Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 18 – Reya (50XP 40DX, 46/38 spent) – Dinner and a Show *SMUT*


Two weeks ago…


“Have fun. Don’t work too hard.”


Reya walks out of her room and closes the door behind her. She lays a palm on the door, considering calling Tinkara to say she wasn’t coming. Then she shakes her head to clear it and sets off for Bekara’s quarters.


The Satrap seems flustered, Mnemon Jorod and Sahar in her quarters. “Is Ganan not escorting you? It’s not safe to be wandering around alone with Anathema on the prowl.”


“If I can’t walk from my room to yours in the most fortified location in Dovak, then we’ve got serious problems. But I appreciate your concern and I will endeavor to be more careful in the future.”


Bekara turns to Jorod, “Look after your sister until my return.” Jorod nods, and Reya says nothing.


Reya and the Satrap proceed to the Tower of Air. All the visible security is now Mnemon soldiers, after the slaughter of the Dovaki Royal Guard by the Keening Shriek of Mother’s Love Lost. They proceed to the top of the Tower, where they are met by Tinkara before they enter the king’s chambers together.


King Darios welcomes them and shows them to his table where a feast is awaiting them. “Ah the three most important women in my life, my beloved daughter and my two most trusted advisors.”


Bekara gives the kind of overly wide smile that Reya has come to expect in saloons and social functions, “King Darios,” She exclaims with exaggerated warmth and moves in to embrace him, “You flatter us.”


Reya gives a short bow, “Your Grace.”


Darios returns the bow, “Prince of the Earth.”


Tinkara simply takes a seat and starts eating, Darios gives an apologetic nod and motions for the Dragon-Blooded to be seated. Reya sits next to Tinkara, and Bekara next to Darios and opposite Reya.


“To what do we owe the pleasure of this private dinner, king Darios?” Reya asks politely.


“Matters of state compel me to bring us all together.” Darios shrugs apologetically, “The loss of our forces against the dead has put the army on the back-foot. And this new peace with the bear-folk is causing… tensions among the nobility. Now of course I trust my most senior military commander, and I would not presume to question the foreign policies of the Realm, but...” He shrugs again.


“I can see how this must be causing problems for you.” Reya says levelly.


“Oh not for me Mnemon Danireya; for Dovak. The good of the kingdom is my only concern.”


Tinkara chokes on her mouthful of food, and thumps her chest a couple of times.


“Of course. The kingdom. We have provided the use of Realm troops to reinforce your garrison. I understand that this truce with an old enemy must be upsetting to the established order: but I must reiterate that this truce is for the good of the kingdom.”


“Be that as it may,” The joviality in Darios’s voice is gone now, “In Dovak we have a saying, it sounds quite unsophisticated in the Realm tongue but loosely translated ‘One does not invite a bear to the dinner table’.”


Bekara chimes in with genuine warmth, “I quite agree.”


Reya kicks Tinkara under the table, trying to get her support, but Tinkara only responds with a non-committal grunt.


“King Darios, I will speak plainly,” Reya shrugs in imitation of Darios’s mannerisms, “The bearfolk are well fortified in the mountains. Our forces cannot easily reach them, and their position is well fortified. Even if we didn’t need them as a weapon against the dead and the Anathema, we are not strong enough to take their city – just as they are not strong enough to take ours.”


King Darios munches on a mouthful of food, considering what to say next, “This does not help the kingdom. Tomonas insisted we embrace the Realm for its warrior strength. It was this insistence that weakened our own warriors who could no longer rely on his blessings, and that also sparked the war with the bearfolk who until then kept to their own kind. I cannot tell the nobles that the Realm, which takes so much of our wealth, is not strong enough to protect us.”


Without missing a beat, “You could tell the nobles that you’re not strong enough to protect yourself without the Realm.”


Darios’s mirth returns, “Yes I could do that. I’m sure most of them couldn’t think any less of me. But the better I look, the more support the nobles offer me, the more support they offer, the easier to provide tribute. As I said, for the good of the kingdom.”


Reya gives her best courtly smile, “What would you have us do?”


Darios leans in earnestly, “I am not blessed by the Dragons. For me this problem seems insurmountable. Honor this alliance and lose my kingdom to politicking, or break the alliance and lose my kingdom to war. The nobles grudgingly accepted your alliance when it looked like war with the dead was imminent. It no longer looks imminent. I want you to advise me what to do.”


Reya leans back and gives the king a long look.


“I rule a small provincial kingdom,” Darios continues, “I rely on the advice of my military leaders, and of the Realm. Which is why I’ve called you three. The three people I trust most in the world together in one room.” He offers a half-smile.


Reya turns to Tinkara, “Thoughts?”


Tinkara gives Reya an icy look, “I’m with the nobles. You didn’t ask me about this plan. When it looked like we were going to face a Deathknight, I was willing to go along with this insanity. Willow tells me that Ganan has been good for moral, shoring up the defenses around the Shadowland, but no-one trusts the scouting reports from the bearfolk. Because they’re bearfolk. They allied with the Anathema to attack us less than a month ago. They’re not on our side – there’s no truce to break.”


Reya looks over to Bekara, who takes a sip of her drink and says nothing.


Reya gives a slow chuckle and shakes her head, “There are those in the Realm who view the god-blooded with the same contempt you all view the beastfolk. Of course the more enlightened among us can look past petty prejudices. I’m not asking you to marry your sons to bearfolk wives. I’m asking that you not kill each other until we root out this Anathema.”


King Darios sighs, “I could convincingly sell that to the nobles, if they believed the Anathema was still in the kingdom. The prevailing wisdom is that with its army destroyed by the might of the Dragon-Blooded that it has fled.”

“So you’re saying you want evidence that this Deathknight isn’t just a wandering menace. That he has a reason to attack Dovak in particular. Well I’m sorry, I can’t provide that evidence. And I don’t have any evidence that the Deathknight is still in the kingdom.”


Tinkara speaks up, “I have some intelligence to that effect. I do not think it’s advisable to assume this Anathema has moved on.”


“Ah the wisdom of assembling multiple advisors at once.” Reya smiles, “Surely whilst the nobles might doubt the bearfolk, they can’t cast doubt on the word of the princess? ‘Tinkara is just as unhappy as you are, our armed forces are prepared to strike at the treacherous beastfolk the moment they betray us, but the Anathema are still at large.’”


Darios clasps his hands together, “That could work. It’s become well known that Tinkara is closely associated with the Dragon-Blooded. And that she hates the bearfolk. So if she thinks the Anathema is still a threat, that could work.”

They talk some more about matters of state: the production of copper, incidents of crime, petitions to the crown on various local disputes, economic projections with the war on the dead. At the end of dinner, the Satrap asks for a private audience with the king, and Tinkara and Reya show themselves out.




“Walk me home?” Tinkara jokes, and Reya nods. They walk down the single flight of stairs to Tinkara’s chambers in silence, side-by-side. Tinkara clenches her jaw, obviously struggling with the words she’s about to speak, “Thank you. For… not saying anything.”


Reya takes Tinkara’s hand, “Thank you for saying something. I know this is hard for you. You have to trust me.”


Tinkara makes a snorting noise, then looks at her feet awkwardly, “Want to… try to convince me?”


“I’d love to.” Reya breathes huskily. They smile at each other and Tinkara lets them in.


They proceed straight to bed, without any pretense. Reya has one thing on her mind, but she’s careful to be attentive to Tinkara. She can see the interplay of emotions: feelings of betray, neglect – her lover is clearly conflicted, at war with her feelings. ‘I must have a type.’ Reya thinks to herself.


Reya takes in Tinkara as the princess casually slips out of her top. She feels her arousal building between her legs, the tingling promise of the tryst to come reminding her of the afternoon’s passions. ‘Fearless,’ Reya notes to herself and Tinkara bares herself without a hint of shame, ‘I definitely have a type.’


Reya starts to undress herself, concealing the disappointment that Tinkara wasn’t ripping her out of her clothes. ‘Can’t you see? I promised I’d do what was best for your kingdom. Your people. Can’t you see the opportunity this peace brings?’


Reya makes an effort to seem sexy, mysterious, not brooding, distracted and resentful. It’s only been two months since Tinkara came into her life. A matter of weeks since she was firs tin this room. They should be all over each other. It shouldn’t be…


Tinkara’s lips are on hers, clearly the sexy pout worked. Her kisses are inquisitive, searching. Reya feels lust burning through her. Tinkara’s fingers traces up Reya’s sides like lines of lightning and Reya shivers, despite her affinity for Air, as she kisses back and takes Tinkara’s firm body in her hands.


This was better. What it should be like. Reya thinks back to the first time they made love… right here on this bed. As if reading her thoughts, Tinkara pins her to the bed and reaches into the folds of the sheets for her phallus.


Reya grabs at Tinkara’s searching arm by the wrist and pulls her hand away from the sheets, and towards her cleft. “I just want you princess. Just you. Nothing between us.”


Tinkara flushes, red and hot, “Je… I don’t want to disappoint you.” Her words come like gasps, painfully wrenched from her heart.


Reya smiles at her, and gently twists out of Tinkara’s hold. The two lay side-by-side, looking at each other as Reya caresses the god-blood. “I really don’t think there’s any danger of that. You’re beautiful.” She kisses her, “And brave,” again, “And loyal.”


Tinkara works a hand between Reya’s legs, and the Dragon turns back on to her back, spreading for her. Tinkara teases, then starts to work Reya’s clitoris with small circular motions with her fingers.


Reya gives a deep moan of approval, and an encouraged Tinkara uses her other hand to stroke Reya’s hair. Reya arches her back, rocked by sensation, and Tinkara grasps her lover’s hair, gently putting tension on her scalp.


“Harder.” It’s not quite a request, and not quite a demand, but Tinkara pulls harder none-the-less and Reya convulses in orgasm as pleasure mixes with pain. Reya starts a thought that would have become something like ‘there’s probably a poem in there about the life of a Dynast.’But she never gets the chance to complete that thought: before Tinkara works her through her orgasm, then slips her fingers inside, pressing them deep in and up against her front wall. The rocking, curling fingers stimulate her in all the right places, and the tugging at her hair is more insistent, more painful, better in every way.


Her second climax comes quickly. Tinkara releases her and holds her close. They kiss again. Reya slips her tongue into Tinkara’s mouth. She traces a line of kisses down her chin, her neck, her shoulder. She works her hands over Tinkara’s small but perfectly formed breasts, her hips, her butt. She kisses from shoulder to breast, to Tinkara’s stomach, and Tinkara pulls her knees up high. Reya’s hands find those knees and push them apart. Reya’s tongue finds its mark.


Reya parts Tinkara’s labia, and let her soft, wet tongue between them. In no hurry, and wanting to savor every sensation, Reya slowly licks. Deliberate. Careful. Measured.


"Baise-moi! Baise-moi! Baise-moi!"


Tinkara, bucks and twists, trying to get Reya’s tongue on her clit. Reya happily obliges, slipping two fingers into Tinkara’s dripping sex as she licks. Tinkara grabs at the bed-sheets pulling them up and tight, desperate for stability on the ocean of pleasure rocking her body. She balls her hands into fists and squeezes until her knuckles turn white. Nothing helps. There is no conflict in her now. No duty to Dovak. No world outside of this bed. But she needs…


The realization dawns on Tinkara that Reya is keeping her on the edge on purpose. It takes an age of exquisite agony to make the connection. Obscenities pour from her lips in every language she knows, from desperate pleas for satisfaction to insults spat mindlessly, but Reya doesn’t give in to her. It feels like being torn apart. It feels like being crushed. But at last Tinkara’s grasping hands find Reya’s hair again. She grabs. She pulls. She pushes.


She finally wins. She feels Reya’s merciless facade crumble as the Dragon gives in, and turns her tongue from tease to satisfy. Worshiping at Tinkara’s body, finally giving her the orgasm she deserves.


Tinkara isn’t just dripping, already there’s a puddle of her juices and Reya’s spit, but as the force of the orgasm hits her, she squirts uncontrollably. The pressure hits Reya straight in the face, soaking her. Unperturbed, Reya crawls up and forces Tinkara to kiss her passionately and they grind their bodies against each other.


“OK, stop.” Tinkara giggles like a school girl, instead of the hard-bitten military commander she is. “I can’t lie in this any longer, help me change the sheets.”


Reya grins like a shark at her, “As you wish.”


They strip the bed, and throw fresh linens over it. The experience is somewhat novel for Reya, but it’s clear the princess has made her own bed more than once. The dirty sheets are left in a pile by the door for the servants.


Tinkara catches Reya’s eye, and asks earnestly, “Do they really, in the Realm I mean, do they really think of… people like me... being, you know, as bad as…” She takes a deep breath, “As bad as beastfolk?”


Reya walks over to Tinkara’s side and takes her hand, “Not everyone. Not most people I’d say. But, yes, some do. We… they… the Realm, looks down on Threshold people, just in general. The God-Blooded are inauspicious: the Immaculate Philosophy teaches you shouldn’t exist. That you shouldn’t be held to blame for the actions of your parents… but that you’re a stain on Creation, and you should spend your life working for the Order to set things right. Some of the more pious followers of the Philosophy,” Reya takes a deep breath and decides it’s best not to mince words, “Like Gan, see you the same way that you see the bearfolk. Dangerous and less than human. That’s just the way things are: there’s a natural order, and beastfolk and God-Blooded both go against that order.”


“Oh.” Tinkara pulls away.


Reya grabs her by the shoulders, “That’s not how I see you. I see a beautiful, passionate woman. One not afraid to stand-up for what is right. One willing to fight alongside the Dragon-Blooded against corrupt gods and undead monsters. Against Anathema. I don’t… I don’t agree with a lot of what the Immaculate Order preaches. I certainly wouldn’t want you to become a celibate monk.” She tickles Tinkara’s sides.


Tinkara turns and looks at her, “It’s not that. I don’t care what Gan, or what anyone thinks of me.” She stands straight, and Reya’s eyes are drawn to her pert breasts, “It’s just… you see everything so clearly. My whole life I’ve thought… I thought I knew everything about the bearfolk. But in the past couple of weeks, it turns out I know nothing about them. My whole life I’ve thought them to be animals who aren’t the same as me. But that’s not how you see them, and… I don’t know what that means.”


Reya gently pushes Tinkara into bed, “It means you have a chance to learn. That maybe we have a chance to change things, together, to end this war and build a better future.”


They kiss a final time, and Tinkara gazes deeply into Reya’s eyes, “I love you.”


Reya smiles a genuine smile, and gently strokes Tinkara’s hair. Then she remembers the new life growing inside her and simply says, “I know.”


They embrace and fall asleep in each others arms.



Reya spends 10XP to buy a second Ox-Body Technique and 4DX on Bureaucracy 3.

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