Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 31 – Reya (80XP 64DX, 75/59 spent) – School Hard *Smut**Minor2*


Flashback: Realm Year 736


“That can’t possibly be right! No sorcery for a year? This is supposed to be the Heptagram, Reya! We’re supposed to be learning magic!” Ledaal Ludila, laments as she unpacks in her dorm room with Mnemon Alinos Danireya.


The girls’ room overlooks the steep cliffs of the Isle of Voices, the waves of the Inland Sea crashing menacingly below them.


Danireya sighs, “You just sat through the same orientation I did, Udi. Martial arts, history, cosmology, mathematics, spirit lore, weapons training, crafts: we need to master these before we can learn magic.”


Udi jabs Reya between the ribs with a finger. The Ledaal girl is short, brunette, and olive skinned. “At least the history teacher is a hottie! You know, for a cripple.” She tosses her hair casually and Reya flushes bright red, “By. The. Dragons. Reya, are you hot for teacher?”


“N-no!” Reya stammers out.


Udi throws back her head and laughs, “Well he’s a Cynis, right? So he’s probably into that…”




Reya growls and pounces on the other girl, who goes allows herself to fall back onto the bed giggling, as Reya straddles her, pinning her to the bed. Reya feels herself getting hot between her legs as she attacks her best friend.


Udi’s hands find Reya’s thighs, and she runs them along her pale, soft skin, sending shivers of anticipation through her body. Reya’s fingers work her way under Udi’s clothes and she starts to strip her tormentor, who laughs breathlessly under her.


“Get off! I yield!” Udi chuckles.


“No,” Reya continues to strip the other girl, “You insulted my honor and I demand satisfaction!” She grins evilly and strips off her own shirt, baring her breasts. Reya feels the red flush on her face spread to her chest, embarrassed despite herself.


Udi licks her lips as her lover’s body betrays her bold actions, “Fine, I guess I deserved that.” Udi humps the air, feeling herself getting wet.


Reya pins Udi’s arms above her head, and lifts her skirt, shifting her underwear to one side as she settles down on her young lover’s face.


Udi runs her tongue over Reya’s sex, like an electric current surging through her, it causes the Mnemon girl to buck and writhe.


“You’re so beautiful. And so good at that.” Reya confesses as she grinds against her friend’s mouth, desperately wanting more.


Udi throws herself into her task with gusto, licking in a steady rhythm, building Reya closer and closer to orgasm. Her tight cunt squeezes and contracts, desperate and wanting. Reya shakes violently, thighs spasming and twitching, clutching around Udi’s face. The orgasm rips violently through her body, drawing out a throaty moan.


Reya slumps down on the bed, and the girls rearrange themselves, stripping out of their remaining clothes. Udi takes Reya’s hand and guides it between her legs. Reya grins at her and they kiss, Reya tasting herself on Udi’s lips and working her fingers inside her.


“You’re so beautiful,” Udi breathes, kissing Reya passionately as she spreads her legs.


Reya grins back manically, “Where have you been all my life?” She trails kisses down Udi’s face and neck, as the Ledaal girl takes a fist-full of Reya’s hair and pushes her lower.


Still inexperienced, the young Mnemon girl twists awkwardly to work herself between Udi’s legs. Her Ledaal lover giggles at her clumsiness, and wriggles under her to help.

Reya kisses the inside of Udi’s legs, causing her to moan out, “By the Dragons, please lick me. I need you so much.”

Reya buries her tongue between Udi’s soft folds, flicking it in and out. Nibbling and teasing she works her way up to her clit, gently circling it with her tongue. Udi’s moans grow more urgent as Reya builds up a rhythm.


“That’s it! Just like that!” Udi encourages, twisting her hands in Reya’s hair as she arcs her back up. “I’m going to cum!” She cries out.


Udi explodes in Reya’s face, juices gushing out, drenching her. Reya drinks her down hungrily, taking her attention off her clit to lap between her lips, wanting every last drop. Udi trembles and tenses as her climax rocks her.


As Udi recovers, Reya snuggles up beside her and wraps her arms around her. Udi smiles in the afterglow. “You wouldn’t have liked me before now.” Udi loops back to Reya’s mid-sex question, “Whilst you were at whatever prestigious school got you into the Heptagram, I was at the Palace of the Tamed Storm.”


“Ooo, a bad girl.” Reya wraps her arms around Udi and squeezes her from behind.


Udi shrugs her off and sits up, reaching for her clothes.


Reya pouts and sits up as well, kissing Udi’s nude back as she dresses. Udi giggles and pushes her away. Reya dresses and the two make their way to dinner. And after dinner, their first lesson.




“Welcome to ‘A Brief Introduction to the Glorious History of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate of the Immaculate Dragons’.”


By the end of Cynis Ganan’s first sentence, Reya can instantly see who in the class is attracted to men and who isn’t. Udi is practically asleep whilst half the class is subtly pressing their legs together with wistful looks on their faces.


“-erroneously referred to as the ‘Realm Before’, the proper period for our study begins approximately-”


Ganan wears a doublet of green and gold, with matching trousers which leave little to the imagination. His skin shines as invulnerable bronze. If not for the crutch he leans on, he’d look ready for battle: tense and drilled. Every step the young instructor takes seems to cause him pain, so he stands stock-still, like an immovable pillar at the head of the class. If Ganan can read the mood of the room, he doesn’t show it. It doesn’t take Reya long to become convinced she’s the only one paying attention, as she works her quill taking copious notes.


After a couple of hours, the class is dismissed for free study. Udi yawns and stretches, blinking the sleep from her eyes, “Wait, read what?”


“Recap the account of Mela receiving the gift of sorcery from Annales Gildas, take a first reading of the Art of Sorcery, and memorize The Doom of the Emperors by Lady Sennaka. There’s going to be a test on that one tomorrow: Birth of the Shogunate.”


Udi lets out a loud groan and rolls her eyes, “A year of this Reya. A year.”


Reya shrugs, “The Art of Sorcery though. That sounds promising, right?”


Udi snorts, “Know our luck, it’ll literally be an art book.”



Reya and Udi retire to the library. The Art of Sorcery may as well be an art book: page after page of obscure symbols, with no explanation or annotation, in a tome a shesep thick. Udi gets two pages in before she closes the book and rubs her eyes. Reya studies the shifting symbols feeling as if the meaning is right there in front of her. Refusing to give up until she’s finished the book, Reya is reading long after Udi has given a cursory re-reading of tale of Mela and a flick through The Doom of Emperors and retired for the night. It’s well past midnight by the time Reya turns in.




At dawn the girls rise for exercise and martial arts training. Udi, refreshed and effortlessly beautiful takes to the instruction easily and without complaint, but Danireya is slow and sluggish.

The bald-shaved, Earth Aspected monk leading them through their morning drills introduces herself as Ragara Hironi. She forbids the students from using their family names during their time at the Heptagram, and runs them through basic fighting techniques.


Unimpressed with Reya, Hironi approaches and scolds her. The class stops to watch the monk instructor berate the first-year. Reya looks ready to break down and cry, as Cynis Ganan limps out to the exercise yard (leaning heavily on his cane).

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