Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 34 – Ganan (85XP 68X, 75XP, 60DX spent; 21GP 3SP) – The Shavok Incident *Smut*


Year Of the Dolphin, Copper Era, 10th Epoch of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate

Lookshy, The Valkhawsen Sorcery Academy


Ganan walks into the Valkhawsen. The four Eighth Years he traveled with having ditched him as soon as they made port. He carries his own luggage: two enormous cases slung casually on his back. He moves easily, untroubled by the weight: his compatriots from the Heptagram assumed the cases were enchanted in some way, but they are not. His skin is turned to Invulnerable Bronze. He stands gaping at the Shugan-Junai as they hurry about the Academy.


A young man with brilliant red hair tied back into a braid approaches Ganan with a purposeful stride, he extends a hand, “Amilar Shavok,” He offers by way of introduction, “Welcome to the Valkhawsen.”


“Thank you, it’s very impressive,” Ganan nods, a look of confusion passing over his face, “The Amilar Shavok? Author of Lessons of Kodoma?”


Shavok spreads his hands, “Guilty as charged, Cynis Ganan-san. I enjoyed your Thoughts on the Zarlath Collapse. Though, if I may, it was somewhat referential: very hard to make sense of it without access to the grand libraries of your Heptagram to cross-reference.”


“I never said my name was ‘Cynis Ganan’.” Ganan’s eyes narrow suspiciously.


Shavok grins like a shark, “But you’re not going to deny writing the Thoughts? You should consider a second edition, reproduce your references in the text, make tactical recommendation on how we can use the experiences of our ancestors in the here-and-now.”


Ganan shakes his head, “The text was never meant to leave the Heptagram. Our commanders in the House of Bells are well versed in fighting the Fair Folk – I wouldn’t blunder my own uneducated advice over that. And our ancestors fought with resources and infrastructure we can’t match. What worked for them won’t work for us, and besides the great tactical manuals of that time inform our tactics even now.”


“Ah, but the text has left the Heptagram.” Shavok counters, “And whilst the great tactical manuals are used by your armies and mine, we both know that the Shogunate as not as grand as the common person presumed. Often times commanders had to make-do with what was on hand: how they fought when resources were scarce is not so different to how we fight now.”


“And the adaptations made by commanders in the past for sub-optimal conditions could be employed by our officers today! I can’t believe I was too blind to see that.”


Shavok shrugs and puts an arm around Ganan’s shoulders, “And if that means a few scraps of First Age lore make their way into a manuscript that your friends in the Valkhawsen can read, then so much the better.”


Ganan shrugs off Shavok’s arm, “So that’s what this is about. You want to pump me for information?”


Shavok grins, “What else would I want to pump you for?” He laughs at his own wit, “Isn’t that the point of these student exchanges? To learn from each other? Isn’t that why you’re here?”

“Yes...” Ganan admits, not entirely sure if he’s being taken advantage of or not.


“Let me explain how this works. Your Realm sends spies to try and steal knowledge from us. We send spies to steal knowledge from you. Anyone from the Realm who really wants to come to Lookshy to learn, isn’t allowed to for fear they might defect, and vice-versa. Sometimes they’re allowed through if they have the political connections to force the issue and they have a massive vested interest in not defecting.”

“I’m not a spy. And I don’t have any political connections.” Ganan protests incredulously.


“I know. And that’s why we’re talking. You… unnerve the higher-ups. Ragara Bhagwei-sama would have us believe that you’re here because you’re a brilliant historian who wants to learn more about the Shogunate, see how we handle artifacts and learn more about the Devonian methods. My masters suspect that you have an ulterior motive, but they can’t divine it. You’re not known to be a spy. In fact… you have something of a reputation as bumbling idiot unable to keep a secret. A sort of… gullible, easily manipulated fool who can’t navigate his own society, let alone infiltrate ours.”


Ganan opens his mouth to speak, can’t think of anything to say in response to that, then he shuts it again.


Shavok snaps his fingers, “Yes! Exactly! So, half of the General Staff think you’re some kind of new super-agent of the All Seeing Eye. Incredibly deep cover. Others think you’ve been trained incorrectly by the Heptagram on purpose, as a joke, and sent here to feed us false information. No-one could work out a method for uncovering your true intentions. No-one except me. Don’t you want to ask me how I plan on doing that?”


“I’m not-” Ganan begins to protest, then, unsure of what to object to first, lets his arms collapse to his sides, “How are you going to do that?”


“I’m going to ask you: why have you come to the Valkhawsen?”

“I’m here because I want to learn more about the Shogunate, see how the Seventh Legion handles artifacts and learn more about the Devonian methods! I don’t know anything about the All-Seeing Eye! I’m not a bumbling idiot! But I have no intention of infiltrating anything! And I haven’t been ‘trained wrong’: I’m an architect and a historian! YOU’VE READ MY BOOK!”


“So Cynis Belar did not write Thoughts on the Zarlath Collapse: Lessons in Containing Fae?”


Ganan sighs, “I wrote it. I couldn’t get anyone to take my work seriously. But it’s not because I was trained wrong! The academic basis of Thoughts is sound! It is a rigorously-”


Shavok cuts him off, “I know it is. Your work made me question some of my own assumptions about the Fae.”


“It did?”


“It did. And I believe you.”


“You do?”


“I do. The reason no-one can work out your ulterior motive is because you don’t have one.”


“I don’t.”


“I already said I believe you.” Shavok smiles sadly, “You won’t find many friends here Ganan. Your fellows from the Realm? They have ulterior motives. They see you as a liability, that’s why they ditched you. The Wai Tan-Junai here? They won’t believe you: they’ll treat you with mistrust, and keep you from learning anything you don’t already know.”


Ganan looks crestfallen, his brow knits, “But… you believe me?”


Shavok puts his arm back around Ganan’s shoulder, “Of course I do. And if you’re not too proud to take a lesson from your fellow students, perhaps I could introduce you to a few friends of mine?”



Shavok leads Ganan out of the Valkhawsen, and into the District of Craftsmen. Ganan follows along, they don’t have to go far before arriving at a small dwelling. Shavok raps on the door in a precise, stuttering combination and it opens. He gestures Ganan inside.


The small chamber is dimly lit. Maps and papers are posted over the walls, and three figures poor over parchments and slates in the gloom.


“Who is this?” Calls a silky voice from one of the three.


“This is Cynis Ganan. Cynis Ganan-san, meet the Seekers of the Eternal Truth.” Shavok gestures into the darkness.


“It’s nice to meet you.” Ganan bows stiffly, to muted giggling.


“Ganan-san here-” Shavok beings again.


“Is the fae historian you were raving about,” The silky voice comes closer. It belongs to a woman with blue hair, and a body like the waves, “I told you Shavok-san, we don’t need another fae historian. You are a fae historian. We need an architect to find the lost manse. Someone who knows Shogunate history inside and out. Failing that, we at least need an Earth Aspect of House Ledaal so we have someone to use the forth key. So take this Cynis back to school, and go bring us someone useful!”


“I am a useful historian!” Ganan protests, “A Shogunate historian, I mean. And an architect. And I’m Earth Aspected.” He gestures at himself, “This is just a spell, normally people can tell. And my father is Ledaal Vidad! Which manse? What key?”


Another voice comes from the darkness, “I don’t know Shavok-kun.” The voice belongs to a short, stout man who shuffles off a stool but stays back out of sight, “Seems a little too convenient. You find the perfect person on the first day back at school? And what’s with all the questions? I smell a rat!”


“He’s a spy!” The woman shoots without missing a beat.


Ganan throws his hands in the air, “I’m not a spy, tell them Shavok! We’ve been over this!”


“Well...” Shavok dangles, “Kinsh-san and Lorja-kun make good points. I like to think I’m a good judge of character Ganan-san, but we did only just meet today. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought you here...”


Ganan takes Shavok by the shoulders, “Come on Shavok, I’m here to expand my knowledge. A lost manse, mystic keys, a secret society dedicated to seeking out truth! And I’m exactly what you need. You’ve got to let me join!”


Shavok gently takes Ganan’s hands off his shoulders, “Ganan-san, these are my sworn kin. They’re obviously not happy I brought you here. Let’s… take things slow. Have a few classes together. Maybe come back in a few weeks.”


Ganan opens his mouth to protest, but something in Shavok’s tone tells him it’s be fruitless, “Fine.” Ganan grumbles.


“That’s the spirit,” Shavok says brightly, ushering Ganan out of the building and herding him back towards the school, “Let me give you a tour of our fine sorcerous academy. And,” He leans in conspiratorially, “Just between the two of us, maybe you want to do some reading on lost ‘Transubstantive Artifact Generation’ techniques and take a look at the lay of the Dragon lines around the Valley of Death. I’m not saying, ‘look for a hidden Earth Aspected Manse’, but if you were to find a likely location… maybe let me know before you let the instructors know, eh?” Shavok taps the side of his nose conspiratorially.


Ganan nods and returns the gesture. Shavok smiles at him, and Ganan feels his heart racing in his chest.




The next few months are relatively dull for Ganan. The Wai Tan-Junai are hesitant to let a student of the Realm’s school of Demonology loose without supervision, and as Ganan cannot create artifacts he finds himself consigned to basic classes covering material he already knows.


The only thing of significance (in Ganan’s own mind) Ganan achieves is the design and construction of a dormitory on the border the academy shares with the District of Blades in the Fourth Ring. A simple affair, the building makes life easier for metic students, and gives Ganan somewhat nicer quarters.


Though they have no classes together, Ganan uncovers some information about Amilar Shavok: a brilliant, if misunderstood student of the First Age. Three of his compatriots (two Outcaste and a scion of the minor Gens Nerigus) had been expelled for recklessly causing the death of a student, but he escaped censure due to the intervention of a powerful uncle. Shavok also looks good naked, and his room is nicer than Ganan’s.





Sunlight streams into Shavok’s quarters, waking Ganan. He rolls over and reaches for Shavok to find that he’s already up and getting dressed, his fiery braid already tucked up.


Ganan stops to marvel at how plain the clothes in Lookshy are: Shavok’s open shirt looks like a military uniform.


“Senpai, come back to bed.” Ganan reaches for Shavok, who ducks to the side but not fast enough as Ganan snakes his arms around his waist and yanks him back into bed.


“Kouhai!” Shavok bellows in protest, as Ganan reaches under his clothes. He doesn’t try to fight back though, which Ganan takes as a good sign.


“It’s early, Shavok No Kimi” Ganan growls in Shavok’s ear, “We’ve got time.” Ganan runs his hands under Shavok’s shirt, feeling the sorcerer’s well honed body as he strips him.


Shavok groans in despair and looks up at the ceiling, “You are a pest!”


Ganan bites behind Shavok’s ear and starts to suck, trying to leave a mark.


“Fine! Get off!” Shavok pushes Ganan away, he smirks watching Ganan watch him and noting the playful glint in Ganan’s eyes, “If you really want to suck something...”


With a devilish grin, Ganan throws himself between Shavok’s legs and grabs his dick by the base with one hand, the other on his balls. Shavok is only half-erect, so Ganan takes his entire cock in a single movement, drawing out a gasp from his lover. Shavok swells immediately, filling Ganan’s mouth, and Ganan pulls back. Shavok’s cock falls out of his mouth with a lewd ‘pop’, and Ganan smiles manically, gripping it firmly by the base as Shavok writhes with awakened lust.


“It’s rude to tease, kouhai!” Shavok admonishes.

Ganan takes his hand off Shavok’s cock, letting it strain and bob free, and puts his hand on Shavok’s stomach. Ganan pushes down firmly. Like most of the Seventh Legion, Shavok is fit and strong. Ganan is stronger. And not by a small margin either. With a hand on his balls and a hand on his body, Shavok is pinned and escape is impossible.

Ganan takes his time, working his head down to lie beside Shavok’s straining cock. He flicks out his tongue, gently lapping at the base. Shavok moans. Ganan continues teasing: little kitten licks from the base to the tip. Shavok’s every instinct is to hump into Ganan’s mouth, but the Dynast’s hand on his scrotum keeps him rooted firmly to the bed.


Ganan swirls his tongue around Shavok’s swollen cock-head, then licks in firm broad strokes from tip to base. Without a hand on Shavok’s manhood, it’s not an easy task: the straining penis flapping and bobbing, and pushed away by Ganan’s tongue. Shavok is in heaven as his cock slaps between his stomach and Ganan’s face, wetting both with Ganan’s spit.


Ganan releases Shavok’s balls to grab the base of his penis. He holds his love with thumb and forefinger making a ring and squeezes tightly.


“I know you don’t have classes. So if you’re up this early, you’re meeting with the Seekers, right?”


Ganan doesn’t give Shavok a chance to respond, swirling his tongue round Shavok’s glans.


“Take me with you. And before you answer, remember that I can hold you down here and keep you on the edge all day.


Ganan finally sucks Shavok into his mouth and begins to bob up-and-down, going just beyond the tip.


“Fine! FINE!” Shavok calls out, “You can come.”


Ganan would make a witty retort, but his mouth is full. He sucks Shavok down to the root, and Shavok moans continually and Ganan works up and down. With his hand, he works the shaft up as he pulls his mouth back.


As Shavok gets close he puts his hands on the back of Ganan’s head and starts to hump his hips forward. Ganan works harder, and is rewarded with Shavok’s hot cum blasting into his throat. He greedily swallows it down and crawls up Shavok’s body to kiss him.


Shavok rolls his eyes, “Come on, get dressed. We need to go.” Seeing Ganan pout, Shavok adds, “Or we could stay here and take care of that if you’d rather not join the Seekers of Eternal Truth...”


Ganan shoots up and starts getting dressed.




“Nerigus Saman-san, they are Aspected to Wood. An experienced ranger, and sorcerer. You’ve met Kinsh-san Crashes the Surf, Aspected to Water. She will sail us to our destination. And Lorja-kun Mighty Hawk, Aspected to Air. He is our… what do you bring to the group Lorja-kun?”


Kinsh, silky voice, blue hair, body like the waves, laughs as the short, stocky brown haired Lorja snorts in indignation. Nerigus Saman, green haired and willowy, possesses an androgynous beauty, and maintains a dignified silence.


Shavok smirks and continues, “You all know Cynis Ganan-kun. He’s been applying himself diligently to our cause, and I will personally vouch for his good character.”


Lorja draws a wicked looking knife as if from nowhere, “If you betray us, I’ll gut you. That said, we should swear.”


Ganan nods solemnly.


Shavok turns to Kinsh, “You want in on this?”


Kinsh shakes her head and gestures for them to continue.


Shavok explains, “Saman-san, Lorja-kun and I are already sworn.”

Ganan and the others recite the oath as Kinsh looks on with casual bemusement.


“You’re now officially one of us, little brother.” Saman, lays a hand on Ganan’s shoulder, “Welcome to the Seekers of the Eternal Truth.”




Ganan spends 10SP and gains 9GP 3SP for constructing new quarters for himself and the other metic students.

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