Mnemon Nula, Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer)

Backing (Mnemon Business Interests) 3

Influence (Satrap Advisor) 2

Mentor (Mnemon Alinos) 3

Old Realm 1

Selective Conception 1

The Burning Name 2

Well Bred 2

(Dynastic Freebie) Allies 3 (Mnemon Muli, Dragon-Blooded medic)

(Dynastic Freebie) Resources 2 (Over-extended Dynast)


Free. Integrity: Granite Curtain of Serenity
1: Integrity: Heart Hardening Meditation
2. Integrity: Inviolate Dragon Spirit
3. Linguistics: Wind Carried Words Technique

8XP. Linguistics: Language Learning Ritual

Free. Lore: Harmonious Academic Methodology

8XP. Lore: Opening the Mind’s Gates

4. Performance: Audience Enthusing Display
5. Performance: Lightning Declamation Style

8XP. Performance: Invisible Street Performer Technique

Free. Presence: Glowing Coal Radiance

6. Presence: Eternally Argumentative Flame
7. Presence: Warm Faced Seduction Style
8. Presence: Hot-Blooded Ardor
9. Resistance: Ox-body Technique

Free. Occult: Hidden Secrets Whispered
10. Occult: Spirit Detecting Mirror
11. Occult: Spirit Grounding Strike
12. Occult: Soul Fire Cremation Technique
13. Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
--. Control Spell: Corrupted Words
--. Shaping Ritual: Sevenfold Art Invocation
14. Summon Elemental
15. Storm Wind Rider

Free. Socialize: Loquacious Courtier’s Technique

8XP: Socialize: Friend-To-All-Nations Attitude



Free. Perdurant Vault: Clairvoyant Mirror Technique

4XP8DX. Perdurant Vault: Subliminal Sanctuary

12DX. Perdurant Vault: Unblemished Petal Prana


Defining Principle: “I will raise my lineage to new heights”
Major Principle: “With power comes the duty to use that power responsibly”
Minor Principle: The Immaculate Faith
Minor Principle: "I like creating and repairing things"
Defining Tie: My children (Familial love)
Major Tie: Cynis Ganan (Love)
Major Tie: Mnemon Alinos (Ambivalent Love/Resentment)
Major Tie: Anathema (Righteous Contempt)
Major Tie: Tinkara Dovak (Friends-with-benefits)
Major Tie: House Ragara (Bitter Animosity/Morbid curiosity)

Minor Tie: House Mnemon (Familial Duty)
Minor Tie: Ragara Bhagwei (Respect)

Minor Tie: The Dovaki People (Noblesse Oblige)
Evasion 3
Parry 4
Soak 5 (Exceptional ironwood chain shirt) Hardness 0
Mobility Penalty -0
Resist Poison: 4 dice

The Burning Name: Accuracy 13/11 (8 Decisive), 9 Damage (OVR 1), Lethal, Thrown (Short), mounted

Exceptional Axe: 8 (6 Decisive), 11 Damage (OVR 1), Lethal, Chopping, Thrown (Short: Accuracy 7/6, 3 Decisive)

Join Battle: 5 (+3 to result as normal)
Rush: 3
Disengage: 5

Resolve 4 (+2, ignore -1 from wounds, etc., 4m)
Guile 5 (+2, 4m; +3 in high society, 6m)

Willpower 5
Essence 2
Personal motes 13
Peripheral motes 31

Health Track
-0 x1
-1 x2
-2 x4
-4 x1


Dynastic Rivals
Ragara Haseti – The Last Imperial Check on Mnemon Ambitions


Tepet Agoram – Garrison Commander

Lover of Mnemon Alinos Muli (Ganan and Reya’s son). Traveled to Dovak with House Alinos to be with Muli and now finds himself in command of the Realm’s forces in the Satrapy, and responsible for the personal protection of the kingdom’s royal family. Officially, the second most important Realm official in Dovak, behind the Satrap.

The Peasantry
Honest Pick – Patriarch of the Honest mining family
An, apparently honest, apparently successful miner of silver.


Ursa Arcus – The Bearfolk Prince

Barbarian leader of the bearfolk, in the hidden mountain city that bears their name.


The Keening Shriek of Mother's Love Lost – A Nephwrack
This ancient and terrible ghost struck a bargain with Ragara Haseti and Eletha the Beautiful to lead the forces of the dead against the bear-folk attacking Dovak, before betraying and attacking the Dragon-Blooded. What they really want, and where they are is unknown. Shriek does have a favored mortal apprentice, trained in the esoteric arts by Eletha.


The Gift of Merciful Silence – A Deathknight
A young man in service to the Nephwrack. Trained in sorcery by Eletha, and likely responsible for the sleep curse levied upon Dovak during the bear-folk attack. The Gift is one of the Anathema and bears the mark of The Unclean. Likely to be Oka Dovak, true heir to the throne of Dovak.


Eletha The Broken – A Cataphract

Deceased. Slain by the Keening Shriek of Mother’s Love Lost when Eletha dared ally with the Dragon-Blooded against her.


The Demon Binding Lunar - ???
An unknown Lunar Anathema who has bound demons to guard the secret passes which lead to the bear-folk village.


Retroactive Continuity


Session 4 Secrets and Lies has Ganan repairing the damaged interior of the Wall as an NPC. As Craft points are becoming relevant, the off-screen scene is framed as follows:


Upon seeing the damage to the interior of the Wall, Ganan makes a mental note of the tools he will need to begin repairs. Gathering resources from his personal possessions, he makes some custom tools which fit the task at hand, producing a clear benefit to Ganan (Basic Project, 4SP). He then repairs Mnemon Alinos’s damaged door, gaining hers and Johon’s gratitude (Basic Project, 6SP). Finally he works on the damaged hallway, gaining a clear benefit from repairing his own living space, and the gratitude of the rest of the household (Major Project, 9GP 3SP).


Cynis Ganan therefore starts Story 2 with 9GP 6SP


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