Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 33 – Reya (85XP 68DX, 75/59 spent) – Shogunate History *Smut*


Flashback: Realm Year 742



Danireya stands at the threshold of Ragara Bhagwei’s study, she raps smartly on the door.


“Enter,” Bhagwei calls, he looks up and on seeing that it is Danireya looks back at his papers and starts to speak, “Approved, of course. You may begin your studies in The Hall of Verdigris.”


Danireya bows, “Thank you Dominie. But that’s not why I’m here. As you know, this is my final year in the Heptagram, and I have found it to be more enlightening than I had ever dared dream.” Reya approaches and passes a priceless text from the first years of the Empress’s reign over to the headmaster along with a ripe peach, “I require an extra year of study. My grandmother informs me this is sometimes granted to promising students.”


Bhagwei flips the text open without looking up and starts to cross-reference with the papers he was reviewing, “I would have approved you to start in Verdigris last year. But you still have a full year to master demon summoning. I don’t see the need to grant an extension.”


“I don’t want the time to study demonology. I was to conduct a detailed study of Shogunate History.”


Bhagwei looks up from his desk, “Shogunate History is a first year course, to give you proper grounding in the foundations of our society and an understanding of sorcerous theory.”


“Exactly,” Reya nods, “It underpins everything. Our entire society. Our understanding of sorcery. The crafting and maintenance of artifacts. The better our understanding of the past, the brighter the future ahead of us. Too much knowledge has already been lost. Too many lessons remain unlearned. I need my final year to study in the Hall of Verdigris. Then I need another year to return to The Hall of Terrestrial Puissance.”


“I will expect you to publish. Not just a dissertation.”


“Of course.”


“I will have to confer with Mistress Montegnin.” Bhagwei nods and gestures at the door, dismissing Reya as he turns back to his desk.


Reya doesn’t leave, she leans forward and puts a hand on the text she just presented the headmaster with, “That’s not what I’ve come to ask.” Ragara Bhagwei leans back and looks at her as Reya continues, “Mistress Montegnin is needed to teach the First Years, and she is not a suitable instructor for a student of my ability. I know you are too busy with your own studies to instruct me, but I require a teacher who can match my ability.”


“Do you have someone in mind?” Ragara Bhagwei asks with a note of genuine interest.


“In my first year, I was instructed by one Cynis Ganan. I’ve made inquires: top of his class at the Heptagram and at the Valkhawsen. His knowledge of Shogunate History is unparalleled outside of these four walls and the Imperial Manse. If you can’t secure Master Ganan’s services, I have no interest in continuing my education here.”


Ragara Bhagwei considers, “Cynis Ganan was indeed a bright student. His time at the Valkhawsen left him damaged in body but not in mind. However, his teaching skills leave something to be desired. Fully half of your classmates have had to take remedial classes. I’ll admit that you did well under his instruction, but are you sure you wouldn’t rather a different tutor?”


“Did I stutter Dominie?” Reya states, locking eyes with Bhagwei and withdrawing her gift.


Bhagwei raises a hand to stop her and reaches for the text, “You are a talented student. I would be pleased to offer you an additional year’s study. I will write to Cynis Ganan today.”


Reya bows deeply and hands the text back, “Thank you Dominie.” She bows again and backs away, “I am your obedient servant: if there’s anything I can do, do not hesitate to call on me.”



One year later...


Reya stands overlooking the windswept jetty on the road leading to the Heptagram. Her seven year study complete, and her classmates returned to the Blessed Isle, Reya is set to start her (rarely granted) additional year. A small cutter is unloading, servants bringing out a modest two chests of luggage. A muscled man in green and gold steps off the boat, he spins his cane with a flourish, and starts striding up the mountain path without a hint of a limp. Reya bites her bottom lip and wills them up the path faster.


“Mnemon Danireya,” Cynis Ganan greets her with as he approaches, “You look well.”


Reya curtsies, “Fortunately it’s just ‘Danireya’ - we humble students don’t use our family names. I believe you are to be my tutor in my final year of study, Master Ganan.” She deliberately passes over the obvious compliment that Ganan looks well also, no longer hobbled by his injuries.


“Actually for Eighth-Years the etiquette is mixed. Provided, of course, the student has mastered sorcery.”


Reya smiles, “Then Mnemon Danireya will do fine.” She gestures at the cliff edge, inviting Ganan to walk with her, “I’m glad you agreed to tutor me.”


Ganan waves the servants forward with his things, and falls into step with Reya, “The Dominie never mentioned you by name, only that you were a gifted student with a special interest in Shogunate History. And as only two students did well in my class, I decided to gamble on it being you.”


Reya laughs, casually, “You came all this way for fifty-fifty odds? Well I’m pleased that you’re not disappointed.” She smiles warmly at him, “So who else might it have been?”


“Well Ledaal Ludila somehow managed to always turn in assignments that were nearly as good as yours. Despite how she never paid attention in class and spent more time looking at your paper than hers during tests.” Ganan grins conspiratorially at Reya.


At the mention of Udi, Reya’s countenance turns dark, “Yes, Udi always was talented at cheating.” Reya’s aspect markings make her look like a storm cloud about to burst.


Ganan stops and takes Reya’s hand, “I would have been crushed if it wasn’t you. But I would have traveled here for much longer odds.”


Reya’s mood lifts noticeably, and she withdraws her hand demurely, “Was I really that good a student?” She teases.


“Yes,” Ganan answers matter-of-factually, “Perceptive, quick witted, an easy grasp of the subject material. I had no doubt that you would excel in your further studies. The chance to pass on what I know to someone capable of understanding it and building on it. It’d be a chance impossible to pass up. If I believed for a heart-beat that you were genuinely interested in Shogunate History.”


Reya jabs a playful finger at Ganan, “I’ll have you know, sir, that Shogunate History forms not only the foundation of our entire society but is also a prerequisite to understanding sorcery and the wondrous artifacts of the First Age. It’s a subject so interesting that any teacher can use it to spark the imaginations of an entire class.”


Ganan spreads his hands in surrender and grins widely at her.


Reya drops her arms by her sides and looks seductively at Ganan. The waves crash against the cliff-side seemingly in time with the hammering of her heart.

Ganan takes a step towards her and leans in… as Ragara Bhagwei clears his throat. The school headmaster has snuck-up on them.


“Master Ganan,” He nods at each of them, “I trust you had an uneventful trip?”


Ganan bows deeply, “Nothing that would enrich the archives of the Heptagram Dominie. Just the standard fare of pirates, smugglers and the Dynasts of Chanos.”


Bhagwei gives a small smile, and nods again, “Mnemon Danireya, a fine defense of your subject of choice. Shogunate History is one of the most important subjects taught at the Heptagram, I would be… disappointed if two of the finest minds of our Age spent a year… canoodling rather than advancing the frontiers of our knowledge.”

Ganan stiffly straightens up and steps away from Danireya.


Reya steps toward the headmaster, “Dominie, I can assure you-”


Bhagwei holds up a hand for silence, “Of course, one can see how a couple of attractive young Dynasts living and working together might see a professional relationship blossom into courtship. After they have published a paper or two. Provided such a relationship did not lead to a deterioration in achievement and was conducted with appropriate discretion.”


Reya bows, “Actually Dominie, I had some thoughts on the Zarlath Collapse. Mistress Montegnin was unable to provide me with suitable collaborative accounts but Master Ganan spoke of it at length in his classes. I should be ready to publish my findings by the months end.”


“The fae incursion?” Bhagwei considers, “I have every confidence in your partnership, and look forward to reading your work.” The headmaster nods and withdraws, casually summoning a Stormwind Rider and racing back to the school at break-neck speed.


Reya turns to Ganan quizzically, “Did he just say we would be living together?”


“Of course,” Ganan responds, “You’ve seen the dormitories – they’re all twin rooms. And you can’t room in the Hall of Terrestrial Puissance – it’s needed for the First Years. We’ll share a room in the staff accommodation, above the Great Hall. I’m sure the servants have moved your things already.”


Reya gives a wry smile and shakes her head, “Daimother never mentioned that.” She mutters to herself.


Ganan takes a step back towards Reya, “Who’s your daimother?” He asks earnestly.


“Mnemon Nanals, she encouraged me to ask for an extra year of study. She’s a bit of a Heptagram expert.”


Ganan nods, “Mnemon’s daughter. One of the first class. She’s a brilliant demonologist. Teaches here sometimes, even. My matri- Cynis Belar thinks highly of her.”


“She’s a devious, manipulative crone who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business!” Reya snaps, then her tone softens, “You know Cynis Belar?”


Ganan shrugs awkwardly, “Not really. My mother… it’s complicated. She’s a Great House Matriarch, it’s not like she knows who I am. I guess it’s like asking if you know Mnemon.”


“She gave me this cloak last week. And this pendent for my twentieth birthday.”


“Oh. Then I guess it’s nothing like asking if you know Mnemon.”


It’s Reya’s turn to shrug, “No-one really knows Mnemon. I don’t even think daimother knows Mnemon. But she… takes an interest in us.”


“Well I can assure you,” Ganan states sincerely, “You Matriarch takes more interest than mine.” He pauses briefly, “So, the Zarlath Collapse?”


The two walk to the Hall of Terrestrial Puissance as Reya animatedly explains the details behind her thesis.




Hours pass in the library as Ganan brings Reya the texts she needs to complete her paper. Reya devours literature like a fire, everything from scraps of First Age diaries and reports to volumes of commentary compiled by the Realm. Cynis Belar’s Thoughts on the Zarlath Collapse: Lessons in Containing Fae is the definitive text (and the only one Ledaal Montegnin could point her to), but it’s nearly two decades old and is a dry collection of references more than an informative text. Ganan effortlessly navigates the text, pulling primary references and oblique citations from the library stacks with ease.


The sun sets, and the pair work well into the night. Eventually Ganan leans over Reya, “Time for bed.” When Reya doesn’t seem to hear him he jokes, “Martial Arts training in the morning.”

Reya smiles, and looks up at him. She feels a sense of pride in her work: she’s accomplished a lot today. Again she feels her pulse begin to quicken. They are alone, the library has been empty for hours. She tilts her head back, and closes her eyes as Ganan leans in closer. She can practically feel the heat from his body, his breath on her skin… and then he pulls away.


Ganan picks up his discarded cane and offers Reya a hand up from her chair. Inwardly he curses himself, partly for leaning in, partly for pulling away.


Reya rises smartly, gathers her notes and a copy of Thoughts. Ganan pulls a face, and bites his tongue, but it is obvious to Reya that he’d prefer she leave the tome here. She takes it anyway.


Leaving the library they see elemental servants sweeping the floors, and making ready for the day to come. The walk in contented silence past the dormitories: a few lights are still on as the hardest working students (the most brilliant and those most afraid to fail) continue to work into the small hours.

The Heptagram’s campus is deceptively small: though the vast libraries and excellent laboratories make it seem endless, the entire campus fits within a single acre. It’s not long before Ganan has led them to their room at the center of the school. Reya makes a note that Ganan went with her straight to the library from the docks. Ganan opens the door.


Servants, perhaps magical, perhaps mundane, have moved Reya’s things from the Verdigris dorms and unpacked Ganan’s cases. The room is generously appointed, but no more so than the student accommodation. Two beds against opposite walls. Modesty screens to divide the room as needed.




Ganan moves to his side of the room and shucks off his shit. Reya moves in behind him. She taps him on a bare shoulder. Ganan turns. Reya doesn’t hesitate: she leans up into Ganan and kisses him.


Ganan wraps his arms around her and kisses her back, drawing her in close.


This is really happening. Reya thinks as she lays a hand on Ganan’s bare-chest, and pushing him away. She feels his body tense up under her touch, like a coiled spring. Like an explosion waiting to happen. Like an avalanche about to fall. She smiles seductively at him and tugs at his trousers.


Ganan strips out of his trousers. The mystic spiral scars of the Incident have mostly faded into the cut lines of his musculature and anima markings. His tanned, slightly bronzed skin, is cast in the flickering shadows of the room’s lamps. He gives Reya just a moment before he advances on her.


Reya smiles broadly and allows Ganan to throw her down onto the bed. She wriggles out of her clothes, breathing hard in anticipation. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.”


Ganan pounces on her and growls in her ear, “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” He hungrily runs his hands over her body, under her clothes, helping her strip. He holds her firmly beneath him, pinning her, as he runs kisses over her face and neck.


Reya shrugs off the last of her clothes and takes Ganan’s face in her hands, drawing his mouth back to hers. They kiss passionately, naked bodies rubbing against each other. She feels the swell of his manhood pressing against her with urgent desperation, and takes a hand away from his face to grab between his legs.

Ganan gives a moan of surprise and need as Reya takes hold of him, stroking him. He runs his hands over her breasts, then works them down her body over her waist to her thighs. He parts her legs.


Reya stops stroking and hold’s Ganan’s cock firmly. With her other hand she presses down on his head, silently urging him.


Ganan runs a trail of kisses down Reya’s body, stopping inches above her mound. Reya humps the air, putting both hands on Ganan’s head as he teases her, mercilessly running kisses along the inside of her thighs.


Please.” Reya gasps out, and Ganan’s tongue finds her.


Licking with long, broad strokes across her sex. Reya feels her passion start to build. Ganan settles into a steady rhythm licking her clitoris relentlessly. Reya releases his head and balls up her fists in the bed sheets, desperate for release. Closer and closer to the edge, and then…


Ganan stops, and Reya twists in the bed sheets. She looks up at him in disappointment and frustration. And Ganan plunges his cock into her wet folds in one swift motion.


Reya screams in ecstasy as Ganan drives into her. The Earth Dragon is not gentle. He doesn’t give her time to adjust. He just takes his pleasure with the same rhythmic force. Even as the mounting anticipation of her orgasm fades, Reya feels a new pressure within her start to build as her body reacts to Ganan’s thrusts. She lets go of the bed clothes and claws at his back with animal passion, pushing against him. She finds his mouth with hers again, and kisses him again.


“Mine.” Reya breathes as Ganan fucks her. She repeats it over and over again, “Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.”


Ganan feels Reya tighten around him, contracting then spasming. The sensation of Reya’s orgasm is too much for him and pushes him over the edge as he screams her name.


Exhausted, Ganan rolls off Reya, and Reya snuggles close to his chest. Ganan’s breathing is ragged and uncontrolled, his chest working hard. Reya lays a hand on him, and his breathing starts to quiet. She moves her hand to his scars, and he tenses, but makes no effort to stop her.


Reya pulls herself close to Ganan, who extinguishes the lamps from the bedside. She speaks softly to him, “They say it was an accident at the Valkhawsen?”


Ganan clenches his jaw, “It’s late. You don’t want to hear that story.”


Reya kisses him on the jawline, “You don’t have to tell me if you’re not ready.”


Ganan sighs, “It was 725…”

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