Dynasty of Dovak

BY : JohnDoe
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Session 17 – Ganan (40XP 32DX, Spent 34XP, 28DX; 18GP 3SP) – Flashback *SMUT*




*Two weeks ago*


“Take a break.”


Ganan strains, heaving the last stone block into place. The setting sun gleams on his sweat glistened body, and he dusts off his hands and backs off to admire his work before turning to Reya.


“I’m nearly done.” He gestures at the wall, “What do you think?”


Starting with a basic palisade to aid the soldiers and beast-folk guarding the Heart-Rot Tree, Cynis Ganan has moved on to constructing a ring-wall incorporating a barrier of salt in order to cordon off the dead.


Reya shrugs, “It looks,” She pauses and smiles devilishly, “Hard.”


Ganan stiffens, recognizing the expression as Reya starts whipping up a Stormwind Rider, and walks back towards her. He gives a parting salute to Willow Smoke and the pair ride the dust-devil back to the Wall.


Mercifully, the pair do not encounter any of their family in the race back to the bedroom. Ganan seizes Reya by the waist and throws her onto the bed, he strips off his shirt and clambers up after her.


Reya giggles and playfully tussles with him, squirming as he tries to strip her.


Ganan’s heart pounds as he strips off Reya’s dress, and the two kiss passionately.


“I’ve missed you.” Ganan whispers breathlessly, tracing a line of kisses down her neck.


“Let’s make a baby.” Reya smiles at him, and Ganan beams back and strips Reya of her underwear as she takes off his pants.


Reya flushes and Ganan takes her in his powerful arms and holds her close. He kisses her again desperate for her. Slowly, he works his way into her warmth, and they rock together in steady rhythm.


Ganan takes Reya by the wrists, pinning her arms above her head as he drives into her harder, and deeper, eliciting deep moans. For a blessed minute, fears of Lunar Anathema, the army of the dead and the politics of Dovak are forgotten. Ganan feels centered and content as Reya is rocked by wave after wave of pleasure.


It’s not long before the married couple come together in a final, shuddering ecstasy. Ganan releases Reya and rolls off of her, working his way under the bed-clothes.


Reya kisses him on the forehead, and quips, “Let’s just pray it’s not twins again.”


Ganan gives a snort half-way between amusement and terror, rolling over in bed, as Reya rises.


Drowsily, Ganan calls after her, “Where are you going?”


Reya smiles back, but this time it’s not the same kind of intimate smile as before. “That was wonderful, but it’s still early. I have a state dinner with the king. I know you can’t stand that sort of ceremony.”


Ganan pushes himself into a seated position and scowls, “You mean you’re just going to...” He gestures emptily at nothing.


Reya’s eyes narrow, “Do my duty to this Satrapy and the Realm?” She responds, a little more coolly than necessarily.


Ganan looks away from her to stare down the bed, “It’s not your duty that I object to.” He spits venomously.


Reya takes a deep breath, and makes an effort to soften her tone, “I love you Gan. You are the father of my children.” She walks over to his side of the bed as she dresses, and affectionately cups his face in her hand, “Don’t make this awkward.”


Ganan kisses her hand, and moves it away from his face. He can’t quite bring himself to look at her, “I don’t trust Mishra. You saw that city. You heard what the erymanthoi said. We know these beast-folk are in league with the Anathema! They’re filthy, sub-human, demon-worshiping traitors! And...” He sighs, “Nothing is right here. Nothing is as it... should be.”


Reya clasps Ganan’s hand in both of hers “Mishra won’t be there. Just Darios, Bekara, Tinkara and me.” Ganan flinches at the guest list, obviously betraying the fact that Mishra was never his true objection. Reya waits a beat, but Ganan says nothing about his wife’s affair. “A formal dinner, I’m sure Bekara will want to have words with me after. I won’t be long, just… traîne avec les filles.”


Ganan nods and swings his legs out of bed as Reya dresses. She as she fixes her mussed hair, Ganan pulls on a pair of trousers, and kisses Reya goodbye. “Have fun. Don’t work too hard.” He offers stiffly, as Reya departs.


Ganan watches the door for a moment after Reya departs, then pulls on a fresh shirt, and heads up to the top of the Wall.


“Yipyip,” Ganan sends his Wind Carried Words to the waiting agata on its perch midway up the cliff face. He doesn’t have to wait long for the demon to appear before him. “How about a ride?”


The beauteous wasp bobs and twirls, and sets down next to Ganan, who climbs up and pets its flank. “I’d really like to see Tomonas.”


Without a word the agata alights and buzzes up the cliff-side. Ganan holds on, ready to be thrown off the second Yipyip spots something shiny. In a handful of moments they’re setting down at Tomonas’s lair. Ganan thanks the demon before letting himself into Tomonas’s throne room.


“Cynis Ganan.” Tomonas turns, and draws his warclub clearly pleased to see him, “Back for a rematch?”


Ganan grins back and plunges his hand into the cave-wall, pulling out his tetsubo. “If I’m not imposing. I know you’re a busy man.”


Tomonas roars with laughter and gestures around his court. The assembled spirits respectfully silence their own conversations and clear an area for the Elemental and Dragon-Blooded to fight.


Ganan uses Precision Awareness Method (12i 13/20m 1a) whilst Tomonas squares off a Short distance away (7i).


Ganan performs the katas of Earth Dragon Style whilst shaking the entire cave with tremors of Earth Essence (13/10m 3a Earth Aura), Ganan’s anima rises up to a flexing figure of sand before collapsing into a ranging sandstorm. Tomonas runs in Close with Ganan and swings his warclub round in the air, creating a mighty thunderclap. The shock-wave smashes towards Ganan, who brings his tetsubo down with impossible speed and precision to break the thunderclap before it can impact. The fighters grin at each other like children. Ganan’s anima whips at Tomonas, but the elemental’s armor protects him from any harm.


Ganan turns his tetsubo on Tomonas looking to smash him down to the ground (11i 13/15m). Tomonas interposes his warclub with unnatural skill, but Ganan’s two-handed blow will not be deflected, and the tetsubo comes driving down with punishing force, driving Tomonas into the ground (17i; 2i). With a beat of air essence, Tomonas is back on his feet, warclub crackling with lightning, he swings a blow directly at Ganan’s head. As quick as Ganan is, even he can’t lift his tetsubo quick enough to interpose the lightning strike, and the blow sends him reeling (13i; 7i).


Gritting his teeth to stop the room from spinning, Ganan Becomes the Hammer and smashes Tomonas back (12i 13/19m). The blow connects and drives the elemental back (18i; 2i). Tomonas swoops back in, blasting Ganan with a bolt of lightning. Ganan interposes his tetsubo and grounds himself, but the blast still sets him off-balance (15i; 6i).


“Had enough yet?” Tomonas taunts, trying not to show the strain he’s under.


Ganan says nothing, turning the Force of the Mountain on Tomonas as he Becomes the Hammer once more (11i 13/20m), charging through the lightning Ganan hurls himself at Tomonas like an avalanche. His tetsubo breaks through the thunderbird’s defenses, and drives him Crashing to the ground (18i; -2i).


Ganan hoists his tetsubo and it disappears into his anima. He offers Tomonas a hand up.


“Oh fair enough.” Tomonas concedes as he takes Ganan’s hand, and allows the Dragon-Blooded to help him up. He casually slips into High Realm, “If you’re wasting time with me, I take it you still haven’t found Oka?”


Ganan shakes his head, “No Oka. No undead. Not since we made the truce with the bear-folk.”


“Hmm,” Tomonas makes an exaggerated display of considering this, “And you don’t find it at all suspicious that Oka helped the bear-folk attack you and now you’ve made peace with them, he’s stopped attacking you?”


Ganan raises an eyebrow, “Why such a thing hasn’t occurred to us! Anathema and beast-folk, in league with each other somehow?”


“Alright, don’t be an ass.” Tomonas makes a hurt face, before looking deathly serious, “You need to tread carefully here. You shouldn’t be running off on your own. I don’t think any of you should ever be alone.”


Ganan looks seriously at the elemental, “That’s not bad advice. Would have been nice if someone had told us the bear-folk had an enormous city on their doorstep.”


“Come now Cynis Ganan, you know I’m not supposed to meddle in mortal affairs.” Tomonas says sincerely.


“Hmm, and the amount of worship they offer you has nothing to do with that.”


“I insist that all my worshipers follow the Immaculate Philosophy, and defer to the Dragon-Blooded.” The thunderbird shrugs, “If you wish to chastise them, you’ll find no resistance from me.” Tomonas gives a short bow.


“I’d better get back.”


“You’re always welcome here Prince of the Earth.”

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