Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 8 - Reya (25XP 18DX, 4/8 spent) - Magic and Iron


Reya and Ganan return to the Wall and inter Eletha in the dungeon. They seek out Muli to treat Ganan's wounds...




"Hold still and don't squirm so, father."


Ganan twists uncomfortably as Mnemon Alinos Muli tend the wounds inflicted by the fey. He misses his Invulnerable Skin of Bronze as Muli drives needles into his chakras and pours boiled wine over his wounds.


Reya looks on beaming at her husband, who sits in nothing but a loincloth as their son works on the wounds. "Don't be a baby Gan. You need your wounds dressed. Silver needles and wine, that's an old Tepet cure against wounds inflicted by the fey. Tested and true, right my son?"


"Uh-huh." Muli mumbles, "House Tepet is full of ancient battle wisdom. Like don't fight powerful fey one-on-one and follow the example of the Upright Soldier."


"Don't be cruel. Your father easily dominated the fey, despite being outnumbered."


"Hmm. Dominated. I suppose you'll want me to stay up all night healing the fey next?" Muli whinged petulantly.


"We'd like you to do your duty as an Upright Soldier, son." Ganan quips as Muli whips out the last needle with a mean flick.


"Your wounds are closed and cleansed and your Qi realigned. I prescribe bedrest: it's important to health. I'll tend to the fey. You two can do... whatever it was you were going to do with those shackles, but remember it's bedrest father needs and I won't be treating either of you for neuropathy -- you can explain that to aunty."


"How very droll," Reya replies cooly, "The fey is secured in fetters of this kind, we need to test their strength."


"Of course." Muli sounds unconvinced.


"Besides these are manacles." Reya calls out to her son as he leaves, chuckling at his shudder.


"Test their strength?" Ganan queries dryly, as Reya approaches him, manacles in hand. She leans in and kisses him, gently running her fingers over his wounds, then kissing the chakra points stimulated by the acupuncture.


"Well, I certainly couldn't escape iron fetters..." Reya coyly takes her husband's hand, kissing each finger, then the palm, then the wrist, then locking the cold iron in place, "But the fey is unnaturally strong. And should it get free... the damage it could do to our House..." She takes his other arm, kissing again, opening her mouth just a fraction to suck on each finger, "Our children. We have to test their strength. And as you're clearly mightier than they fey..." She clicks the other lock shut, and pins Ganan's hands above his head, "What better test subject?"


"It's a queer reward." Ganan protests, not too strenuously, as Reya tugs off his loincloth.


"We can do that too if there's time. But you need your rest, remember?" She pushes him down onto the bed and he goes without resistance, "And you're MY champion," She grabs his engorging member, "So it's really my victory over the fey. And I'm claiming my reward."


Ganan sucks air through his teeth as Reya, takes him in her mouth, teasingly. He bucks in the air, and strains at the cuffs a she gently lays a hand on his tight six-pack and pushes him back down. Lifting her skirt, she climbs on top of Ganan with a wicked smile, hovering just out of reach. "Cuffs strong enough to hold you after all, eh? Well this night just got a lot more interesting for me, and a lot less satisfying for you."


She teases him, gently running her fingertips over his spit slick cock as she sits on his face. She moves her fingers over his nipples, caressing and pinching, drawing out little yelps. Ganan gives a grunt of frustration as starts licking, and Reya gives a sigh of satisfaction as she rides him to orgasm.


Lost in her own passion, she doesn't notice Ganan bending his Essence into his arms. He pulls triumphantly and the manacles come apart with a loud clash. He throws her forward and she gives a shriek of delighted pleasure as he kisses her neck and ploughs into her in one deft movement. Heart racing, face flushing, she runs her fingers over his short, coarsely chopped hair as he works his hands under her armor -- too hungry with lust to strip her, but desperate to feel her flesh beneath him.


"My champion!" She proclaims, spurring him on. Wounds forgotten, Ganan fucks with abandon, pinning Reya's arms above her head with one hand and roughly groping and mauling her body with the other until they come together in a shaking climax.


Husband and wife lie still together for a moment, before Reya pushes him off and unclasps the ruined manacles. "We'll have to double the fey's bindings then, just to be sure." She says with a giggle, and Ganan kisses her gently on the forehead before crawling under the bedsheets.


Reya strips, admiring her man, and climbs into bed beside him. They embrace and Ganan turns to her and asks: "Beloved, do you think it's time we had another child?"

"Not tonight."


Come morning Muli whispers on the wind that the fey is ready to talk, and Reya and Ganan proceed to the dungeon and relieve Muli and Johon who are watching the fey. Reya is dressed principally in white, Ganan in purple.


"I hear you are willing to talk." Reya opens, the fey lies on an operating table, slick with the white fey ichor that runs in its veins. The table is stained in great red rusted patches, and the iron clasps that bind it to the table suggest the operations usually performed in the dungeon are not the life-saving kind. Ganan stands behind Reya, arms folded across his chest -- even without his Invulnerable Skin or tetsubo, he is an imposing sight.

"I was always willing to talk, Ragara bitch." The fey barely turns its head, broken neck now set properly straight upon its shoulders, "It was your force which attacked me without provocation."

"Perceptive of you to notice that I'm a Ragara," Reya baits, honestly not sure if she's lying.

"It's not a challenge. You wield your kinsman's shield. Dress in white. My kingdom was old before your forebearer was whelped. Before the Sky Needle was stripped of its gold. Why did you break our truce?" Eletha rasps, clearly in agony. A truce? Intriguing... explains why Haseti never killed the fey.

"You. Attacked. Us. Three nights ago, you laid a sleeping curse on this kingdom so a bear-man army could strike at The Wall." Reya shoots back accusingly.

"Three nights ago? I did no such thing. If my magic had cursed this kingdom, the city would still be bound in eternal slumber! I was with Our Mutual Ally, discussing how we might put an end to the beast-folk threat once and for all."

Reya considers this. Clearly the fey has reason to lie, but it doesn't seem capable -- distracted by its wounds, beaten and dying. Certainly, sleep-inducing magic is not unique, her mother could summon the Mists of Eventide to put a room to sleep, but setting a city to sleep? That's rare and powerful magic -- that a powerful fey could do so is not implausible, but that two such masters of sleep magic exist within such a small kingdom? And which ally in particular? Reya gambles:

"So... if not you... then it was your apprentice who betrayed us."

"He'd never-" Eletha stops, wincing in pain, "What apprentice?"

"I think we're done here fey. We'll be back once I've spoken with 'Our Mutual Ally'. Of course, if you're not feeling more co-operative..." she turns her back on Eletha, lays a hand on Ganan's chest as he growls menacingly, then looks over her shoulder contemptuously, letting the threat of Ganan beating the fey to death hang implicitly.


Reya goes to grill Tinkara on whether she knew of any truce with the fey, but she denies any truce, claiming Eletha was a blight on the land, and that Tomonas led many failed crusades to rout the fey before adopting the Immaculate Philosophy.


"Eletha created nothing but soul ravaged travelers and hungry ghosts," Tinkara complains bitterly, "I know you have your reasons to keep it 'alive', but when the time comes I want to be the one to drive the iron into the fey's heart."


Tinkara claims Haseti always said the fey wouldn't dare attack the kingdom directly, but that they couldn't spare the manpower to Hunt Eletha and fend off the bear-folk. The princess has no idea who the mutual ally might be, or the apprentice, and reluctantly suggests making the dangerous journey to ask Tomonas.




Reya shares what she's learned with her mother, and they agree to keep Eletha alive under guard. Alinos flat-out denies playing any role in the attack, admitting her mastery of sorcery is not great enough to put a whole city to sleep. Reya is unable to Read her mother.


Alinos shares a map of the local dragon lines, by rights the Tower of Air should sit on top of a demense, but it does not. Reya traces the disrupted lines, and remarks that Eletha's haunted woodland felt like a mystical convergence -- a demense that according to her mother's maps, should not exist.


Reya and her mother share a personal moment, bonding over their Occult knowledge


Tinkara knows nothing of missing demanses -- Eletha's woodland has been an accursed place for as long as Dovak has existed. Reya shares her plan to grill Tomonas, Alinos does not approve -- preferring to torture the fey with cold iron. Tinkara fully endorses the torture plan, but Ganan expresses his doubts that the fey could survive after the thrashing he gave it (and his pride that Muli was able to get the fey awake and talking after only one night). Reya convinces everyone to do nothing until she returns.


Reya and Ganan check in with Tepet Agoram -- the elite Dovaki guard have skirmished with the bearfolk on the boarders of the kingdom, but made no progress tracking them to their lairs. Melody's outriders are recovering nicely from their battle with the fey, but none of the Dovaki troops will accompany the Dragon-Blooded to Tomonas' Lair (it's not proper), and the Mnemon troops are needed to guard the palace.


Agoram provides the group with supplies, including a breastplate for Ganan. Tinkara, Reya and Ganan prepare to make the journey together, taking the dangerous mountain path to the sheer cliff that overlooks the kingdom. Ganan suggests that he could just climb the cliff-face alone, but no-one trusts him to treat with Tomonas.


Tinkara confides that in ancient days, Tomonas' favored servants would call down enchanted clouds to fly them to his sanctum (when Tomonas was not basking in worship in his temple, training in the barracks, or sleeping with the royals in the palace). Reya expresses doubt that her mother would summon a Cirrus Skiff to go treat on their behalf, given her skepticism of the plan, and considers summoning an elemental. Ganan dismisses the dangers of the path out-of-hand, insisting that if god-bloods can navigate road it should be no obstacle to the Dragon-Blooded, and the trio agree to go ahead on foot.


Tinkara leads them to the path... and our heroes stare up the mountain in trepidation.

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