Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 6 – Reya (20 XP 14 DX, 4XP 8 DX spent) [Day 2 - Afternoon] - Bedmates and Traitors


“Hold still, don’t squirm.”


Reya sits bolt upright whilst Muli treats her wounds. No mortal physician, and few of the Exalted, could match the young prodigy. He applies salves and bandages created by his own hands. Perhaps only Reya’s old mentor, Ragara Bhagwei (the only Ragara she had ever liked, and trusted) could match Muli in the healing arts. Or perhaps not, perhaps that was just a mother’s pride in her son. Regardless, Muli was the best healer in their household – Gracious Pealing Melody and Nanals both had some skill, but the rest of the family were tuned to fixing stone, not flesh.

“You look, mother, as if you’ve been battered by something blunt. Lots of bruising.”

“We’re all bruised son.”

“No, we’re not. We’re cut. By hatchets, and chopping swords. Stabbed, by spears. Bruised? Perhaps, if the bruising is accompanied by bear claw slashes. But you don’t have any slashing wounds. Bruised and battered.” He stabs a long, silver needle between her ribs, and instantly Reya feels as if she can breath easier, “More like you’ve been sat on by a bear than mauled by one.”


“How do you feel about Agoram’s promotion? A position of power.”


Muli says nothing, withdrawing the needle and closing the puncture site. Reya speaks again.


“You said you would inspect the Royal Guard. Integrate our troops. Tepet Agoram would appreciate the help, no doubt.”


“You’ll need time to heal. I will tell our hosts that you are going to meditate on the nature of the Dragons and are not to be disturbed.” Muli turns and walks out.


Reya limps into bed, and crawls under the covers to rest.




As evening falls, Reya emerges and seeks out the others. The Alinos have repurposed a mess-hall into a salon, and she finds Ganan, who shares that the mines were untouched.


“That doesn’t make sense.” Reya shakes her head, perturbed, “The bearfolk might be savage, but they must realize the importance of the mines. Why throw bodies at the most fortified position in Dovak when they could have bypassed us to cripple the mines?’ Reya looks to check they are alone, “Haseti thought there was a traitor who let the bearfolk in.”


“He thought it was you.” Ganan deduces, matter of fact, “But it wasn’t. If there was a traitor, then what do you think their goal was?” He nods at the shield, “You don’’t think they were really after the shield?”


“I don’t know. But I’m worried that whatever their goal was, they achieved it. Maybe the attack was just to distract us.”

“Agoram has integrated our troops into the guard, and Muli has swept the city. There’s no real damage, none of the locals have seen anything.”


“No damage, at all? How do you march an army, an army with wild bears, through a city without causing any damage? Come on, we’ll find Agoram and go out and look ourselves.”




Tepet Agoram, Cynis Ganan and Mnemon Danireya go out into the city. The Dovaki guard have found traces of bear hair and other clues for the invader’s most likely route into the city which Agoram retraces with our heroes.


There are some physical clues remain, even now as the light starts to fade – minor damage from knocked over stalls and damaged tenements, trampled goods by the march of the army.


Reya stops to examine the clues, “And no-one saw anything?”


“The royal guard questioned them. Everyone was asleep. Muli and I questioned them, same story.”


“I want to talk to these people.”


Agoram shakes his head, “Not these people – come on, I’ll show you who you want to talk to.”


He leads them further through the city to a ruined tenement that straddles a main road. It looks like the army marched right through it, crashing through the wall and trampling the interior.


Agoram points at the building and the surrounding slum, “None of these people saw or heard anything. Woke up this morning, saw the damage. Nothing stolen. It’s an unremarkable area of town – looks like the building was just in the way.”


Reya, who does not speak River-Speak, and Ganan interrogate some of the locals. Not only did no-one see or hear anything, but they were asleep. Even the night-workers. Reya pushes them, and finds they were all asleep dreaming formless nightmares, filled with distant screams.


“Sorcery.” Ganan concludes as they continue to follow the tracks out of town.


“Perhaps.” Reya concedes, “Bekara suspects so.”


The tracks lead north-east, out of town, but quickly disappear in the wilderness. The Dragon-Blooded are unable to follow the tracks.


“Muli said his aunt Melody was our best tracker. When I couldn’t follow the tracks myself, I put her and her lizard on it. She thinks they turned,” He gestures east, “That way, but fanned out. She couldn’t follow any of them further than a few hundred yards.”


As they head back to the palace, a runner informs them that Princess Tinkara wishes to meet with them in the Temple of the Old Faith. Agoram heads back to the wall, and our heroes proceed to the Temple.


The Temple is staffed by mortal Immaculates, missionaries from the Realm and freed slaves and converts from the old faith. The Temple has been converted from a place of worship dedicated to the Elemental Thunderbird Tomonas, to an Immaculate temple, shrines and icons replaced with simple geometries promoted by the Realm’s state religion.


Tinkara has received the reports from the guard hours ago, and also suspects strange magics being the cause for the lack of witnesses. She informs the heroes that a strange fay sorcerer lives half a day’s travel to the north-east and she suspects it may have had a hand in the previous night’s invasion – the fey is renowned for its power over sleep and dreams.


Ganan retires, seeking out Muli and a bed to rest from his wounds suffered on the mountainside – vowing to seek out the Raksha in the morning and bring it to justice, but Reya insists they take a day to gather a small force and rather than leave in the morning.


Reya speaks with Tinkara about worship in Dovak: many cling to the Old Faith, a form of the hundred god’s heresy, but the chief god in the Dovaki pantheon is Tomonas whose last public act was to encourage the people to follow Immaculate teachings before he retired from the world of mortals. The Satrap and Immaculates permit the Old Faith to survive without persecution, but Tomonas’s Priests have long converted to the Immaculate way and renovated the Temple to suit their needs.


Reya confides that she thinks the bear-folk might have more than just a Raksha noble on their side – suspecting the involvement of an Anathema, or a traitor within Dovak working on a larger plan. Tinkara does not suspect anyone within the royal house of treachery, and points out that House Mnemon bore the full brunt of the attack: the bear-folk attacking the section of the Wall where the Dragon-Blooded were encamped, ignoring all other settlements and the mines – obviously clearing them of suspicion as why would any of the Mnemon orchestrate an attack against themselves?


“Do you have any enemies in Dovak?” Tinkara asks.


Reya considers lying, but decides to be (more-or-less) honest, “The closest thing to an enemy we have is – was – Ragara Haseti. Ragara and Mnemon have been rivals for hundreds of years. Ragara has tried to assassinate her dozens of times, sometimes it spills over into violence between the houses. Haseti thought we had too much control here, that we could abuse our position for the benefit of House Mnemon, not the Realm. There might be truth in that, I don’t know. I don’t know my aunt’s plans. I don’t even know my mother’s plans. But I do know that Mnemon has taken almost all the House’s strength and put it in the Threshold for the good of the Realm. I do not believe that she would have sent us here for personal gain, when she has risked so much for the good of the Realm.”


Tinkara considers this,




"Whatever rivalry between your Houses, Ragara Haseti has defended Dovak for years. I had fought beside him myself against the bear-folk -- I cannot say the same for your Aunt." Tinkara paused to gauge Reya's reaction, but Reya only smiled (she knew her aunt Bekara was no warrior) so Tinkara continued, "There's no reason the Garrison Commander would betray us now. Besides, his quarters were in the nice- I mean, Southern barracks: he was supposed to be safe on the other side of the wall, but he rushed into the breach to save you and your family. If he were the traitor, he needed only to sit back and do nothing. Instead he forged the wall, fought the enemy, warned us of a traitor then gave his life for us. If his plan was treason, then it was pretty merde."

Reya laughed at the River-Tongue profanity, she might not have been fluent but she still knew the curses. "That would be a pretty shit plan," she conceded, gently educating the princess how to curse in High Realm. She gives a sly smile, but it's mirthlessness is betrayed by her worried eyes: if not the Ragara then who else could have betrayed them? Who profited from the attack on the palace? Why was Haseti so convinced there was a traitor, and what drew his suspicion to her, of all people? Could the real traitor have set that idea in Haseti's mind? Could the real traitor have known that Reya would kill Haseti and blame the bear-folk? And who profited from the death of Haseti? Reya ideally thumbed Perdurant Vault, it was hard to think of someone who benefited more than her.


Lost in thought, lines of worry creasing her face, Reya almost fell over when Tinkara's lips pressed against her half-smile. The princess caught the dragon by the waist, turning the fall into a slight dip.


"I wanted to get you away from prying eyes before I tried that," Tinkara beamed down at Reya, enjoying having her off-guard but trying to read her expression, "You looked like you needed kissing."


Reya looked up at her barbarian princess, dark thoughts forgotten, "I do. But not here. My husband..."


Tinkara tightened her grip on Reya, "I'm a princess. You're a god. Don't give me that look, to my people that's what you are. We could fuck in the Holy of Holies and no-one would say a word." She drops her voice and leans in to whisper sultrily in her lovers ear, "That's how you say it right? I want to 'fuck' you. We say baiser, but I'm sure you say fuck." She kissed Reya's ear and stroked her hair with her free hand, pulling the pins that held Reya's tight bun free, "Of course you could go home and make love to your husband. If." She worked her hand down Reya's back. "You'd." She pulled her in tighter still, dipping her back, nearly off her feet. "Rather." She kissed Reya's neck. "Not." Tinkara nipped gently at Reya's ear. "Baise-moi."


Reya said nothing, and found Tinkara's mouth with her own to kiss her passionately. Tinkara set Reya upright and led her in a blur back to the palace. Reya was aware of her long fair hair about her shoulders, the press of Tinkara's hand as she let herself be pulled from the temple to the royal chambers. The silver key that Tinkara produced to unlock the great azure door to her room, and the way Tinkara's hands fumbled with the lock in her excitement. Heh. To be young again.


Once the door was unbarred, Reya strode into the room, and imperially set her hands on her hips as Tinkara locked the door behind them. Determined to regain the upper hand in this liaison, she casually shrugs a fraction of her power into her mastery of the mystic Warm Faced Seduction Style, "Strip for me." Reya commanded whilst raveshing the princess with her eyes.


Tinkara, no blushing maid, set down her war-club and shimmied up to Reya, inclining her head to offer the dragon access to the straps and buckles of her buff jacket. "Strip me. Déesse. I'm yours." Reya worked the straps with ease, and gently pushed the princess down onto the bed silks, pulling off Tinkara's boots as the princess shimmied back onto the bed.


Still fully dressed, Reya climbed on top of the princess. Lips found lips once more, as the pair locked in a sapphic embrace. Tinkara's body was taut and firm beneath Reya, displined by years on the battlefield, yet blessedly free of scars and blemishes -- the result of her divine heritage. Reya ran her hands over Tinkara's small, but perfectly formed breasts, then over the flat of her stomach -- eliciting gasps and soft moans. Eventually Reya's fingers found Tinkara's warm mound, her hands parting the princess's thighs. The dragon's fingers teased skillfully -- caressing too firm to tickle, but not firm enough to bring satisfaction, causing Tinkara to buck and writhe wildly. "Basis-moi! Fuck me, please, fuck me."


With a wide grin, Reya drew a line of kisses down Tinkara's body, her hot, wet mouth found the nub of Tinkara's pleasure and her fingers dove into Tinkara's wetness, turning gasps into screams of pleasure. Round and round, Reya's expert tongue circled the princess's clitoris, enveloping her in orgasmic pleasure, bringing the nude Tinkara to a powerful, shuddering climax. But Reya did not stop, letting up only fractionally, she continued to work her lover's body, fingers and tongue bringing the princess to a second orgasm as the holy name of heaven slipped off her tongue in ecstasy.


Reya was giving no signs of stopping, but Tinkara was a warrior born and she grabbed the Dragon-Blooded by the traveling cloak and hauled her from her legs. Reya was a Dynast. A Prince of the Earth. An Exalted Déesse. But Tinkara was a warrior princess, and more than her match at single combat. The nude princess easily had her married lover pinned and begun to strip her of her purple, Mnemon finery, and Reya giggled and offered only token resistance to the sudden reversal. This was the dance. Sometimes your opponent had the advantage, sometimes you could seize the initiative, and sometimes they would win it back.


Last to be stripped off was Reya's chain shirt, the ironwood links being casual tossed aside in a tangled heap. "You are going to help me untangle that in the morning!" She snapped playfully.


Tinkara held the impossibly beautiful dragon's arms above her head and straddled her with a look of perfect satisfaction. Reya's body was soft and yielding. Free of her armor, her breasts were large and full. Quite the contrast between pampered dragon and warrior princess. For a moment, and for the first time, Tinkara understood a fraction of what Reya saw in her husband -- Ganan was harder than the Earth, and Reya softer than Air. She yielded to her muscular brute but ever conquered him. And Tinkara was hard, like Ganan, but she was also yielding. Mortal. Tinkara settled herself over Reya's mouth and smugly replied "What makes you think we'll be done by morning?"


Where Reya's tongue and been skilled and disciplined before, forcing Tinkara to an inevitable climax, now the dragon licked and kissed in a wild frenzy of passion. Tinkara had to grip her lovers hair and ride her face, grinding out her own rhythm as Reya ate her like she was starving. Once her third orgasm hit her, Tinkara dismounted and casually flipped Reya onto all fours. "Good girl." Tinkara beamed as her lover stuck her ass high in the air, spreading her legs.


Now it was Tinkara's turn to lick. To tease. Grabbing Reya's ass-cheeks and prying her apart her legs with her shoulders, Tinkara licked long and slow. Savoring the taste. Every shudder. Every throaty moan. Tinkara was a warrior princess. She fought well unarmed. She fought better with a weapon.


Reaching beneath the silk sheets, she withdrew a phallus made of purest orichalcum. Stopping her ministrations upon the dragons body for but a heart-beat, she closed her eyes to the world, opening herself to the flow of Creation's Essence, and filled the device with power from her own ki.


"What?" One word was all Reya could mutter before the thrumming vibrations from the golden cock pulsed through her body like a lightning strike. No words now, only guttural sounds as the magic dildo seemed to pleasure her every nerve ending at once.


Both lovers slick with sweat, Tinkara worked her weapon with a mistress's skill. Over-and-over, she brought Reya to the peak of pleasure, until finally they collapsed into each others arms. The princess kissed the utterly spent dragon tenderly, held her close and playfully swotted her buttocks and breasts, just to feel the sting and watch them jiggle.


Reya closed her eyes in her princesses arms and pushed her body close. The last thing she mumbled before falling to sleep was, "You're still helping me untangle my armor in the morning princess."

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