Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 5 - Ganan (10XP 8DX) [Day 2 - Morning] - The Great Cat Pride


“So, father, what happened last night?”


Ganan and Nula make their way up the mountain road outside of Dovak into the copper mines. Twenty-five palace guard follow behind them.


“We were attacked by beastfolk. We repelled them.” Ganan fixes his gaze on the mountain ahead.


“And where was mother?”


“On the ramparts, mostly, it seems. You fought well.”


“And before that?”


“I was asleep.”



Ganan pauses as if considering what to say, “Asleep.”


Nula blinks hard, and stops in her tracks. Ganan carries on oblivious, so Nula trots after him, “What about Haseti?”


“Ragara Haseti?”


“Yes, Ragara Haseti.”


“He’s dead.”


“I know he’s dead!” Nula throws her arms up in frustration, “What do you think?”


“He was mauled by a bear.”


“What about Tepet Agoram. Mother says he’s to be Garrison Commander.”




“A position of influence. Importance. Can’t have a Mnemon in that position. Don’t want to do anything to turn him against the House. If only we had someone we could use to link him to our house.”


“You mean marriage.”


Nula practically fist pumps the air, “Yes father. Marriage.”


“Because of his political position?”


Yes father.” Hisses Nula on the edge of exasperation.


“Perhaps we should marry you to the Regent.”




“His position is more powerful than Agoram’s. More secure too. The House is what matters. Tradition. Tepet is a dead house. Your brother would be better served by a nice V’neef girl. Or a Catharak.”


“I don’t know why I bother. I really don’t. Why are you even here?”


“We’re checking the mines to see if they’ve been attacked.”


“You know what? Yes we are. We should split up. You take that side, I’ll lead the troops this side, and we’ll meet at the bottom again.”




No sooner than Nula and the troops leave, does Ganan hear the yowls of a mountain lion. Unperturbed, trusting that he is mightier than any big cat, Ganan continues up the mountain path. His battle-trained eye catches movement – the stalking cat’s camouflage no match for him. With a reflex he reaches into the rock-face and draws out his tetsubo… just in time to see three other cats leap at him.


The cats jump at Ganan, attacking in unison, going for his limbs. Ganan batters them back. He turns his tetsubo on the lead cat, shattering its shoulder, but the pack does not let up. One jumps on his back, mauling him as the others nip and swipe. Ganan throws his weight back against the rock-face, smashing it unconscious. The wounded beast goes for Ganan’s eyes, but the Dragon-Blooded smashes his forehead into the cat’s face, braining the beast. The cats maul and claw him, knocking him back, off-balance, claws finding purchase in his flesh and drawing blood. Ganan’s tetsubo flashes out again, taking one cat under the ribs and smashing the skull of the other. The wounded cat slinks away, as Ganan catches his breath then moves on to the mines.




The Dovaki mines are all of varying sizes, family run. Ganan makes his way around the mines. The peasants are dirty and malnourished, but they respond with proper deference to the Dragon-Blooded Dynast, not remarking on his blood and plaster stained clothes. Like most Dovaki citizens, they speak Riverspeak, not High Realm. None of the mines have been attacked, or were even aware there was anything wrong.


The peasants do tell tales of lost treasures, found once a decade or less in the mines – artifacts of a lost age. And of subterranean monsters waiting to swallow the unwary and steal their souls. When pressed, none of the peasants have details: congress with gods and monsters is forbidden, treasures are turned over to the Royal Family. The miners never travel alone, lest they are devoured by wild animals.


One mine has lost its living area to a cave in, the family sleeping in the ore room. Ganan draws up plans for them to build a new living space, but he does not stay to help build it.


The largest mine, run by the Honest family, offer Ganan food and drink. Pick, the family patriarch shows Ganan his mining ledger, to prove his honesty in all dealings. Ganan does not understand the ledger, but it all seems in order.


He makes his way back down the mountain, and finds Nula and the troops waiting for him.


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