Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 15 – Ganan (35XP 28DX, Spent 34XP, 28DX) – The Enemy of My Enemy
Gracious Pealing Melody (40XP 32DX)

As day breaks on the ninth day of the Dragon's arrival in Dovak,Ganan, Reya, Laurels, and Melody set off for the mountains in search of the bear-folk city.


Reya brings Ganan and Melody up to speed: the bear-folk have never attacked from the mountains, leading everyone to believe their base was in the jungles, but given that they did not attack the mines when Dovak was under the sleeping curse, Reya suspects their liar is hidden somewhere in the wild area guarded by the Dogs of Unbroken Earth. Mapping the locations of the different bearfolk attacks, she’s narrowed the area down to a valley, roughly equally distant from all the skirmishes and near to Tomonas’s Lair. She shares her plan of forming an alliance between the Realm hating bear-folk and Dovak in order to defeat the Deathknight and Nemissary.


Melody is initially resistant to Reya’s plan, but Ganan convinces her to do what ever it takes to stop the undead, resolving the sister’s dispute. Ganan has Invulnerable Skin of Bronze up and the Dragon-Blooded are riding on Clapper, with Crown running alongside.


The Dragon-Blooded arrive at Shaz Vosh’s mine, Vosh (clearly not expecting them) rushes out to great them and guide them through passages large enough to accommodate Clapper. They come out on a trail not far from the one that leads to Tomonas and make their way over the mountain. The party are attacked by a pack of mountain lions, Melody picks off one of them before they reach the party and they are swiftly dispatched.


Ganan makes a quip about solitary hunters.


They continue riding up the mountains and over the rough terrain with little difficulty, until they are then beset by a trio of Blood Apes, one of which riding on an Agata. Melody shoots the Agata out of the sky and the Dragons beat on the Blood Apes. They take out of the Apes alive, and interrogate it – it was summoned seventeen years ago by a Lunar Anathema and bound with its brethren to kill any human who was not a beastman who tried to walk this trail. The Dragons dispatch this demonic servant of the Anathema and continue on.


Finally they round a corner and find themselves looking down on a majestic city – clearly a lost wonder of the Realm Before. A horn is sounded and a patrol of bear-folk scramble to the city’s defense. The Dragons fight the bear-folk warriors (and their trained bears), careful not to do too much damage as Reya and Melody call for parley.


Eventually the bear-folk relent in their attack – it is clear they are no match for the Exalted and that the Dragons are going to great lengths to pull their blows. The bear-folk lead the Dragons down into the city to treat with their leader (the Dragons refuse to disarm, but sheath their weapons respectfully), as evening falls.


Ganan begins training Perception 2 (4DX) and buys his third Ox-Body.

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