Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Dragon prints: 2114
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Session 7 - Ganan (15XP 12 DX) [Day 3 - Morning] - Eletha The Beautiful


As day dawns, Gracious Pealing Melody sets off on the back of her shield back lizard, accompanied by riders from the Dovak Guard. Her force is to range out and hit the fay’s force of hobgoblins, to drawn the Raksha, Eletha the Beautiful, out of its lair.

Ganan stays behind to rest and hear information about the Raksha. Eletha the Beautiful lives a day's range to the northeast in a strange, enchanted portion of woodland, it commands a small army of fay creatures and has not submitted to the Immaculate Philosophy. The native Dovaki avoid its haunted woodland, but sometimes soulless husks of witless strangers wander from the north.


Tinkara knows little of the strange magics of the fay, but is worried that if Eletha has joined forces with the beast-men that their unholy alliance could become unstoppable. The Dovaki tell many folk stories of how Eletha can control a person’s dreams and nightmares.


Once Ganan is recovered, Reya summons a whirlwind and the pair race at breakneck speed to the Raksha's lair. The battle is enjoined: Melody and her Dovaki have engaged a force of hunched, fanged monstrosities, who are lazily being directed by a tall figure with shining golden hair, bedecked with golden torcs. Effortlessly Reya circumnavigates the mêlée and drops Ganan face to face with Eletha.


Eletha sighs contemptuously and quips about how the beautiful ones are always as dumb as rocks... and the battle commences.


As Ganan warily sizes up his foe, Essence sharpening his senses, his Precision Observation sharpening his reaction times. He plunges his fist into a standing bolder and rips his tetsubo from Elsewhere, cladding it in large chunks of rock. He warily sizes up his foe, drawing power from his weapon to build a Chambered Fist Charge.


Eletha reaches into the Dragon-Blooded's mind to pull forth a ravening mass of grotesques with Marching Fever Dream Nightmare.


The grotesques take aim, slavering at the mouth ready to pounce.


Ganan: 9i 13/20m 5WP 2a Earth Aura Aim bonus on Eletha
Eletha: 8i 15m 6WP
Minions: 9i Mag 9 Size 2 Aim bonus on Ganan

The grotesques await orders from their master. (7i)

Ganan seizes the initiative and charges Eletha, easily reaching him with an Essence backed Rush which flares his anima totemic before collapsing into a roaring sand storm. (Forfeiting his Aim bonus.)

Eletha gives a howling shriek of mirth and sorrow, Commanding the grotesques to attack. (5 successes.)

The grotesques have allowed the Dragon to charge into their maw, and on the signal from their master they converge with a gnashing of teeth (Aim and Command bonus, +8). As the blows rain down, Ganan shifts into Earth Dragon Form. I am the mountain. The blows slow the Dragon, blunting his offensive (-2i).

Ganan: 7i 12/11m (3a, Earth Aura, Earth Dragon Form for the rest of the fight)
Eletha: 8i 20m 6WP
Minions: 7i Mag 9 Size 2

Eletha orders his minions to stop playing with their food and bring him the Dragon-Blooded's pretty head. (5 successes.)

The grotesques set about Ganan, but the Earth Master stands proud amongst the howling storm and their blows find no purchase.

Ganan is the Hammer (3m) and strikes at Eletha with the Force of the Mountain (3m), putting all he has (1WP) into a Smashing (-1i) attack with his tetsubo -- determined to turn the tide against the fey. The blow connects, knocking the laughing Eletha to the ground (5i).

Ganan: 12i 12/10m 4WP
Eletha: 3i 20m 6WP Prone
Minions: 7i Mag 9 Size 2

Ganan seeks to knock Eletha clear of the mêlèe, Smashing (-1i) the prone fey clear of its minions (+2 dice from Become the Hammer, 2m; FotM, 3m). The mighty blow connects (9i), sending the fey flying as he Rushes after it. The blow Crashes the fey, ending its mocking laughter.

The nightmares charge after Ganan and their fallen master and attempt again to slash and stab Ganan into submission, but they can find no gap in his defenses.

Eletha tries (1WP) to regain its footing whilst slashing at Ganan with its sword. Ganan does not allow this being of supernatural grace to rise, keeping Eletha down, even as the fey's whisper thin blade strikes at his leg, drawing a thin stream of blood (1i).

The sandstorm of Ganan's anima batters the fey, driving them back. (1 damage each.)

Ganan: 26i 12/10m 4WP
Eletha: -4i 5WP Prone and Flurry penalty 1 damage
Minions: 7i Mag 8 Size 2

The blow of the mountain (3m) is Decisive. The crushing blow would have killed any mere mortal, and bends the fey's neck to a sickening angle (10 damage).

The grotes close in on all sides seeking to Engage (5i) the Earth Dragon, but Ganan will not be stopped, standing strong even as their blades and teeth bite at him (control roll lost, withering attack 1i).

Eletha will not be denied (1WP) rising from prone like a puppet raised on tangled strings. Its unnaturally bent body moves in ways no human could, and it slashes at Ganan whilst he is distracted by the grotes (2i), drawing a howl of anguish and pain (Crashed, Initative Shift). Taking delight in this change of fortune, Eletha slashes again (2i).

The sandstorm continues to lash the fey (-1i, 1 damage)

Ganan: -2i 12/12m 4WP Crashed Engaged Onslaught-2
Eletha: 10i 4WP 11 damage (-2)
Minions: 5i Mag 7 Size 2

Eletha seizes Ganan (Grapple, lost control roll), hoisting him high into the air and Slamming him down into the ground.

The grotes tear chunks out of the prone Ganan (1 damage). Rending him with wicked claws and curved blades.

Surging with the power of Earth, Ganan rises from prone, the very stones themselves lifting him back into the fight (1WP) and lays into the nightmare army of grotesques, scattering them to the shadows and hidden places (Full Excellency+Force, 9m; 15i)

Ganan: 15i 8/12m 3WP (Should Ganan have got a Crash bonus? Yes he should. I'm an idiot.)
Eletha: 9i 4WP
Minions: Dead

Hammering with the Force of the Mountain (6m), Ganan smashes Eletha prone (7i).

The Cataphract rises like a marionette with one of its strings cut. Even mauled, it moves with a grace unmatched by any mortal solider and attacks again, but Ganan is blessed by the Dragons and he deflects the blow.

Ganan: 22i 7/12m 3WP
Eletha: 2i 4WP

Looking to end the fight, Ganan strikes another Decisive Smash (6m), but Eletha responds with Writhing Ego Inversion (7m). Ganan brings his weapon down, staving in the fae's chest, buckling its armor with a sickening crunch. The blow is devestating (6 damage), but the fey will not yield.

No longer moving anything like a living thing, the body of Eletha the Broken pulls itself from the ground and pantomimes an attack, easily deflected by the Dragon.

Ganan: 3i 6/12m -0 wound penalty
Eletha: 2i 18m -4 wound penalty

Shifting with the flow of combat, Ganan sets one foot behind the other and braces himself against the fae's coming charge (Delay, -2i). Spinning like a demented puppet, Eletha charges and Ganan meets him head on (Clash, Force of the Mountain, Become the Hammer 6m). Tetsubo crashes past blade and Eletha comes crashing to the ground (12i, Crash). The puppet's last string is cut.

The fay lord twists its head unnaturally to look up at Ganan, thick, white ichor pouring from every orifice in bloodly rivlets. The raging storm of Ganan's anima finally grinds down the last of the mighty Raksha's resistance (Incapacitated). The Eletha the Broken goes slack, its mighty form shattered.

Ganan: 5/12m

Ganan sheds a level of anima to banish his weapon (3m, 1a), clasps the half-dead creature in irons and Reya signals the retreat, swooping in to carry her husband and the unconscious Raksha back to Dovak.

Ganan: 2/12m 2a 1 Lethal Damage (-0)

Melody shoots arrows into the last of the leaderless hobgoblins driving them off, and the Dovaki cavalry pulls back.

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