Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 28 – Reya (75XP 60DX, 75/59 spent) – The L Word *Smut*


Reya ascends the Tower of Air and knocks at Tinkara’s door. The Mnemon guards posted outside are used to her simply walking in, but professionally say nothing.


“Come.” Tinkara calls imperiously from inside, and Reya enters.


Tinkara’s face lights up to see Reya, though her smile falters somewhat when she sees how serious she looks. Reya takes in Tinkara, her wounds are almost healed, and she sees the light of love in her eyes.


“How bad is it?” Tinkara asks.


“It’s not good.” Reya responds, then realizes Tinkara is probably talking about the mines, “What I’ve come to talk about is not good. The mines are mostly intact. Fires are out. We saved most of the miners, took care of the dead. It’s not good but it could be worse.”


“Thank you for taking care of it. It means a lot to me.”


“Of course, it’s my duty.”


“Like getting pregnant?”


Reya blinks, taken off-guard, “Are you spying on me?” She accuses.


“Spying?!” Tinkara responds, indignantly, “I lo- I care about you. I know you. You’re late, you’ve been acting differently. You come here with mysterious bad news.” She pauses, “So… you are pregnant?”




“… But that’s not the bad news?”




“‘Hey Tinkara, the undead have destroyed your nation and I’m carrying someonelse’s child. But the real bad news is...’?”


Reya closes her eyes and takes two deep breaths before continuing, “I love you. I’m sorry that I never said it until now. When… this started, it was a fling for me. An exotic entanglement with a foreign princess. It didn’t mean anything: I felt entitled to the best, and that was you. But over the last couple of months… you’ve shown me the kind of woman you are. Your bravery and determination. Your skill at running your nation. The way you care for your people… it made me fall in love with you. And I love you.” Reya drops her arms by her side.


“I love you too. I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you.”


“I need to ask you to do something for me. I could ask you to do it for the Realm, or for your Kingdom, but I won’t. Because it’s sickening, and degrading, and it’s something no-one has the right to ask.” Reya grits her teeth, “But I need you.”


Tinkara pulls herself out of bed and walks over to Reya, she takes her hands, “What is it?”


Reya drops Tinkara’s hands and turns aside, “I need you to sleep with my brother.”


Tinkara makes a scoffing noise, too incredulous to be indignant, “You know I am…” She falters for the word in High Realm, “Étoile d'or… I’m a lesbian… I don’t sleep with men.”

Reya turns and looks at her, “I know.”


“You’re being serious?”


“I don’t want you to do this. I hate the idea of… I don’t have the right to ask this of you. I know this will change things between us. I need you to do this. I’m asking you to do this for me.”


Tinkara pulls a sour face, “Why?”


“I’m hoping he impregnates you.”

“THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!” Tinkara composes herself, “You can’t tell me anything?”


“I know you. I know now is the right time, I’ve never seen you drink Maiden Tea, I know Dovak has taboos around abortion-”


“Do I even want to ask what that is?”


“I can’t tell you anything. I need you to trust me, and bear a child for me.”


Tinkara turns away, “I never pictured myself being angry with you when you asked me that. But then… I never, really, believed you’d ever ask me that.”


Reya walks up behind Tinkara and lays a hand on her back, “Do you remember when we first met?”


Tinkara smiles, “‘We are scholars, and we are diplomats and we are warriors’, lightning punctuating your every word, I had to get off my horse before I slipped off.”


Reya nods and wraps her arm around Tinkara, she brushes her hair, “No lightning now.”


A single tear falls from Tinkara’s face, “I’ll do it. For you.”


Reya kisses her on the cheek, “Come to my room.”



Reya descends the Tower and returns to her room to find Ferad waiting for her, “How did things go in the tunnel?”


Ferad cuts across her, “What’s happening with you and Melody?”


“We are pregnant… but that means at least twelve years before you and Melody can have another baby. Which… is an opportunity for Tinkara and I.”


“The princess?”


“The god-blooded princess. With no heirs. Next in line for the throne. Our only tenuous hold on this Satrapy. It may have escaped your attention, but I’ve taken her as a lover, but I can’t exactly...”


“Sire an heir. And Ganan sees the god-blooded as lower than animals. And I’ve just get a child, which means I wouldn’t be wasting progenitive Essence.”


“And even if I could convince Ganan… by the time he comes back it’ll be too late and even if we could wait for next month, the child wouldn’t originate from our House.”


“He’s back in eight days- and the reason you asked me to come here tonight is because she’s on her way right now, isn’t she? And that’s why Melody is being off.”


“No, Melody is being off because of what happened with Jorod and because I was cagey about needing you to do something secret for me. You’re not to tell her about this. But yes, Tinkara is coming right now.”


Ferad shakes his head, “Family is one thing but Melody is my wife. I love her. I’m not doing this for you.”


“I’m not asking you to do it for me. I need you to do this for Melody.”


Ferad waves her off, “You need me to cheat on my wife, for my wife. Well this has been riveting, but I’m going to go before my sister’s lover arrives.”


“Who comes under scrutiny here? Who is daimother going to be putting pressure on? We are Dynasts. You heard Melody at breakfast yesterday. You and I can bear the burden: Melody is at breaking point already. We can secure this Satrapy, it’s future, the Realm’s hold here, and give your wife the breathing room she needs. All with one… distasteful act. We can strengthen the House. Or you can let mother, and Nanals and Bekara fixate on your wife, and risk civil war if we can’t keep a god-blood alive indefinitely.”


Ferad looks dejected, “I’m not the only… I can’t be the only man here.”


Reya softens her tone, “We can’t squander the Essence of the others. A Dovaki noble upsets the balance of power and doesn’t give Mnemon a lasting hold on the Satrapy. The Lookshyans represent a threat to the Realm presence here. And… if it’s you… you heard Nanals’ quip about bastards.”


Ferad sits on the end of the bed, “I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do.”


Reya stands in front of him, “I can’t promise you that Melody will forgive you. But she is my sister, and I love her. I’ve thought this through: the benefits to Dovak and the House are clear. When our own intelligence cannot divine the correct course of action, we were always taught to ask our Matriarch.”


“The last time I did that, I lost my son.” Ferad’s tone is light, clearly he’s not as bothered by what happened as Melody, “When Melody didn’t know what to do… she came to you?”

“She did.”


“And you helped her.” Ferad nods, “You didn’t kick her when she was down, but you did turn round and put this on me. So the real question here… is who is my Matriarch?”


Reya steps to one side, “Mother raised us. And if you won’t do this for me, then the door is right there. But if you give me your loyalty then I will be loyal to you.”


Ferad pulls off his boots, “You’d better go.”


Reya nods, and walks out the door, leaving it unlatched for Tinkara.





Tinkara walks into Reya’s room. There are no lamps burning, the door left slightly ajar, “Hello?” She calls out into the darkness. She notices a pair of boots at the foot of the bed. The door behind her slams shut, behind her and strong arms lift her up and force her over Reya’s writing desk, “What-?” she gasps out.

Tinkara is wearing her dress of azure, satin sashes: the same one she wore over her armor when meeting the Alinos. Ferad’s hands push the sashes aside to grope at Tinkara’s body.


“No!” Tinkara cries out and tries to twist away, but Ferad easily overpowers her. She gropes at him, finding him completely naked behind her, “Get off me!”


Ferad kicks Tinkara’s legs apart, and grabs a fist-full of her hair as he braces her legs open with his knees. With his free hand he reaches under Tinkara’s dress, and pulls the sashes covering her intimacy to one side.


“STOP!” Tinkara cries out, “Get off me, Ferad!”


Ferad takes a scoop of something Tinkara can’t see and smears it over his penis. “This is happening, princess. Just accept it.” She feels his cock, cold and wet press against her and squirms again. Ferad drives her head into the desk, stunning her and pushes inside.


The violation tears at Tinkara: cold and hot, slimy and rough, stretching and tearing. Tinkara tries to shake her head to clear it, but Ferad still has a fist-full of her hair. Ferad thrusts in and out of her, and she starts to cry.


“This wasn’t my idea. And frankly, it’s more than you deserve.”


Salaud!” Tinkara spits out.


Ferad pulls her hair causing her to arch her back, and he spits directly in her face. “Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculis de ta mire. You have a duty to the kingdom to produce an heir, so close your eyes and think of Dovak.”


Despite herself, Tinkara feels her get start to get wet. She tells herself that it’s from the constant stimulation. Already clenched tight, she seems to clench even harder. A strangled moan escapes her lips, and Ferad snarls in disgust.


Tinkara notices how stiff and mechanical Ferad is: he’s hating every moment of this, drilling into her mechanically. She twists her head and peers into the gloaming, seeing that he’s not even looking at her: he’s looking up at the ceiling, thinking about something else. Raping her is chore for him. Her cunt goes into spasm as the thought pushes her over the edge.


Inwardly cursing and hoping that Ferad doesn’t notice, her hopes are casually shattered. “That’s better. Good girl. Give the Realm what it wants.”


Tinkara moans, loudly, wantonly as Ferad plunges in and out of her. She tries to think of past girlfriends, of her Heavenly Ecstasy Aide. Reya crosses her mind: somehow thinking about her is worse, and she feels violently sick. Ferad doesn’t stop. It seems like he’ll never stop. It seems like there never was a time when he wasn’t raping her.


She comes again, and this time is rewarded with a guttural moan from Ferad as his cock spasms and he shoots a massive load inside of her. She feels like she’s wet herself. Ferad pulls out and wipes his cock on her dress. Tinkara just slumps there, bent over as Ferad dresses and leaves without a word.



Ferad makes his way back to his room. Melody and Reya are talking, and Melody looks vaguely nauseated. Reya excuses herself and pushes Ferad back out into the hallway.


“Is it done?” She asks.


Ferad looks aside, unable to meet Reya’s eye, “It’s done.”


“Good,” Reya confirms, twisting her left hand into the mudras for wood and space, and her right hand into an inverted vanura, “You’re not to speak of impregnating Tinkara.” She intones, eyes flashing green.


Ferad, still looking away doesn’t notice the eye flash.




Reya buys Loyalty Reading Meditation (8XP), reaching Essence 3.


Reya trains Protect the Empress (12DX).

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