Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Dragon prints: 2114
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Session 11 – Ganan (25XP 20 DX, Spent 16XP, 16 DX) – Thicker than Stone


The trio come in to land, late at night, as Yipyip sets down on Darios’ balcony. Reya thanks the demon who instructs her just to send her voice on the wind when she wants to return. Ganan remarks that this is a useful skill he needs to develop and Reya agrees to teach him.


Tinkara: “Cynis Ganan, can you go ahead and make sure my father is decent?”

Ganan shrugs and lets himself into the king’s bedchamber.

Tinkara, to Reya: “Stay the night?”

Reya: “I’m wounded and tired. I need to see my son. Not tonight.”


Ganan returns and confirms the king is fast asleep, alone in bed. The trio sneak through his chamber without waking him. The king’s chambers are significantly nicer than Tinkara’s and the Dragon-Blooded’s.


Tinkara has the guards summon the royal physician to her chambers and takes her leave of the Dragon-Blooded. Reya and Ganan descend the Tower and return to their accommodation in the Wall. They stop at Muli’s room, Tepet Agoram opens the door to them in a towel


Agoram: “Mnemon Alinos Danireya! We- uh, I-, Li wasn’t expecting you. Li it’s your parents!”

Muli, mumbling: “Both of them? This ought to be good.”

Muli stumbles to the door, also hastily wrapped in a towel, and does a double take at seeing his parents dressed as sacrifice victims, before seeing that Reya is hurt. He busies them in and sets Reya down on a cot, sending Agoram off for various supplies.

Muli, to Ganan: “Back up, you’re in my light! Oh, you’re hurt too. Well you’re no good to mother, go find the royal physician or something.”


Muli kicks Ganan out, and Ganan goes looking for Melody. Surprisingly. Melody is awake and playing Gateway with Jarod in the salon. Melody is irked by having her game interrupted but gives Ganan a look over.


Ganan catches a couple of hours sleep, before dawn of their fifth day in Dovak. He goes to retrieve Reya, but Muli insists on keeping Reya in bed to heal.


Ganan asks Agoram what he knew about Haseti and the pair go to ransack the dead Garison Commander’s room. As they draw near, Ganan senses the presence of an immaterial spirit and casts Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, and pulls his tetsubo, ready to fight.


Haseti's room is the room is lined with salt. They find numerous sorcerous supplies and a coded journal. As Ganan takes the journal, a Blood Ape materializes into the room


Ganan gives his warcry of "Stand Firm" and the two Terrestrials engage the Blood Ape in a swift and brutal fight, slaying the beast. They leave the room, not noticing that they’ve scuffed the salt line in the battle.


Tepet Agoram refuses to take the journal back to Reya (on the grounds that she needs her rest and Muli would kill him), and Ganan goes to find Mnemon Alinos Bekara. The Satrap is in her generously appointed quarters, pouring over maps of the mines. Most of them are point-of-view diagrams and histograms that she is translating into a bird-eye view and overlaying with a criss-cross of projections, perhaps mapping Dragon-lines.


Bekara: “Ah, Cynis Ganan. Coming to see a personage of such meager importance as a Satrap. Made war on any more of our neighbors? Bested Tomonas at an arm-wrestle perhaps?”

Ganan, carefully: “You are, not pleased, with my conduct Satrap?”

Bekara bristles, then notices Ganan’s Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, and the fact that he’s still got Thunder’s Crash slung to his back. She drums her fingers on the table then sighs.
Bekara: “You fought well when we were attacked. And when the battle was ended, you stayed behind to fix the damage even if you caused most of it. And, I suppose, I have been asking Haseti to deal with that fey for years. Had been. But you would do well to remember your place young man. Once my niece is Satrap, I’m sure she’ll allow you to run amok – until then, you will respect my authority. Am I understood?”

Ganan bows deeply, not quite trusting himself to speak.

“Good,” She points to the ground in front of her and kicks off her shoes, “Kneel.”


Ganan takes a knee at the Satrap’s feet and she puts her left foot in his hands. Ganan starts to rub her foot, and Bekara leans back and allows herself to relax, “Well boy, what is it you want?”


Bekara's foot is suprising soft and supple. There is only the faintest of odors, and Ganan works diligently at the task at hand as he speaks. “Ragara Haseti, what do you know about his parentage?”


Bekara chuckles, “That would be funny if you weren’t so ignorant. One of Ragara Banoba’s daughters attended the Heptagram, and came back pregnant. Refused to let her cousin wear the pillow. Refused to divulge who the father was. It caused quite the little stir. Haseti went to the Heptagram himself. Maybe ten years before you?” She swaps feet, casually depositing her other foot right in front of Ganan's face, making him squirm to catch it.


“That’s all you know?” Ganan asks, disappointed.

The Satrap fumes, “What have you heard?” She hisses between clenched teeth.


“Haseti’s father, could he have been from my mother’s house, Cynis?”

“Cynis?” Bekara relaxes somewhat, thoughtfully, “Cynis. A blow-out graduation orgy. A moment of shame? Well that would certainly fit. A relative of yours then?”


“Perhaps,” Ganan admits, “He bound a demon before he died. The demon implied Haseti was descended from Cynis.”

“Hmm. Well. I’m sorry for your loss. But Ragara Haseti was a thorn in my side and I’m glad he’s dead. His defense of our holdings was incompetent – probably driven by typical Ragara hatred of my grandmother – he allowed that fey to help itself to our trade caravans, did nothing to stop our greatest trade partners fall to Anathema and barely held our boarders as the bear-folk threat continued to escalate. That Tepet boy you brought with you, well I had my reservations, but he has proven to be a far more apt garrison commander.”


Ganan retires to spend the rest of the day in bed, trying to crack Haseti’s coded diary with little success.


[Day 6 – Morning]
Ganan: -1 Wound Penalty (3L, 3B)
Reya: -1 Wound Penalty (2B)

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