Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 37 – Reya (95XP 76DX, 75/59 spent; 3SP) – With Apologies to Mr. Miranda *Smut*


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Realm Year 742, Winter, The Lap


The Lap is a vast and fertile kingdom situated in the lap of a giant statue known as the Penitent. The bread-basket of the South, it exports vast amounts of food-stuffs. As a Satrapy of great importance, it has three Satraps who over see the native population, who work as indentured servants to the state.


The Hot Shots have made the long journey to the Southern shore of the Threshold. Each dressed in gray traveling clothes of bamboo linen (Donta’s and Aronia’s proudly emblazoned with the Mnemon mons in purple and white across the chest), they’ve made the long journey from the shore to the Lap across the well traveled roads the tribute is shipped on, and made the climb into the city proper.


As they enter the city, Donta looks up at the body of the Penitent stretching up into the sky, towering over the city, “It’s a big rock. Can’t wait to tell my friends. They haven’t seen a rock this big.”


Aharon Saber Edge, the Fire Aspected Outcast, leans against the side of a building:

“There’s nothing rich Dynasts love more,

Than going to the Threshold and slummin’ it with the poor.

They pull up in their carriages and gawk,

At the Outcasts in the Lap,

Just to watch them talk.

Take Mnemon: the woman is loaded,

Uh-oh, but little does she know that

Her scions, Donta, Danireya, Aronia,

Sneak into the city just to watch all the guys at...”


Indentured Bystanders: “Work!


Danireya: “Danireya!”


Aronia: “Aronia!”


Donta: “And Donta.”


All three: “The Mnemon Sisters.”


Danireya: “Danireya!”


Donta: “Donta!”


Aronia: “Aronia!”


Indentured Bystanders: “Work!


Aronia: “Nanals said go straight to the Penitant!”


Danireya: “Nanals doesn’t need to know.”


Donta: “Nanals said not to go to the Fold.”


Danireya: “Like I said, you’re free to go.

But look around, look around:

The empire’s happening in the Threshold!”


Donta/Aronia: “The Realm!”


Indentured Bystanders: “Work!


Donta: “It’s bad enough that Peleps wants our seat!”


Danireya: “Why don’t you shout it in the street?”


Donta: “It’s bad enough we’ll lose taxes, don’t you care!”


Danireya: “New ideas in the air!

Look around, look around!”


Aronia: “Danireya remind me what we’re looking for?”


Aharon Saber Edge: “She’s looking for me!”


Danireya: “I’m looking for a mind at work!”


Aharon: “Wooh! There’s nothin’ like winter in the city,

Someone in a rush next to someone lookin’ pretty.

Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny,

But your perfume smells like your mother’s got money,

Why you slummin’ in the city in your fancy heels,

Here at long-last’s an Outcaste who can give you ideals!”


Danireya: “Outcaste? You disgust me!”


Aharon: “Ah so you discuss me?

I’m a Dragon-Blood, baby, you can trust me!”


Danireya: “I’ve been reading all the Texts most think are a pain,

So tired of the men who are weak or insane,

You want a liberation? I want to rule your nation!

So listen to my declaration!”


Donta/Aronia: “We hold these truths to be self-evident,

That Dynasts and peasants aren’t equal.”


Danireya: “And when I meet the Mouth of Peace,

I’ma compel her to include men in the sequel!”


Indentured Bystanders: “Work!


Danireya and Co.: “History is happening, and we just happen to be,

In the greatest Realm of the world,

In the greatest Realm of the world,

In the greatest Realm of the world!”


Indentured Bystanders: “Work!




After slumming it in the Fold, our heroines make their way to the Lap Proper, where they settle in to drink at one of the less reputable establishments in the nicer part of the city.


The bar is well supplied with sweet wines, home grown in the so-called Verdant Triangle.


Well into their cups, Danireya strikes up again:


Danireya: “You say,

The price of my love's not a price that you're willing to pay.

You cry,

In your tribute you hurl 'cross the sea when you see me go by,

Why so sad?

Remember we made an arrangement when I came to stay,

Now you're making me mad!

Remember, despite our estrangement, your my man!

You'll be back, soon you'll see,

You'll remember you belong to me!

You'll be back, time will tell,

You'll remember that I served you well!

Oceans rise, Old Realms fall,

We have seen each other through it all.

And when push comes to shove,

I will send a fully armed Realm Legion to remind you of my love!


Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Da da dat dat da ya da!

Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Da da dat dat da…


You say our Tribute’s draining and you can't go on,

You'll be the one complaining when I am gone...

And no, don't rap back me,

'Cause you're my favorite Satrapy,

My sweet, submissive Satrapy,

My loyal, royal Satrapy,

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…


You'll be back like before,

I will fight and kill Anathema,

For your love, for your praise,

And I'll love you till my dying days,

When you're gone, I'll go mad,

So don't throw away this thing we had,

'Cause when push comes to shove,

I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.


Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Da da dat dat da ya da!

Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Da da dat—



Full Ensemble: “Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Da da dat dat da ya da!

Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da da da da

Dat dat da ya da!




Donta: “Now Danireya’s skill with the quill, is undeniable,

But what do we have in common?

We’re reliable….

With the ladies!”


Reya: “There are so many to deflower!”


Donta: “Looks! Proximity to power!

They delight and distracted her,

I even named my raging rabbit after her.”


Reya: “That’s true!”


Donta: “Reya look, an invitation to a winter’s ball,

And the Mnemon Sisters will be the envy of all.”




Notionally, the Hot Shots are being hosted by a distant cousin. Political trouble suggests the Mnemon appointee to the Golden Triumvirate which serves as the Lap’s Satraps is due to be replaced by someone from House Peleps. This keeps their cousin working long hours into the night to wring every last advantage House Mnemon can get out of the Lap before Peleps forces them out.


The heroines dress for the ball in silk qipao, slashed to just above the knee. The dresses are midnight black, with pure white detailing. Neither the Mnemon mons nor colors show on the matching outfits.


“Leave the axe!” Donta admonishes Reya.


“What if someone challenges me to a duel?” Reya asks.


“Can we all agree, duels are dumb?” Donta asks, looking to Aronia for support.


Aronia takes Reya’s axe and sets it down.


“Whose ball is this anyway?” Reya asks.

Donta smiles slyly, “Oh, you know what society is like.”


Aronia, “Okay, I guess we’re doing this.”


Borne on sedan chairs across the street, Donta flashes their invitation as they dismount and make their way inside. Music, fashionable yet a little loud, rings out from a twelve piece band. The smells of a dozen spiced dishes mingles in the air to form a delectable assault on the senses. Riotous banners, unashamedly showing iconic imagery, hang on every wall.


The guests are fabulously dressed, perhaps a month behind the fashions of the Realm’s Patricians. The Hot Shot’s outfits are dangerously simplistic, marking them immediately as Dragon-Blooded.


“Hey.” Reya nods to Aronia, marking another Dragon-Blood wearing Jade full plate.


“Hey.” Aronia, points out a man wearing Cathak colors, watching the party with distane.


“Hey.” Donta points out the party’s host, dressed in a red and orange toga, with a great two-handed daiklave strapped to his back is Aharon Saber Edge.


Aharon sidles up to the three, “Y’all look pretty good in ya’ frocks, how ‘bout when I get back, we all strip down to our socks?”


“Back from where?” Danireya asks, “Isn’t this your party?”


Aharon shrugs, “I have the honor of being Cathak Letal’s obedient servant.” He gestures to his daiklave.


“Duels are so cool.” Donta drools.


Reya shoots Donta a look, “And you’re going to deny us the chance to see you run through?” She asks Aharon sweetly.


Aharon gestures toward the courtyard, liveried guards in buff jackets of the same red and orange, part to let the four Dragons through.


In full military regalia, Cathak Letal, flanked by a pair of Winglords. Letal sneers derisively, “Did you bring your harem?” He points his dire-lance at the Hot Shots.


Reya reaches instinctively for her axe, to find it isn’t there. Aronia takes her hand and gently brings it back to her side.


“Oh I can’t wait to see this.” Reya muses.


Aharon and Letal unsheathe their weapons and start to circle each other. Letal’s attacks dart out in furious stabbing motions, battered away by Aharon’s impenatrable figure-of-8 defense. Aharon’s own swings are easily dodged by Letal, who nimbly evades the slow, powerful strikes.


“Bored now.” Reya intones and heads back inside. The guards bar her way, until she gives them a withering look, and they part easily.


As Reya renters the party, she catches the eye of an attractive woman looking at her with some surprise, clearly not expecting anyone to be coming from the private section of the party segregated for the duel. Reya takes note of her outfit: she wears a dress of similar cut to her own, in the fashionable iron-gray prevailing on the Blessed Isle (as a discrete nod to the Shogunate calendar of old). On the woman’s hip is a discrete square slashed with the red/orange of the Saber Edge. She looks no more than thirty. Her bright pink hair is tied back in a pony-tail.


The woman makes her way across the room to Reya.

She gets nervous thinking ‘what’s she gonna say’-ah.


The woman looks Reya over, scrutinizing her without a look of recognition. She gives a curtsy, “You must be one of the Mnemon arrivals. I’m honored that you accepted my humble invitation.”


“You’re invitation?”


“To my birthday party. I am Theodosia Saber Edge. This is my forty-third birthday celebration.”

Reya, who has not actually seen the invitation that Donta produced whilst they were drinking smoothly recovers, “Forgive me. You look so young. Mnemon Alinos Danireya.” She gives the short bow of one unsure of their station, as she manipulates the winds around her to cast a snap-chill in the air, not wishing to disrespect her host, but wanting to leave no doubt as to her Exalted station.


“You flatter me, Prince of the Earth,” Theodosia, dips her head, “We mortals must work hard to preserve our health. I trust my brother’s antics have not offended you too grievously?” She leans in conspiratorially, “Your attendance is quite the social coup for me, I’d be more than willing to do anything to make up for any poor behavior from my younger brother.” She motions for Reya to accompany her to another screened off portion of the manner house.


Behind the screens, the music is subdued and pleasant, the riotous colors and smells muted. The staff wait on the two women first before serving the rest of the party.


“I was surprised when Donta received your invitation. We’ve only been in the city for a day.”


Theodosia shrugs nonchalantly, “My brother gets in trouble, so I have him followed. I was mortified to learn he was harassing three beautiful women wearing the Mnemon mons. I couldn’t have you thinking you were snubbed by not having an invitation to my soiree.”


The conversation lasts two or three minutes. They discuss the Satrapy system and the egregious behaviors of the more impulsive sex. Everything in perfect agreement, it’s a bit of a posture, a bit of stance. When Reya inquires about the Saber Edge family, Theodosia is clearly made uncomfortable – her brother is the only Dragon-Blooded their line has produced in centuries (they’re thin-blooded, flying by the seat of their pants).


“I’m just not convinced that the Realm way of doing things is always the best way of doing things.” Reya concludes, wrapping up her end of the conversation.


“You strike me, as a woman who’s never been satisfied.” Theodosia rejoins, she seductively shimmies up to Reya and sits next to her, their legs touching.


“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself.” Reya raises an eyebrow but she doesn’t move away.


“You’re like me,” Theodosia says, stroking her hand down Reya’s back, “I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?” Reya leans in towards Theodosia, her mouth parting a little.




“I have never been satisfied.” Theodosia breathes headily as they kiss.


Reya moves to wrap her arms around her, but Theodosia stands and leads her away from the party and upstairs past more liveried guards. Even though the Hot Shots arrived fashionably late, the party is still in full swing as she and the host squirrel themselves away. Theodosia leads Reya to her bedroom, where she casually kicks off her heels and takes up her hair in one hand, her back to Reya.


Reya walks up behind Theodosia and wraps her arms around her, unfastening the pankous that keep Theodosia’s dress fastened.


Theodosia sighs, encouragingly as Reya works her hands under the dress through the opened front and clasps Theodosia’s breasts. Reya uses her anima to cool her breath and hands to create a stark contrast of cold against Theodosia’s warm flesh, and runs a hand under Theodosia’s opened collar to caress her neck. Gently, she blows cool air on the back of Theodosia’s neck and ear, making her shiver.


The older woman helps Reya undress her, and leads her to the bed, “Let’s warm you up.” She says seductively, unfastening Reya’s dress and helping her get nude.


Reya takes in Theodosia’s body as the older woman reclines back on the bed. The woman is clearly disciplined, with a robust health regime, and maybe something more: she looks a woman in her prime, with only a few minor blemishes to mark the passage of time. Her full breasts, somewhat smaller than Reya’s, hang perky and proud above a flat, unlined stomach, and shapely thighs boarder a neatly trimmed vertical stripe of blonde public hair – a Dragon’s landing. Reya is only slightly disappointed that it’s not pink (like her hair), or clean shaven (as Reya is).


Neither Reya nor Theodosia is a stranger to a woman’s body. This is no clumbsy fumble. Theodosia looks up at Reya with adoration, marveling at the Dragon’s perfect body, as she crawls onto the bed on top of her.


Reya runs her nails over Theodosia’s exposed flesh, drawing out gasps from her obliging host. Reya pinches at Theodosia’s nipples, and kisses her mouth. “You know you won’t be going back to your party tonight, right?” Reya coos in her ear, raking her nails hard down her sides, causing Theodosia to buck her hips wildly into the air as Reya goes down between her legs.


Theodosia can’t manage words, breathlessly gasping as her hands find Reya’s head, encouraging her as Reya moves her hands between Theodosia’s legs.


Reya licks, long slow drags of her tongue over Theodosia’s sex, before slipping three fingers inside her, causing Theodosia to groan. She looks up at Theodosia, and pumps her fingers in and out as Theodosia grinds her body against her in time. Reya withdraws a finger and twists her hand round to stimulate the front wall of Theodosia’s vagina, working her g-spot, as she twists her body round with a dancer’s grace to straddle Theodosia.


Settling into position, Reya brings her mouth back to Theodosia’s cunt, licking across her clit in time with her fingers.


Theodosia can smell Reya’s arousal, but even straining forwards, she can’t quite reach, her to 69. She gropes at Reya’s ass, running her hands over the Dragon-Blood’s body. She slaps Reya across her ample cheeks, leaving a bright red mark across her skin.


Reya licks with increased vigor, causing Theodosia to throw her head back and claw at the bed-sheets as a powerful orgasm overtakes her.


Reya withdraws her fingers, and sits up, looking over her shoulder to Theodosia as she licks her fingers clean. Slowly she backs-up, settling in over Theodosia’s face.


“Swat me will you!” Reya says icily, slapping Theodosia across her bare breasts as she rides her face.


As Reya strikes her chest, Theodosia recognizes a rhythm and begins to lick her in time with the strokes.


“Good pet,” Reya coos, tenderly massaging Theodosia’s abused tits as she grinds against her face.


Her arousal building once more, Theodosia’s hands find her cunt and she starts to pleasure herself as she licks Reya.


Reya watches with sadistic glee as Theodosia brings herself to the edge, then she reaches down and grabs the older woman’s wrists, pulling her hands away.


“You’ve had your turn. Me next.” She says mercilessly, as Theodosia futilely squeezes her hips together.


At last Reya climaxes, gushing fluid over her lover’s face and drenching her bed. Theodosia eagerly licks her through her climax.

Reya dismounts and encourages Theodosia to turn over onto all fours. She grabs the older woman by the hair and pushes her face into the wet sheets. With her other hand she spanks her bottom again and again, causing her to moan.


Theodosia can smell nothing but Reya’s sex. She can hear nothing but the sound of Reya’s hand ringing on her ass. Reya slips her spanking hand between Theodosia’s thighs to find them slick. The heat from her cunt radiates like a furnace.


“Please mistress, satisfy me!” Theodosia screams into the bed-sheets, “I’m helpless.”


Reya positions herself behind her lover and issues a sharp command, “Put your hands in front of you, palms down on the bed and do not move them.”


Theodosia obeys instantly. Reya lowers her head to inspect her prize. Theodosia’s sex glistens with moisture, and the heady feeling of cowing this powerful woman immediately goes to Reya’s head, making her drunk on lust.


Reya extends her tongue, a hair’s breadth away from Theodosia’s quivering pussy, when her nose brushes another prize. Theodosia sharply draw’s breath as the Dragon-Blooded brushes against her tightly puckered anus, and a wicked smile crosses Reya’s face as she moves her mouth... up.


The first broad stroke of Reya’s tongue is across the outside of Theodosia’s forbidden hole. It takes all of Theodosia’s willpower to keep her hands in front of her as she grits her teeth. The second stroke is a circle around her rosebud, causing her to make a noise like a desperate animal, any pretense of being a sophisticated matriarch dissolving like a desert mirage. The third is a probing lick that parts her sphincter just ever so slightly.


Danireya is no shy school-girl, or timid maid, that Theodosia has forced into this position, but a Dragon-Blooded Prince of the Earth, who has dominated and conquered her. Who wants to taste her ass. The thought causes a little ripple of electricity to run straight from her asshole to her clit, and she experiences a small, hollow orgasm, moaning into the bed. Theodosia’s empty cunt clenches in wanton desperation.


“You like that pet, don’t you?” Reya teases, her face between Theodosia’s butt-cheeks.


Theodosia only groans.


“I asked you a question.” A snap of electricity, real, not figurative, crackles between the Dragon and her prey as Reya condenses a harmless static shock to jolt Theodosia with.


“Yes mistress. Please, I need it.”


“What do you need pet?”

“I need you to lick my ass and deny my pussy mistress. I need you to drive me wild, and force me to satisfy you, and...” Theodosia stops unable to continue.


Reya pulls her face away and slaps Theodosia’s back-side again.


“And make me taste my ass. Please make me taste my own ass, mistress.” Theodosia begs.


Reya doesn’t lean back in, but instead starts to trace circles around Theodosia’s hole with her finger, “You are a dirty, fucking slut aren’t you pet?”


“Yes mistress.” Theodosia replies instantly. A facade of power, years in the making torn to shreds in half an evening. She pushes her hips back against Reya’s probing finger, not caring what it cost her, abandoning any pretext of dignity.


“Do you know how it is that I can so easily control you, pet? Do you perhaps think it’s because I’m older and wiser than you?” Reya teases, withdrawing some of the pressure, and watching with glee as Theodosia arches her back to push back more.


“Yes mistress.” Theodosia replies, lost in ecstasy.


“You think I look older than 43?” Reya says with mock outrage.


“No mistress.” Theodosia blurts out quickly, “I use potions to look younger. To emulate the natural power of the Dragons. I am sinful. But your beauty and vigor are natural blessings.”


“Very natural,” Reya coos with obvious delight as she pushes a finger into Theodosia’s tight hole, “Because I’m twenty-two.”


Theodosia moans in delight as the younger woman penetrates her.


“And I can control you so easily because it’s my birthright. The Dragon-Blooded exist to rule over mortals.” She works another finger into Theodosia’s ass, feeling the unbearable tightness as her muscles clamp down, “I am better than you. I am royalty. You are just whore for me to use.”


Before Theodosia can respond, Reya uses her other hand to brush ever so gently across her clit. The slightest sensation, like butterfly wings, pushes the mortal woman over the edge, and she comes hard. Theodosia’s sphincter feels like it’s going to break Reya’s fingers as it spasms in time with Theodosia’s empty cunt.


Reya withdraws her fingers, finding them pleasantly clean, and pulls Theodosia’s head off the bed by her ponytail. As Theodosia gasps for breath, Reya forces the fingers from her ass straight into the bewildered mortal’s open mouth.


“Suck your disgusting shit from my fingers, you filthy, fucking pig.” Reya commands


Theodosia gives Reya a horrified look, hardly daring to believe that her lover would actually force her to live out her humiliating fantasy. She closes her eyes and a single tear falls from her eye as she begins to lick and suck.


“Good girl.” Reya says, with disarming tenderness. She releases Theodosia’s pony tail and strokes her hair encouragingly.


Theodosia keeps her hands planted firmly on the bed, as instructed, and starts to lick with abandon, eagerly cleaning her ass from her mistress’s fingers until none of her musky taste remains.


Reya withdraws her fingers, and Theodosia chases them with her tongue.


A long, lewd, line of saliva trails out of her mouth as Reya pulls her fingers back.


“Obviously I can’t use your mouth now that it tastes of shit.” Reya barks, Theodosia says nothing about how Reya literally just had her tongue directly up her asshole, “Open wide.”


Obediently, Theodosia opens her mouth and Reya spits in it. The Dragon-Blooded then hooks her lip and sprays her spit all over the hapless mortal’s face.

“Hands off the bed, roll over again.”


Theodosia complies instantly, and Reya leans over her and drools a long line of her saliva directly into Theodosia’s gaping mouth.


“An indirect kiss is more than you deserve.” Reya says, settling down with her asshole over Theodosia’s mouth, “Now lick my ass. You can touch yourself as much as you want whilst you pleasure me.”


Reya’s fingers find her own cunt as Theodosia’s find hers. Theodosia rims Reya as if her life depends on it, eagerly licking her tight, brown-hole.


Reya comes quickly, grinding down on Theodosia’s face, making it hard for the mortal woman to breathe. This quickly sends Theodosia over the edge, but Reya shows no signs of being finished, continuing to queen her conquest through a third, fourth and excruciatingly delayed fifth orgasm.


Theodosia loses track of her own pleasure, climaxing again and again until finally Reya is satisfied and falls off her.


Reya’s ass is slick with spit. So is Theodosia’s face: her hair matted.


Reya assesses the bed. It seems to be big enough.


“You may spend the night with me.” She regally ordains, “But you’ll be sleeping on the wet patch.” She pauses, “For the time I allow you to sleep. I want to go again at least once more.”




In the morning Reya slips out of bed, and gives the snoozing Theodosia a kiss on the forehead. Her mortal lover looks a wreck and smells pungently of sex, but she sleeps with a blissful smile on her face.


So much easier with mortals than it ever was with Ludila. Reya thinks to herself, remembering her old lover without any feelings of resentment or attachment.


Reya dresses and slips out of the bedroom, just in time to see Donta and Aronia slipping out of the bedroom across the hall.


Donta looks immaculate, as if she were only just heading out to the party. Aronia looks almost as thoroughly disheveled as Theodosia.


“Aharon won the duel then?” Reya inquires.


Aronia looks as if she is going to have a heart-attack but Donta is unphased.

“Tell me you didn’t sneak back here at the break of dawn just to call us out for that!” Donta shoots back.


Reya thumbs over her shoulder at Theodosia’s bedroom door.


“Oh right,” Donta takes Aronia by the shoulder, “This was actually Aharon’s sister’s party.”


Aronia snaps her fingers, remembering, “I forgot you prefer girls.”


Women.” Reya corrects, again, “I can’t believe Aharon bedded the both of you.” She chuckles as they make their way downstairs, “Was he as good as he clearly thinks he is? How did he win the duel?”

“Oh Reya,” Donta admonishes, “Duels are dumb.”


“We got bored pretty much as soon as you left,” Aronia confesses, “But Donta came up with a way that both Aharon and Cathak Letal could settle their dispute and save face.” She makes a complicated series of hand gestures that begin with making a circle with her thumb and index finger, then inserting the index finger from the other hand into the hole, and end with what looks like a shadow puppet of an eagle attacking a lion.


“They were actually both kinda disappointing really.” Donta sighs, “But they had fun. And it was more interesting than a duel where neither combatant could hit the other one.”




The Hot Shots wave their way past the Saber Edge house guards and resume their tour of the Lap. They hunt in the forests above the city, Reya with little success, and talk with local powers of government.


Ultimately unimpressed with one of the most wondrous cities of the South, they prepare to move on.




“It’s been… fun. But I’m leaving in the morning.”


Reya sits in the Saber Edge parlor, taking tea with Theodosia. Reya is wearing her traveling clothes as her Hearth has their servants pack their things and take them to the Guild caravan they will be traveling with.


“Indeed.” Theodosia replies, taking a sip of tea. She is decorous enough to not mention House Mnemon’s failing position in the Lap, and the unlikelihood that they will ever meet again.


“Your unfailing hospitality since the moment I entered your fair city will not be forgotten.”


Theodosia holds up a hand for silence, “It is the very least I can do. Don’t think of it.”


Reya rises, walks over to the seated Theodosia and embraces her before turning to leave. “I’ll miss you.” She says simply, then walks out.


The Hot Shots descend from the Lap, carried in sedans, and rendezvous with the Guild Caravan that will escort them to the next city on their whistle-stop Grand Tour. In Paragon, they have actual work to do for their House…

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