Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
Category: +A through F > Exalted RPG
Dragon prints: 2114
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Session 2 – Ganan (5XP 4 DX) - [Day 1 - Night] - Interior Decoration At Its Finest

Cynis Ganan sleeps deeply in his bed, dreaming of his time working at the Heptagram for Ragara Bhagwei. He hears screaming, not unusual, and the grunts and purrs of... a bear? At the Heptagram? Well it’s not that unusual. But didn’t he cross the Sea?




Bears are bad.


Ganan leaps from bed, and forms the Prithvi mudra the moment his feet touch the stone floor. He inhales, feeling the flow of Essence in Creation, opening his mind to the Hidden Secrets Whisper and exhales, transforming his flesh into Invulnerable Bronze as he does so. For a moment Ganan’s anima glows with the power of Earth Essence, but it quickly coalesces into mighty two-handed tetsubo.


“Reya, we’re under attack!” Ganan looks back, expecting his wife at his side… but Danireya is no-where to be seen. Ganan barrels out into the corridor Mnemon and Dovaki troops are embattled with half-men, half-bear beastfolk.


With an inhuman roar a half-dozen of the bearmen warriors charge Ganan. He strikes their leader bodily, feeling the satisfying crunch of ribs beneath jade. The bearman makes a sound like a deflated balloon and is catapulted back with preternatural force, smashing into the rest of the advancing force, scattering them. In an instant, Ganan is upon them again. As the largest tries to rise to their feet, Ganan twirls the tetsubo as if it were a weightless baton, and strikes between the bearman’s legs, punting him up into the ceiling, cracking the stone. Following through, Ganan smashes the next bearman in the face, shattering it into ichor and driving the invader back into the wall, leaving a small impact crater in the wall.


Ganan rounds a corner face to face with a hatchet wielding bearman. Ganan turns the first blow aside, but the second strikes Ganan square in the chest. Ganan rolls with the blow, turning the momentum into the form kata of Earth Dragon Style. Falsely seeing an advantage, the bearman presses forward, joined by compatriots who strike at Ganan from all sides with axes, long knives and spears. Ganan moves like a landslide, turning weapons aside with his tetsubo and armored bracers, dodging into spaces by rights too small to fit him. Blades miss him by the breadth of a hair, or glance harmlessly from his Invulnerable skin. The invisible, mystic Essence of the world swirls around the Dragon-Blooded, quickening his movements… then he strikes.


Bearmen are sent flying in all directions, turning internal walls to rubble as their forms are sent hurling back with magical potency. Unstoppable Ganan marches through the Wall, turning back the invaders, rescuing the mortal soldiers. Eventually meeting up with the other house members, each themselves holding their own and driving back the bearfolk and their trained warbears.


By morning the bearfolk are routed and the Alinos are accounted for… except Danireya...

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